Cashback casinos - what is that actually?

Instead of the classic welcome bonus, the new customer in numerous Online casinos Received, there is a cashback casino bonus here and there. If you activate this, you will get part of the losses back after a certain period of time when operations have been made with real money. For example, depending on the offer, 5% to 20% of the investments in the first month to reduce loss. In this article everything revolves around the Cashback Bonushow to get this and what needs to be considered.

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How does the cashback program work in the online casino?

In a cashback casino, the lucky knight only gets his bonus after playing. Only those amounts that customers lose, but not those who will win over time are reimbursed.

Example: The gamer pays 300 $ on its casino account. He plays a month with qualified games and loses the entire credit. In the end of a corresponding bonus, it receives a reimbursement of 5%. In that case this would be 15 euros. This amount is either credited as a bonus amount or paid out as a real money. The gambling portals handle this differently. Also as far as the topic of bonus conditions are concerned.

Not every online casino cashback is really attractive. Some offer only 1% refund or less. If there are a few bonuses to choose from, for example free spins without a deposit, deposit bonuses and Co., you should calculate in advance which action is more appealing for one. A 100% bonus would be more sensible than 1% cashback at 100 $ where you can only get one $ as a gamer.

How and where do players get a cashback casino bonus?

Different paths lead to a reimbursement bonus. We now show the most important:

Special link on a partner page

Some actions only find players through partner sites. For example, those websites on which casinos are presented or news portals that post casino -speeds. To get the bonus, click on a link that is advertised on the provider page. A special bonus page is forwarded.

There the player registered so that he qualifies himself for the premium. This link can often only be reached via the partner pages. This cannot be found on the regular casino mepage. This also applies to offers that are sent by email or SMS. Customers often get directly to one side that is not visible to others. If the Casino Cashback only applies to new customers, they only receive them. Anyone who is already registered in the casino in question does not qualify for the new customer bonus.

Registration is necessary

Whether via a partner link or directly on the main page in the cashback casino, registration is inevitable so that gamers receive the bonus. One is asked to provide the personal data including telephone number and email address. Nobody should cheat because important verification codes are sent. The casino account is only activated after confirmation of the email or telephone number.

Accept the bonus - enter the code

In the course of registration, new customers are usually asked whether they want to activate the bonus or not. If there are different bonuses to choose from, you choose one. If there is a bonus field in the registration mask, you sometimes have to type in the cashback casino registration code there so that you are entitled to the bonus program.

In some cases, the cashback casino bonuses can only be activated later in the customer area or during the deposit. Either click on the action or also by code. There are also providers where players receive the code from support. Conversely, it happens that the bonus is automatically credited. Anyone who without gratefully refrains from this also reports this to customer service.

It all sounds more complicated than it is. As a rule, it is only a push of a button and the program is activated. After the first deposit, the fun can begin.

What bonus conditions apply to a cashback bonus?

In the following lines we inform you what to consider so that the deposit for the cashback program is taken into account.

The different cashback types

In the online casinos, players find various cash bonus cashback types. We cut them briefly and explain the difference for a better understanding.

Cashback welcome bonus

This is the classic among the cashback bonuses. For example, new customers receive refunds for the first four weeks or enjoy these actions as long as they play. Some casinos offer long -term premiums. However, the reimbursements of these move more on a small scale. Sometimes there is only 2% or less back. This is sometimes only worthwhile for Highroller. Such a welcome bonus is almost only valid for slot machines.

Live Casino Cashback

This special bonus only applies in the live casino and is ideal for those gamers who like to play in the live casino. All deposits that take place on roulette, blackjack and Co are credited in percentage after a certain period of time. This works as with the classic reimbursement, with the difference that casinos only take the live dealer games into account here.

Cashback actions

Basically, these are structured similarly to the welcome bonus, except that they also apply to regular customers. Such campaigns often send providers via SMS or newsletter. In some cases, this can be found directly in the action area of the website or in the customer account.

VIP Cashback

If the online platform offers a VIP area or a loyalty program, the player collects points in the course. If this has saved enough, the loyalty points in turn can be converted into a cashback bonus. In other casinos there is automatically reimbursement from a certain level or as soon as the customer qualifies to the VIP. Here, too, there are deviations from the providers.

How can you redeem the cashback bonus?

If you receive a refund, you can sometimes have the money paid out directly, but you can also play slot machines for free. Refund premiums are also sometimes subject to bonus conditions. The gamer is advised to read the terms and conditions in advance to know what rules apply. It is important not to lose the ExtraGeld.

Observe the sales requirements

The credited bonus money is not always available immediately. It may be subject to certain sales conditions and must be released. Anyone who receives 20 $ and applies ten times a sales request must then be used. Only then is a payment possible. Be careful: there are limits here too, otherwise the premium is canceled.

Where can you implement the bonus?

If the reimbursement is there, almost everyone wants to start playing immediately. But be careful, cashback bonuses of this kind are not valid everywhere. Most of the time you can only redeem this with special slot machines. You can also find out which titles are possible in the bonus conditions. Sometimes it only applies to certain games, some are excluded elsewhere. This applies especially to actions that are promoted by providers.

For example: Customers are rewarded if they only play with a netent hit or something similar. All of this information can be found on the casino pages. In the event of ambiguities, the support will help and explain the procedure.

Games in the live casino are usually always excluded, except, it is live casino bonuses. Table games often only apply in part. For example, they are only 10% or 20% of the sales request. So the customer has to play a lot longer and risk losing a lot of money. Better invest where everything is 100% of implementation.

Further important information about free spins

Players are also asked to play fairly. These statements are usually indistinctly formulated and confuse more than helping. Basically, this means that nobody can apply tricks. It is best to let the slot machine go through with small inserts. Then nothing should happen. If the limit per round is not limited in the machine itself, the sum can be found in the bonus conditions. Example: A maximum of 5 $ are allowed per shoot. You should also stick to that so that the profits are not canceled.


Cashback in online casinos is a good thing if you are concerned. High rollers definitely benefit from it and everyone else should at least consider it. Although you don't keep the big money back everywhere. You don't have to reject the bonus, because even with one $ you could crack the jackpot.

Everyone should register where fair bonus conditions prevail and where the environment meets their own claim. Then a cashback in the casino is fun. Test different casinos, take part in the program and enjoy the credits. The best offers are already waiting.