With Pyramids of Egypt Online immerse yourself in the realm of the pharaohs - a special game machine

At first glance, for everyone who wants to play Pyramids of Egypt, it is clear that it is a slot that is a little different. In contrast to most machines, it will be Merkur game foregone the fifth roller. If the game comes with only four rollers, in most cases this also means that the paylines are reduced. But this is not the case with Pyramids of Egypt Online. On the contrary, the slot machine game with astonishing 81 fixed winning lines, which are referred to as profit routes, is equipped.

It is therefore not surprising that everyone who wants to play Pyramids of Egypt for free or wants to try real money is waiting for a high RTP of 96.35%. This results in a course of the game that is guaranteed to never get bored. Pyramids of Egypt is designed that with a little luck, many profits are waiting for the player. These are not always big, but after each profit the possibility of gambling is open. It is possible to increase the profit achieved in a few seconds.

As the name of Pyramids of Egypt Online already reveals, this game takes you into the time of ancient Egypt. The finds that have inspired archaeologists worldwide for several centuries keep puzzling. Everyone who will play for free on our Pyramids of Egypt also sees this special. Nobody can be sure what is waiting for you after the next spin or whether it is worth a possible profit to accept the risk of gambling.

This atmosphere is waiting for the players at the Pyramids of Egypt Slot in the American online casino

The design and the sound effects ensure that successful profit combinations feel even better. Anyone who wants to play Pyramids of Egypt for free gets the impression that you would open a previously undiscovered burial chamber of an important pharaoh for the first time as an explorer. In conjunction with the fast gameplay, Pyramids of Egypt presents itself as a game that does not give boring the touch of a chance.

The rules for Pyramids of Egypt of Merkur - with luck and strategy for success in playing

Users who play Pyramids of Egypt for free without registration often choose this game consciously because it has clearly understandable and easy -to -learn rules. The biggest surprise may be at the beginning that in view of the high number of paylines, symbols and scatter symbols are dispensed with. Free spins, i.e. free spins, cannot be unlocked during the game.

Nevertheless, Pyramids of Egypt does not completely save with special features. If you succeed in filling the entire tableau with the same low-playing symbol after a spin, you get an automatic doubling at the already big win.

It is particularly gratifying that despite this free bonus, the way to the Gamble Feature is still open. This enables the impressive profit to the climax of the game, provided that you prove a good knack and happiness is well -being.

With attention to detail: the main signs at the slot machine game Pyramids of Egypt

Due to the simple structure, it is above all the main signs that play a uniquely beautiful and at the same time exciting ambience for everyone who wants to play Pyramids of Egypt for free or even try to try real money. With a lot of knowledge and devotion, elements were chosen especially in the symbols of the slot machine, which play an important role in Egyptian history:

  • Slave -eye
  • The imperial insignia of the pharaoh
  • The Skarabäus
  • The jackal
  • The pyramid

This also includes map symbols between the boy and ass. The uniform coloring is positive when designing. The rather covered colors in earth tones put the player directly into the desert climate of the ancient Egypt.

The Gamble Feature - if the profit in the online game can be a little bigger

If you are happy to take a certain risk, you can play for free after a win. As so often, the developer of Pyramids of Egypt provides two different options:

  1. The risk managers: it is important to climb as many sprouts of a ladder as possible
  2. The risk of tickets: The color of a playing card must be guessed correctly

The player has a chance of 50/50 to double his profit for each individual round. If the amount achieved is sufficient or if the risk becomes too great, you can get out at any time or only continue to play with half of the profit.

Pyramids of Egypt play for free without registration - here it is possible

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Within a few seconds you can plunge into the game without risk and without specifying data. In this way, one learns the rules in a playful way and thus significantly improves your own gut feeling for the decisive probabilities.

Here the game of Merkur shows its strengths - Pyramids of Egypt Online for real money

For whom the free game has turned out to be a real bonus without registration, because for example, their own tips and tricks were developed, they would definitely like to take the next step in the casino in USA. The Pyramids of Egypt Slot inspires with its simple structure and therefore allows players to pursue a clear strategy. Especially the guy of players who do not want to deal too much with features and enjoy the tension when playing is fully at the money's worth in this game of Merkur.

The fact that a comparison in the selection of the provider is definitely worth it. Casino bonus without deposit. Players who want to play Pyramids of Egypt, but are not yet quite sure about the real money variant, can use this bonus at the beginning to create a successful start. Free spins or a certain credit can be mentioned here as an example of the small start -up aid. If you are lucky here at Pyramids of Egypt Hold, you will certainly put a starting to measure, on which you can easily build up in further rounds.