Game machines online, slot machines, money machines or one -armed bandits are still the most popular casino games in online casinos. This is due to the fact that the slots games are not complicated, the rules of the game can be quickly understood and learned.

Free games without registration

Best online casino slot machines 2022

Casino Bonus Test Game
1 Platin Casino 100% up to $ 250 and 120 free spins for Book of Dead REVIEW Play
2 Casumo 100% bonus of up to 500$ + 120 FS For Book of Dead REVIEW Play
3 20bet Welcome bonus 100% up to $ 120 and 120 free spins REVIEW Play
4 Genesis Spins 1000$ + 300 FSfor StarburstWelcome bonus REVIEW Inactive
5 Slotty Vegas 100% up to 1000 $ + 55 free spins without a deposit for Book Of DeadExclusive welcome bonus REVIEW Play
6 National Casino Welcome bonus with up to $ 100 +100 free spins REVIEW Play

The simple game is fun and the gamblers don't have to bring much to win. The offer from the online casino, a slot machine free of charge, without registration, is widespread and a great option to get to know the individual slots very well before real money is used. If you play slot machines for free, this is the best preparation for playing for real money.

With little commitment and little risk, high profits can be achieved with the machines. The selection of games and topics is huge and there are hundreds of slot machines in the casinos, from very simple and classic variants to state -of -the -art progressive jackpot slots. The topic is almost endless and there is something for every type of player.

In summary, the principle of slot machines is based on rotating rollers, game symbols and various functions, whereby a profit occurs when the symbols end up in a profitable way in the correct positions of the rollers. With a click on the "Spin" or "Turn" button, the game begins and the player has to do nothing more afterwards than to wait for the profits that are generated by a random generator.

Here in this article we explain how a slot machine is structured, what functions and types of slots there are, we talk about the most popular slot machines topics, available bonuses and give tips and tricks on how you can have a lot of fun while playing Profits can be made.

Classic slots

The really classic slots are reminiscent of the good old, one -armed bandits and only have 3 reels and only a payline as a base game. Over time, the borders have blurred, there are also 5 rollers, several paylines and possibly a scatter, so that a flowing transition to the video slots is created here.

Video Slots

Video slots shine through great graphics and have many paylines, sometimes over a hundred. Most of the time you will find 5 reels, but 7 rollers are also implemented. Many providers have licenses for television series, films, comic or cartoon characters and thus create successful slots such as Jack Hammer, Jimi Hendrix, Game of Thrones and others


This machine type is basically a technical improvement in video slots. You can find more innovative content in the form of entire stories, excellent and stirring animations, improved graphics and soundtracks as well as pioneering, groundbreaking ideas.

Structure and special functions of slot machines

If you can play slot machines for free, without registration, this is the best way to get to know them well. All slot machines have certain basic functions and the software developers for casino games constantly imagine new features that increase fun.

Setting up slot machines

Online automaton consists of numerous symbols that land on rows and rollers as soon as the spin button is operated. The roller arranges the symbols vertically and in a row you can see the game symbols horizontally. Classic slots have 3 or 5 reels and 3 rows. However, modern machines can display other compositions of rollers and rows. The various buttons are used, there are:

Depending on the machine game, there can be other buttons, but these are mostly used.

Functions and special functions of slot machines

There are different functions and special functions that characterize the slot machine games.

Game symbols: Lowly paying symbols are traditional playing cards A, K, Q and J and the numbers 10 and 9. High-quality symbols adapt to the topic of the slot, such as an antique book or a pharaoh in a game with Egypt theme.

Special symbols

Die Wild symbols Or also called joker, usually replace all other symbols (except the scatter symbols) when they appear on the rollers. They increase the profits.

Scatter-Symbole: These are also very valuable and are used to activate special features. In most slots, 3 or more scatter on the rollers trigger the free play round.

Bonus-Symbole: This triggered bonus rounds or other special functions.

Paylines: Pay Lines also called, these horizontal lines that run over the rollers and determine the position in which the game symbols must be seen on the display in order to make a win. Depending on the slot machine, the number of paylines varies and it is best to find out how many of them are when you play slot machines for free.

Special functions to achieve more than individual profits:

The most popular slot machines types

Slots are generally divided into classic and modern types. Classically here does not mean that it is old technologies or machines. It is about the topic, which traditionally fruits with symbols such as fruits, bar symbols, the Lucky 7 or bells, as was the case with the very single bandits.

Modern slots are 3D video slot machines in which the graphics, technologies and features are much further developed. These often find the players almost like a computer game or a playstation game and there are no limits to the imagination and the diversity.

In any case, the jackpot slots or progressive jackpots should be mentioned. These are extremely popular among the casino visitors and are also available as free slot machines in the right casino. The profits are extremely high in progressive games and the sum of a cracked jackpot can quickly go into the millions of euros. These slots are connected to networks and if someone makes a commitment to the machine somewhere in the world, a percentage of it goes into the jackpot and if you play on the same slot machine, you will see how the jackpot sum increases and increases.

Best online slots from the software developer

In the online casino world, the casino sites themselves do not produce the games that they make for grout. Instead, you have sales agreements with game developers who developed the games. There are various developers in the industry, some of which are online, where you can also play slot machines for free - without registration and other land -based slots. The industry as a whole went through some changes that have changed the role of these game developers.

Since there is now more than half the time in 2022, you can certainly say that slot developers such as Yggdrasil, Netent, Microgaming and Playtech kept their promises and developed some of the best online slots in 2022.

The first part of this page contains the best new slot machines that can be played in 2022. The second puts together the best classic slot machines. Because even if we are this year, there is always time for one or two shoots at Starburst.

What is your slot game type?

As is well known, there are thousands of slot playing and topics and the agony of choice is yours. However, you should not only pay attention to whether you like the graphics or the symbols are sympathetic, whether the casino in which you play a bonus or other casino actions, but you should analyze what kind of slot game type you Actually.

English is divided into three player type categories, the High Rollers, Mid Rollers and Low Rollers. In American, the High Rollers would probably be described from rather wasteful or risk -loving players and the low rollers as a rather conservative player. So that you can get the best out of your casino bonus, you should choose the slots that suit you.

Low Rollers

If you are a low roller, you play the slots as long as possible without making a lot of effort. You would be guided to classic slots, such as fruit slots with 3 rollers or slots with 5 rollers, which allow low inserts. You should also stick to machines that only offer small jackpots, because the lower the jackpot value, the easier you can win it and that with a small effort. So choose slots with a low volatility or variance. The smaller the coin size you can use, the longer you will be able to play.

Mid Rollers

If you are a mid roller type, you actually play because you enjoy it and also because you would like to win something. But you are probably aware that you will often get minor profits and can only take bigger ones every now and then. Your budget is clearly larger than that of a low roller and you like to use a little more. You are more of the type who plans everything exactly and places clear guidelines on yourself. With medium -sized volatility, you get the opportunity to get a smaller profit more often, then possibly nothing to win for a long time and to end up with a high profit from time to time.

High Rollers

If you describe yourself as a high scooter, you are ready to take high risks and perhaps more overall the wasteful type with a high player budget. You don't mind accepting longer dry spells where you don't win anything about numerous spins, and no small profits.

You know that you can be rewarded with lucrative profits for high and continuous use. Slots with high and best progressive jackpots are recommended, as this is exactly what you are looking for. Slots with progressive jackpots usually have the highest volatility, so they offer you the highest risk. At the same time, the slots are ideal for you where you can use high coin values. Whether in an online casino without a deposit or another, you will take the highest risk and use a lot of money.

The most popular machines topics

Free slot games games serve to get to know the functions of the game, but also to see the many different topics that are now offered at the slots in the online casino. There is almost no topic here that does not exist. The list would be endless and there are really very "different" topics such as love, Halloween, luxury, shopping slots for women or what you can even imagine. Nevertheless, various topics protrude clearly, these are:

Fruit slots

The classics with symbols such as fruits, stars, bells, bar symbols and diamonds.


The most famous slot machine is the Book of Ra, which has often been copied and varied. The pharaohs with their gold treasures and pyramids can be seen on numerous reels.


Four -leaf clover, goblins and pots full of gold are extremely popular in slots such as Rainbow Riches or Irish Luck.


Probably the best -known slot machine with animals is the progressive slot mega Moolah and the sweet symbols always bring fun on the screen. There are slots with wild animals, safari topics and also cozy soft toys.

fairy tale

Whether Hansel and Gretel or Jack and the Beanstalk, fairy tale issues are extremely popular with slot machines.


Castle Builder or Game of Thrones are popular variants here and there are really no limits on this topic.


Whether 80s TV hits or brand new action films, here you will find everything your heart desires from Scarface to Jurassic Park.

Tricks and tips for playing on slot machines

There are many myths about the topic of whether it is possible to attract slot machines. The answer is clear: yes. Of course, the machine game, like other casino games, is a clear game of chance and happiness ultimately decides how much you can win and how often.

Last but not least, playing slots is so popular, as it hardly needs any strategies and not many rules have to be learned, such as when playing roulette or poker. Playing the use of Free Slot helps scary to get to know the machine and know what features there is.

Payout rates and chances of winning

You can find the payout rates, also called RTP (Return to Player in English), on almost all slots on the information page. With slots, this is usually between 94 and 97% and this is a good guideline after you can go if you want more profits. A higher rate thus brings more chances of winning. The online casinos offer machines with high payout rates so that players are always motivated and do not switch to other games or casinos.

Random generator

With the help of a random generator, the machine determines when a profit is paid out and how high it is. It doesn't matter how long you play the slot or how much you use. Of course, the profits are higher at higher operations. However, the moment of profit is random. The casinos are tested by independent companies and guarantee a fair game.


It is also a good tip to understand the volatility of a slot machine. If a slot machine has high volatility, the profits are very high, but rarely occur. The risk of playing is clearly higher at such a machine than on a lower variance, as the volatility is also called. Especially the high scooters, i.e. players who often play with high operations, like to choose games with high volatility, as they like to use a lot and do not care about small profits.

Slots with low or low volatility are the opposite. They do not pay extremely high profits, but you can often enjoy smaller profits. Games with medium variance are usually suitable for most players and offer something for player types who like to see a greater profit.

Ultimately, you should play on the slot that makes you the most fun, but the aspect is important and the free slot games give you the option to know exactly what volatility is.

What bonuses are there with online slot machines?

Numerous bonus campaigns are offered in the online casinos so that you can find the best start to play. There are these mostly offered options:

The best way to get to know a new online casino is without a doubt using a free bonus. To do this, you have to register with most casinos, but do not deposit anything. However, many casinos also offer playing games for free without having to register.

Difference between free game and game with bonus

There are two different options to play a slot machine for free. Once you can find an internet page, such as there are numerous test pages where you can try out many slots for free. Many serious software manufacturers of casino play also offer playing free playing on their product pages. This serves that the players can test the existing games and also to get to know new games and inspire them. No registration with a casino is necessary for free games. However, you don't get a bonus either, so you can't play for real money, but only play for play money. The machine provides you with a certain amount of play money and so you can try out all the features that are offered when you play a slot machine for free, without registration.

However, the whole thing only gets really exciting as you decide to use a free bonus. Registration with an online casino is necessary, but you do not need to make any deposit. Then you call the free play with a bonus.

Your personal slot strategy

It is of course recommended that you get to know the slots very well before playing, see what functions there are, whether there are free spins, a bonus round and what the scatter or the wild symbol does. How many paylines are offered and you can set them and thus influence your profit combinations and profit opportunities. What is the minimum insert and the maximum insert and there is a jackpot or even a progressive jackpot. What does every symbol pay and after each single profit there is a risk game with which you can multiply your profits? All of these are questions that you have with the Serious online casinos For example, you can answer by either playing in demo mode or fun mode for free in demo mode or fun mode or using one of the online bonus offered.

Your personal attitude

Since there is really no real slot strategy, but you should play then to improve your chances of winning, you have to learn to manage your credit correctly and also grant a generally positive game setting.

You should always play with a clear head and remember that the fun should be in the foreground. Do not choose any games that you don't like for, just because they may be advertised by some casino action or by a free bonus. You have to please the sound effects and the graphics and the game theme generally be likeable. If something annoys you about the machine, prefer to switch to another.

Play only for real money if you are concentrated and have a positive basic setting. Do not think negatively and possibly even "that you can't win anything about slots anyway". You know that the opposite is the case and that by choosing the right slot and knowing the volatility, you have good chances of winning the risk of the machine and your own type of player.

Manage your credit correctly

The better you manage your player account, the longer and more successful you will be able to play and the more fun you can have. It is advised to set your budget per game session. That should not depend on how much you have in the account, but how much you think you want to use in a game. Use as much as you can spend without you have to be annoyed if you have no luck and lose. Also take a break and if you have won, do not use everything again immediately.

Types of bonus to play for free

The numerous online casinos on the Internet have to come up with new things every day to pull new customers because the range of providers is constantly growing. In addition to highly modern games with the latest technology, great graphics and exciting topics, it is of course important that the casino is serious and offers you a pleasant game environment. The casino must have a valid game license, hopefully indicate it on the page and competent customer service is also very important these days. You should always look at the deposit methods. To do all of this, a bonus without a deposit is a great thing.

There are basically two popular types of bonus, the No Deposit Bonus as a bonus amount and the No Deposit Bonus, i.e. without a deposit in both cases, with free spins. Sometimes you get a combination of both. There are offers for the bonus amount, such as a 5 $ bonus or $ 10 or more. Then you can gamble the bonus amount of certain slot machines. Often, for example, popular Merkur machines such as Gold of Persia, Triple Chance or other are offered.

During the free spins you will get a certain number of free spins on your account as soon as you have registered. You can then gamble away and get to know all kinds of slot machine tricks.

So if you can play free slots for free, you now know that you should definitely accept the offer. Slots are the games that you can see the most in the online casino and they are most popular.

Free machines help to get the best start and see which functions and special features of the slot offers. Here you have learned what functions there are and what you should pay attention to so that you can earn the highest profit.

The large selection of slot topics means that there is something for every player type and now you also know which tricks you can use to get most of a slot machine.

In any case, use a good bonus offer, if you see it, you can get to know all popular and popular slots with little risk after playing free slot machines. Have fun playing slot and winning!

FAQ: Questions about the slot machine

Where can slot machine games without registration be tried free of charge without a password?

There are numerous portals on the Internet where slots can be played free of charge and without previous registration. There are also numerous exciting slot machines on our site, which can simply be started with a click of the mouse. Guaranteed free of charge and without providing personal data.

How do you play on a machine?

Playing at the machine is very simple. You simply call up the desired slot, set your bet and you're off. With some slots, the number of paylines can be set individually in advance. With free slots, a certain amount is available in the form of play money. The aim is always to get as many same symbols as possible on a payline. The symbols have different values, which are specified in the payment table for each slot.

Can machines also be played free of charge?

Yes, most slot machines are also offered in a free demo version that hardly differs from the real money variant. The course of the game is identical. The only difference: No real money is used in the free variant. There is a virtual credit that can be used as desired. Otherwise, all features of the respective slot are fully available. So free machines are ideal for testing slot machines before real money is risked.

Where can you find free slot machines without registration?

On our website you will find a number of slots that can be played free of charge. Registration is not required for this. Simply access the desired machine and get started. Our range is huge, so there is a suitable title for every type of player and every taste.

How do slot machines work with 5 rollers?

One reason why machine games with 5 reels are so popular is the higher chance of winning. 5 symbols appear next to each other. There are 3 rows with common slots, so that a total of 15 symbols can be seen on the field. Especially with machines with scatter and game symbols, there are attractive chances of winning. In addition, slots with 5 reels offer the advantage that there are better chances of winning free spins.