Data protection explanation

We are legally obliged to protect your personal data and to ensure that you are informed about our data protection regulations. In the following we will therefore explain how we at deal with your data and for what purposes we use cookies


Online gambling is only allowed in USA when they reach the age of majority. Minors under the age of 18 are therefore not permitted to open an account with us. This website is to be used exclusively by adults. If you as a parent or legal awareness of the fact that a minor person is active with us, please let us know immediately.


So that your data are safe at any time and cannot be read by unauthorized third parties, we use SSL encryption on our platform. You can obtain information about the SSL certificate by clicking the Castle symbol in the address bar. You can also recognize the use of SSL encryption from the "HTTPS" in the side URL in front of our domain.

Pricking and evaluation of browser statistics

When visiting our website, your IP address and the browser used are automatically logged. However, this information cannot be assigned to individual users, but are only recorded as a total amount of data. With the help of an external analysis center, we can find out which areas of our website may have to be revised again in order to be able to offer you the best possible user experience.

Google Analytics

Google third -party tools enable us to better understand the interests of our visitors and to adapt our portal accordingly. Google may also also save data on visits to our platform as well as references and recommendations of external websites. Google also uses this data to switch more suitable advertising. You can find information on the deactivation of Google Analytics under “Opt-Out” on Google.


Cookies are small text files that are used by most websites and stored in the browser. With them you can recognize users in anonymous way and collect information through the analysis of the cookies to improve the user experience of the services offered. On the one hand, cookies exist as permanent cookies and on the other hand as session cookies. The former are permanently stored on your PC until they are automatically run after a certain time or are deleted manually. Session cookies, on the other hand, are only saved on the computer during your side visit and automatically deleted as soon as you leave the website.

Cookies fulfill a variety of functions on our site. Together they all have the goal of enabling you as round as possible user experience. For this, for example, we must be able to distinguish individual users. So we can gradually improve our platform and understand our visitors better.

Various types of cookies are used on our side. On the one hand, we use essential cookies without which not all functions of the website can be executed. They include, for example, cookies for login and to help fill out forms. Preference cookies, on the other hand, are not essential, but help us to recognize them when visiting our site again and, for example, to display the right language. Marketing cookies enable us to analyze their activities on the page and the links you have clicked on and thus actively advertise.

These cookies do not store personal information, but only data from your browser and device. Performance -related cookies are also extremely helpful for the analysis of statistics. With this you can gain information about the number of visitors how to behave on the website and what they click on. This allows us to improve the functionality of our platform and, for example, ensure that users quickly find what they are looking for.

What kind of cookies are used on the website?

This website uses four types of cookies to ensure full functionality and to offer the user the best experience:

Name des Cookies Cookie provider purpose
Google Analytics Google This cookie allows us to obtain information about our users and to understand how they move when visiting our website. Google Analytics data help us to improve our website and your user-friendliness. We also use information such as visiting time, viewed pages, land, age, gender and interests of the users to generate more personal content for you.
Facebook Pixel Facebook We have a strong Facebook community. To get in touch with our Facebook users, we use this cookie. It helps us to optimize our target group for advertising campaigns and show them content that corresponds to their interests. Find out more about the Facebook Cookie on the official site.
One Signal One Signal Our mission is to give you relevant information about the casino industry. That's why we update our blog every day. To inform you about new articles and bonuses, we use push notification from One Signal. This cookie collects information about the IP address, the geographical location, your operating system and the devices you use when visiting our website.
Email website If you would like to receive our newsletter via current offers, you can store your email address in the subscription form of our website. We save them in our database to keep you up to date on ongoing updates and other information that affects our website. You can unsubscribe at any time. The data collected is then deleted from our database.

Links to other websites

We only link to other websites if we are convinced that this recommendation offers added value for our visitors. However, external pages may have other data protection regulations that may differ. We would like to point out that we do not take responsibility for the guidelines of other websites.

Update and change of our data protection guideline

From time to time we have to change or update our data protection regulations. This is done at its own discretion and without a separate announcement. You will always find the latest version of the data protection regulations under "data protection declaration". It is up to you to regularly find out about our provisions. By using our site, you fully agree with the data protection guidelines.


If you have any questions and concerns on data protection, security and cookies, you can us at any time. Send us an email to [email protected] to.