The best Bitcoin casinos - online provider experiences 2022

Bitcoin has not been around since yesterday, and this also applies to online casinos. Both are not the latest revolution, but in combination they become a big trend: Bitcoin casinos. These virtual arcades are not only characterized by the fact that they sometimes only accept crypto currency, some also enable payments via Fiat currencies, but that they sometimes even have special functions that do not in the classic online casinos can be found.

The best Bitcoin casinos for players in USA

The Bitcoin was introduced in 2009 and became more popular from that time. Real money casinoswho want to attract more players, introduce this payment method if this has not already happened. The best Bitcoin Casino generally not only accepts American players, but also offers its portfolio in American - American customer support is an absolute must.

A valid EU license is also important or a American lucky license since July 2022. Gambling can be legally offered with both licenses. The best Bitcoin casinos are presented in the following overview.

Casino Bonus Test Game
1 Bao Casino Welcome bonusFrom up to $ 300 or 1 BTC + 100 Gratic shoots REVIEW Play
2 Spintropolis Casino 8 $ free casino Bonus without deposit
Bonus Code: 'Spin8'
REVIEW Inactive
3 Playama Welcome package 300 $ + 150 free spins REVIEW Play
4 Wildornado Welcome bonus 100% + 100 free spins bonus code: Wild100 REVIEW Play
5 Casino's talk 100% initial payment bonus up to $ 500 + 200 free spins bonus REVIEW Play
6 Unique Casino 100% up to $ 200 und 20 Free Spins REVIEW Play

Bitcoin Casino - interesting facts about gambling with cryptocurrencies

In the modern and new Bitcoin casinos, the cryptocurrencies represent a logical payment method. The providers clearly signal that they are going over time, the use of the cryptocurrency is easier than the conventional payment methods.

The casino fans, who have probably never come into with a Bitcoin Casino, will initially appear unusual, since it differs significantly from the other currencies, for example. Neteller, Skrill, credit cards, prepaid cards or bank transfers including the Sofortüberweisung or the PayPal casinos.

As soon as a BTC Casino has been found, the next steps are easier than expected. This shows the following instructions step by step for you.

The registration - that's how it works

Especially in the area of the BTC online casinos, everyone is well advised if they only trust serious providers. This is the only way to get fair bonuses and be able to ensure that the profits will also be paid out in the end. The game offer also only fits if the operator of the portal offers a diverse selection that comes from renowned providers.

Step by step:

This opens the account in a cryptocurrency casino, which can be done by real money transfers.

Deposits in the BTC Casino - easier than expected

In the real sense, nobody has to worry about the technical functioning of the deposits. In contrast to the deposits with another payment service provider, the Bitcoin is a very own currency for itself. But still the deposits do not differ great from those in $ or US dollars. If you want to pay with the cryptocurrency, you will find a brief overview of how it is.

Enter Bitcoin to an account:

Worth knowing:

The Bitcoin Casino experiences show that the Bitcoin casinos with $ or US dollars are also played. This means that if a BTC deposit is made, attention should be paid to the conversion course, because the operators of the portals use a conversion into $ or US dollars-depending on the provider. To put it easier: In the player account, the paid Bitcoin appear in the respective Fiat currency of the platform.

As for the fees for the deposits, they differ in the individual BTC online casinos. Since every transaction entails blockchain fees, some operators roll them off to their customers. However, the best online casinos make the payments free of charge, as our Bitcoin Casino test shows.

It can be found in the terms and conditions of the portal or directly in the cash register area whether there are any fee calculations. If in doubt, it is advisable to ask customer support, but it is an advantage when American is spoken in Bitcoin Casino.

Is there a Bitcoin Casino Bonus?

Anyone who takes a closer look at the Bitcoin casinos will quickly recognize that these portals otherwise hardly differ from other gambling portals. A casino bonus is a thank you by the operator that you send new customers for registration and first deposit.

As a rule, new customers receive a welcome bonus that occasionally even free spins for certain Slot machine Contains. A minimum deposit amount is necessary to qualify for such a bonus. Of course, players who deposit into a Bitcoin Casino are wondering whether they can also benefit from bonus services or whether they are only reserved for casino fans who deposit with other payment options. Particularly attractive offers often deliver new online casinos.

In this context, everyone who wants to play in Bitcoin Casinos can be reassured. There are internet casinos in which new customers can also benefit from a bonus with their Bitcoin deposits.

Is a bonus without a deposit in the BTC Casinos?

For many who are looking for a Bitcoin Casino Bonus, it is important that the operator offers a strong bonus. Most bonuses depend on a deposit, but rarer bonuses that do not require any deposit offer numerous advantages.

The biggest advantage is that no start -up capital is necessary to start the game. Not only is getting started easier if there is interest in a Bitcoin casino, but also players who have not yet had any casino experiences can get the first impressions with the bonus without deposit. Of course, the best Bitcoin casinos also offer such a No Deposit bonus.

Security and trustworthiness in BTC online casinos

Every virtual game library must have a lucky game license. This should either come from the EU (e.g. from the Malta Gaming Authority) or directly from USA. This gives a high level of security, not only with regard to data protection, but also in the fairness of the games. This means that all games or the random number generators are tested and checked by independent test institutions. This excludes fraud and rip -off.

This allows every player to calm down and start with a good feeling. It is not unimportant to point out in a Bitcoin casino comparison that the providers have to stick to various regulatory and licensing of various regulations on player protection.

What should be considered when paying with Bitcoin?

Like the deposits, the payments in the Bitcoin casinos are just as uncomplicated. The payment application is done in three simple steps:

  1. Log in the player account
    As soon as the player has logged into his personal player account, the cash register area is called up. The payment option is chosen there. Danger! It is not always possible to have BTC paid out, even if the deposit is possible with the cryptocurrency.
  2. Choose withdrawal amount
    The payment amount is then set. Here it is important to consider the payout limits of the respective Bitcoin casinos and your own credit on the player account. If a bonus is active, it is important that attention is paid to the playing conditions, because in most cases, bonuses expire as soon as a payment is requested.
  3. Complete the transaction
    In order to complete the transaction, the data of the BTC account must be entered if this has not yet been done. You also have to confirm the payment amount.

According to the general Bitcoin Casino experiences, many Internet casinos offer other payment options for the payments in addition to the crypto currencies. Since the profits in $ are on the player account, they must first be converted if the payment is made in digital currency. For this reason, it is important that the player informs himself in advance about the exchange rate. If the right time is adopted, even a small profit can be painted extra.

Worth knowing:

Before the first payment can be made, the player account must be verified. To do this, the player must provide a copy of his ID card or passport as well as proof of his active address, for example in the form of a current electricity bill.

The definition of Bitcoin

In order to be able to better understand the phenomenon of Bitcoin, it is helpful to break down the term. So the word is made up of two terms:

This makes it too good American a "digital coin", that is, virtual money. However, there are no coins or banknotes that are tangible, but everything is purely digital.

The Bitcoin is not only the first cryptocurrency, but also the highest market. According to the inventor, which is only known as the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, the decentralized payment system was invented in 2007. For the first time, the intention of creating digital money was intended in a white paper that was published in 2008. To date, it is not known who is behind the world's popular cryptocurrency: a company, a group of people or just one person.

website inventor Satoshi Nakamoto (Pose Udo NYM)
regulatory authority No Availability Around 21 million
founding 2009 Spins off Batak Gold, Batak Kash, Batak Sav
Symbol BTC, ฿ advantages privacy
The stock exchange, Disadvantages Theft by hacker

Due to the special feature that BTC does not have a central bank and simply working via the peer-to-peer marketplace, the payment system offers many new options. In addition to a Bitcoin Casino, the cryptocurrency is available in a variety of internet shops.

It should be noted that this cryptocurrency is not an illegal payment method that is used by dubious designs and criminals in the Darknet. Bitcoins are a real transaction option, from which the digital potential of a decentralized currency is fully exploited. In recent years, the currency has made a well -known name and is simply an integral part of the online gambling market.

Why is the Bitcoin so interesting for online gambling

The reasons are numerous, from which more and more players choose to play in a Bitcoin casino. A very special point is data protection and speed for transactions. If BTC is paid in, then no personal data is transmitted, which at the beginning led to the cryptocurrency had a bad reputation and was associated with the Darknet. However, the payments are not completely anonymous, as explained in advance.

But it is the convenience that this currency brings, especially when it comes to paying in the virtual arcades. Abroad can be paid without a currency exchange. In addition, the processing of the payments will Dito Bet quickly.

But there is also a bitter aftertaste, because the Bitcoin still does not constitute a comprehensive means of payment. Furthermore, the user must have the necessary knowledge, because BTC is subject to very strong price fluctuations, which must be observed, especially in the withdrawals.

But the bottom line is that the community around Bitcoin is getting bigger and the view of the future of cryptocurrency is quite positive. In general, however, no safe prediction can be made if you look at the course of the course of the past few months and years.

How is it possible to get bitcoins?

If you want to play and deposit in a BTC Casino, you need cryptocurrency. To get this, there are two ways of one, one of which is rather simple, while the other is more complicated. Here the elaborate path of the mining should be left out, because a high investment in mining hardware is necessary. With the simple variant, which is also the faster, BTC is simply bought in an Exchange stock exchange for the current course.

If $ are to be converted into Bitcoin, a stock exchange (Exchange) must be chosen, which also acts with the so-called Fiat currencies.

The security aspects of the cryptocurrency BTC

In contrast to other payment service providers, payment is made in the Bitcoin casinos based on the blockchain. Due to the blockchain encryption and fuse, the payments are to be classified as very secure. Many Bitcoin wallets include two-stage authentication, for example, via SMS, TAN or email. This protects the wallet from access by unauthorized third parties.

100% anonymous? No!

Again and again it is reported that BTC is an anonymous payment and that the currency is therefore very popular with criminals. But this is not true. Because even if only the public key from the transmitter and recipient can be viewed publicly in the blockchain when paying in a Bitcoin casino, this does not mean that they are completely anonymous.

As soon as the payment can be assigned to a certain business like a BTC Casino, it is known to whom the respective public key belongs. The money flows can be traced very well for law enforcement, even if playing with VPN in a Bitcoin casino.

The private key - this is the responsibility of the owner

Since no institution wakes up on the credit or the transactions restricts, BTC is independent. However, this also means that the owner of the cryptocurrency is entirely responsible for his credit. Above all, this affects the private key. This is necessary to access the bitcoins that belong to the public key in order to be able to make a deposit in one of the Bitcoin casinos.

The problem is that this is created once together with the public key and cannot be changed. The biggest disadvantage is that the key is not restored if you lose a loss. If this key falls into strange hands, the new owner has full and unrestricted access to the associated credit. Nobody can prevent this. So if the key is lost, the associated bitcoins are irrevocably gone.

It is therefore important that the private key is kept in a safe place after the creation. Both keys consist of a long number and letter order that nobody can remember. The best thing is to secure the key couple directly in the wallet and keep this backup protected in a place where nobody has access.

Play in a Bitcoin casino - there are differences

In the Bitcoin Casino test, a distinction is made between two different variants at the BTC online casinos:

If the deposit is made via BTC, the credit will be led into $ as usual. All games can then be played that can also be found in other virtual arcades.

With the other variant of the Bitcoin casinos, not only is BTC paid in, but the player account is also led in the cryptocurrency. In this case, however, only selected games can be played. It should be noted that the operations here are made in BTC, whereby these are correspondingly low due to the high course of cryptocurrency.

Worth knowing:

The American players will certainly disappoint, but there will be no American Bitcoin casinos, at least not with American happiness. The reason is that the circumstances are sometimes not compliant with American regulation. The possible extensive anonymity in particular will be a problem.

Hence a tip: you can one Online casino without American license Select.

Die Limits der Bitcoin-Games

Compared to other normal currencies such as the euro, the course of the BTC fluctuates constantly and sometimes considerably. However, the missions that are played do not fall or only very rarely into the area of a whole bitcoin. Therefore, the limits are located in the Bitcoin casinos on the slot machines and in the casino games in the area of the MBTC (Milli-Bitcoin).

While operations between 0.01 and 1 MBTC are carried out at the slot machines, which corresponds to approximately $ 0.10 to $ 10, the table games can even result in the heights of 0.1 MBTC up to 1 BTC. This then corresponds to a use of one to $ 10,000 - just to give an example. Here it depends on the current exchange rate.

Play on slot machines with Bitcoin and win real money

If you choose the game in a Bitcoin Casino, you would like to play your favorite slot with the cryptocurrency. It should be noted when creating the account that the BTC currency is chosen. The reason is that some of the BTC online casinos also enable account management in $ in addition to cryptocurrency. In the account area, some gambling portals can be switched between BTC and $ so that the player himself decides in which currency he wants to play the slot machine.

If a Bitcoin Casino is serious and also works with renowned software providers, there are some slot machines that can not only be played with BTC, but also have this topic directly. One of them is Satoshi’s Secret by Endorphina. The slot has a 5 × 3 roller field with 20 paylines. Endorphina expresses a compliment to the inventor of cryptocurrency with the name and design. This cool game should not miss a crypto fan.

Worth knowing:

The software provider IGT has received a patent for a technology with which players can pay with cryptocurrencies on the slots in the future. Thus, conventional payment options in the casinos and arcades could soon be supplemented by BTC and Co.

It can be assumed that more and more slot machines and other casino games will be added in the future where BTC can be played.

Table games - here too the Bitcoin moves in

A good Bitcoin Casino not only offers a bonus without a deposit, but a diverse game selection, which also contains classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker. Dice games and other card games should also be found.

Online casinos that are considered pure Bitcoin casinos enable playing with BTC at the tables. When evaluating the individual casino sites, care is generally made to what extent blackjack or roulette are counted towards fulfilling the bonus conditions.

Bitcoin live casino - take a seat at the table via livestream

Casino enthusiasts know that the best virtual casinos enable play with real dealers. Via livestream, the player can watch the croupier hand out the cards during blackjack or throw the ball into the boiler during roulette - and this from different perspectives. Bitcoin casinos also enable this type of game that are becoming increasingly popular.

However, not all providers have a live casino, as our Bitcoin Casino experience shows. This mainly includes providers with a American license, since according to the new Gaming State Treaty, live casino games are prohibited.

Sportaza betting with Bitcoin - that also works

Not only the casino fans can benefit from deposits and withdrawals as well as the game via Bitcoin, but also the Sportaza betting enthusiasts. This is possible with providers who not only present casino games, but also a Sportaza betting area. In the meantime, more and more pure online bookmakers are deciding to include the cryptocurrency in the payment portfolio and enable bets with BTC.

Bitcoin casinos - is there a casino app?

Basically, a Bitcoin Casino does not differ from a casino page that only enables the Fiat currencies for deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, these gambling portals also offer a mobile solution for your game portfolio so that you can play on the go via smartphone and tablet.

Excellent apps not only have an extensive game portfolio, but also easily enable the deposit and payment with Bitcoin. Modern Bitcoin casinos do not allow the game to be native Casino App, but via a mobile website that is available regardless of the operating system and without download. This means that only a current mobile browser is necessary.

BTC Casinos- advantages and disadvantages

The great thing about the Bitcoin casinos is that a digital and decentralized currency can be paid in and out, which has not yet been linked to the financial market. In addition, Bitcoin is now available on many wallets.

Players who do not want to act with bitcoins can simply buy and hold them. The following aspects speak for payments with cryptocurrency in a Bitcoin Casino:

In addition to these advantages mentioned, it is often also the higher deposits and withdrawal limits that make players to choose a BTC Casino. While the transactions with real money in the virtual game stores are increasingly restricted, for example in the online casinos with a American license, where a maximum of 1,000 $ can be paid in, the Bitcoin casinos offer far more flexibility as almost casinos.

However, it is known that a coin always has two sides, and so it is also the cryptocurrency. One disadvantage is that the so-called Exchange (exchange of Fiat currency in coins) can sometimes be quite high. For this reason, it is advisable to compare the wallets in advance before an account is set up. This ensures that the cost of playing in the Bitcoin Casino remains manageable.

In addition, it is important to keep an eye on the possible price fluctuations. The players often occur with the bonus offers, since the players can be found in the terms and conditions that there are no indication that deposits with cryptocurrencies do not qualify for the preservation of the welcome bonus. However, this does not apply to the Bitcoin Casino Free Spins, which are often offered here without a deposit to draw new customers.

advantages Disadvantages
  • Security of the data
  • Largely anonymous payments
  • Mostly low fees
  • Wallet in self -government
  • If the key is lost, the bitcoins are lost
  • Strongly fluctuating course
  • Competition advantage over other casinos
  • Payments are safe
  • Low fees
  • Course is subject to strong fluctuations
  • The effort of the payment management is high

In general, it can be said that the payment processes in a Bitcoin casino are not always easier or better. But what are the differences to the "normal" payment methods. Is it worthwhile to pay Bitcoin instead of Skrill or credit card? Here is a comparison of the most popular payment methods with Bitcoin.

Payment method advantage Disadvantage user friendliness Common limits fees
Skrill Credit takes place immediately Payments last up to 24 hours. uncomplicated 10$ – 10.000$ no
Paysafecard Cost control No payments uncomplicated 1$ bis 1.000$ no
Giropay Immediate credit No payment medium 10$ bis 20.000$ no
Credit cards Immediate credit Payments not always possible medium 10$ bis 50.000$ no
Bitcoin Safe and anonymous Payment confirmation is carried out slow A little more complicated Ab 0,001 BTC ohne LImits Low

Anyone who deals with Bitcoin will find that the handling of the cryptocurrency is not as easy as that of normal payment options. Especially players who come into with BTC for the first time takes time to familiarize themselves with the entire handling. However, you can benefit from flexible limits and low fees.

In the end, it is the high security compared to the alternatives such as credit cards, bank transfers or instant numbers such as giropay that speaks for the use of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in Bitcoin Casinos

Of course, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available, but it is considered the flagship of the digital currencies. For this reason, Bitcoin has developed further and there are some branches that have arisen from it:

Alternative cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals

In addition to Bitcoin, there are also well over 2,000 other cryptocurrencies, and the number grows continuously. Actually, the choice of the right digital currency, if the word is "right" here, is more of a game of chance, because each of them is very volatile and nobody can predict what will happen. But if a Bitcoin Casino is serious, then it offers other digital currencies to offer customers alternatives.

The best and best known cryptocurrencies include:

criteria security distribution Transaction duration fees Limits user-


Bitcoin hoch hoch medium Depending on the platform Depending on the platform medium
Ethereum Very high medium Quickly Depending on the platform Depending on the platform medium
Litecoin hoch hoch Quickly Depending on the platform Depending on the platform medium
Dogecoin hoch medium medium Depending on the platform Depending on the platform Easy
Dash Very high Low medium Depending on the platform Depending on the platform Easy
Ripple medium Low Quickly Depending on the platform Depending on the platform A little more complicated

Alternative payment methods in online casinos

There are some Bitcoin casinos that are limited to cryptocurrencies, with experience shows that it is usually the other way around. The established payment providers have priority and Bitcoin is also offered. Here is a look at the payment options that are most frequently used.

It should be noted that gambling portals that accept American players currently do not offer PayPal, although this is one of the most popular payment options.

Conclusion: There are some advantages in Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos are a recommended alternative to the normal Online casinos, because some of them offer slot machines and other games that are otherwise not to be found. The Bitcoin casinos are also not to be stopped in the bonus promotions, because there are next to that Bonus without deposit Sometimes offered in part appealing welcome bonuses and other actions. Of course, this varies depending on the provider in the Bitcoin Casino, but they are usually in no way inferior to the regular online casinos.

Ultimately, a Bitcoin Casino works as well as a gaming portal with the typical payment options. However, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin fascinate people more and more, even though they are a little complicated to classify. This applies especially to players who have never come into with Bitcoin before this article.

But the safety of the transactions also speaks for the use of a Bitcoin Casino, since the transactions can be brought across the stage largely anonymously and quickly.

The selection of Bitcoin Casinos is growing steadily

There is nothing to shake that the online gaming market continues to grow. But the Bitcoin Casinos market will not stand still and it can be assumed that we are only at the beginning with regard to the spread of these portals.

The topic Bitcoin Casinos Is still a very young topic and it is therefore understandable that there are many questions. Some questions that are most frequently asked are listed here with corresponding answers.

Best Bitcoin Casinos FAQ

Which Bitcoin Casino is recommended?

This question cannot be answered in general, because in the end it depends on your own requirements for the portal. A recommended gaming portal with Bitcoin offers a diverse game portfolio, an attractive bonus, has a valid license and is transparent and fair.

Is there a new customer bonus? If so, which Bitcoin Casino offers the best?

The answer depends on the bonus conditions. If Bitcoin casinos offer a welcome bonus, a look at the terms and conditions and the wagering conditions should take place before activating. If these are fair and there are no restrictions to activate it with Bitcoin deposits, then nothing stands in the way of using.

Are there table games for users in USA in Bitcoin Casino?

Of course, it is also possible to play table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Co. in the Bitcoin casinos, but not with platforms with a new American license. To do this, choose a provider with a different EU license.

Are there American legal online casinos that enable payments with Bitcoin?

Offered payment methods vary depending on the operator. Since the Bitcoin Casino can largely be paid in anonymously, the new regulations make it unlikely that a American license will be granted. You can play with providers with EU license.

Are Bitcoin casinos serious and trustworthy?

The problem is that the Bitcoin market is largely unregulated and so there will be black sheep again and again. For this reason, it is important to make sure that a Bitcoin Casino has a valid license when registering.

The Bitcoin course is changing - what now?

Bitcoin is a very interesting payment option on the online gaming market. Anyone who invested early in the cryptocurrency will now benefit from it. But the course decreases and increases and this means that this must basically be kept in mind, as this can affect your payouts.

Why is Bitcoin so special?

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency based on a blockchain. This makes the way payments are made, unlike the "normal" currencies, which results in advantages and disadvantages.