Boku Online Casino: Enter money with your cell phone

Boku is a service through which payments can be made for virtual goods such as games. You do not need a bank account or a credit card for use, as it is an independent application. This mobile payment method now also works for many online casinos. This makes the game easier, because depending on the provider, you have to be patient, especially when using bank transfers, since the payment processes do not happen in real time.

Boku is therefore an ideal alternative for all passionate players in Real money casinothat attach great importance to a quick, uncomplicated and, above all, safe payment method. In the following you will find out how a casino with BOKU deposit works and which there is.

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The best Boku online casinos at a glance

Online casinos do not always accept this payment method. It is all the more important to know which providers accept this payment route so that you do not experience an unpleasant surprise when paying. You can say that Boku Online Casino must be accessible to players in USA and that all important information must be included in American. Apart from that, a happiness in the EU is mandatory.

The latter is probably the most important point, because the game license underpins the security and seriousness of an online casino. After all, as a player, you want your money to be safe and that you can play without hesitation.

Below our list with the best Boku casinos:

Boku explained briefly?

The BOKU payment system is an uncomplicated and safe payment method for casino players. The provider aims to ensure that users in the Boku Casino Pay with the cell phone be able. In recent years, more and more payment methods have established themselves on the market and casino players can already choose from a wide range of providers.

Boku is one of these payment providers and enables payment via SMS. Players don't have to worry about security, because it is a reputable provider with whom there have never been any difficulties regarding security.

You do not need a bank account to use this payment method. The deposit can be made via cell phone bill and you can pay comfortably. Boku is therefore particularly interesting for those who want to buy a separate payment method for the game fun in the casino without having to open an account.

So you can use Boku in the online casino

You can easily use Boku in online casinos. If an operator offers the method, you can pay with cell phone bills in the casino. First of all, you must of course find a corresponding Boku Casino on the Internet and select this payment method. If you have selected the service provider as a payment method, you will be forwarded to the payment field, where you can confirm the deposit and enter your phone number.

Once this first step is done, you will receive an SMS by confirming your deposit. It also contains a corresponding authentication code with which you have to respond to these confirmation SMS in order to complete the payment process. In the meantime they can in many Online casinos Pay with Boku and this process always works the same.

All important information about BOKU payments

The use of this method is straightforward and the payment process is easily processed. Below we have listed some important information about the provider about the payment process, security and customer service for you.

What should be considered in the deposits?

As already mentioned, the deposit takes place particularly quickly and easily. You choose Boku on the desktop or in mobile Casino As a payment method and then enter the SMS code sent. You can find the payment method itself relatively easily, every online arcade has listed the BOKU payment method in the area of payment service providers. If you don't have a cell phone contract, you don't have to worry because you can also pay with prepaid credit.

Are payments via BOKU possible?

As for the payments, one of the few disadvantages of this payment method is shown. It is only possible to make deposits through the provider, but in this way you can logically not have any profits withdrawn. To do this, you have to fall back on another safe payment method.

How long does the money transfer take this way?

The deposit takes place within a very short time. You select the payment method in your Boku Casino and within a few seconds or minutes you have the SMS with the confirmation code on your cell phone.

Is the BOKU customer service easily accessible?

Customer service is available for all questions about the provider. You can customer service via the website or call directly. It should be noted that customer service for users who are connected to an e-wallet is currently unavailable.

How safe is Boku?

If you use the Boku online casino, like every payment method, the question of security comes about. This payment service offers you two strong security aspects, including authentication via the SMS code. This ensures that you really want to make the deposit. Furthermore, the data transfer with this method is encrypted, which means that your payment data or personal data does not come to the outside world.

A casino with a BOKU deposit is usually also safe and the providers can show an EU license. However, you can easily check this on the platform of a provider, the license is usually specified on the start page at the bottom.

There can be problems with regard to security when the cell phone is lost. Hence our appeal: Register in the mobile casino after each use, so that no more payments can be made in the event of theft. However, this does not prevent this from using the service elsewhere, because the payment provider does not require registration or registration. It is best to lock your cell phone with a code so that nobody else has access to them.

Can you get a bonus in the Boku Online Casino?

Finding a bonus in the Boku Casino USA is always a challenge. Promotions are handled differently by the providers and can change at any time. Some providers attract with one Casino bonus without deposit. Here it is important to find out more about the offers and compare the different providers.

What are Boku's advantages and disadvantages?

As a payment method, Boku has some advantages from which you benefit as a user. On the one hand, the payment provider is easy to use and the deposit at casinos takes place in real time. In terms of security, the service provider also convinces - you as a player should also block your cell phone, as Boku does not require registration and can therefore continue to be used when theft.

As for the use itself, however, Boku is certain and the data transfer is encrypted. Also, mobile phone users have no disadvantages without a contract, because you can also conclude the payment transfer via the prepaid credit. You will not lose the overview of the Casumos, because billing will be taken at the end of the month.

However, there are also a few disadvantages when used. It should be mentioned here that no payments are possible. So you have to use another payment method in addition to Boku, for example bank transfer. It is questionable whether the respective casino provider grants a bonus when using this method, if necessary, inform yourself about customer service.

At Boku they depend on the cell phone - this is not necessarily a disadvantage, but you should keep it in mind. There are no fees for use, but payment transactions are limited to $ 30 a day.

Quick deposit
Easy use
Can also be used without a contract with prepaid cards
No fees
No payments can Dito Bet
No registration necessary, therefore risk if you lose your mobile phone
A maximum of 30 $ per day

What alternative payment options are there?

Since Boku still has a few disadvantages, it is interesting for you as a player to know which alternative payment options you can fall back on. On the one hand, there are classic payment methods such as credit card, Sofortüberweisung and the bank transfer. Most online casinos in USA also accept credit cards.

E-wallets and cryptocurrencies are increasingly accepted as a payment method and Apple offers its in-house products the opportunity to pay via Apple Pay. Here it is important to familiarize yourself with the payment methods of individual providers.

Conclusion: an interesting payment method

Boku casinos are becoming more and more common, and for good reason. The payment method is safe and the deposit is very quick. Despite the disadvantages mentioned, this payment method is easily usable and you even have the option of paying via the mobile phone credit. The further development is interesting with regard to the bonuses, because there are currently still very few offers for the use of the payment service.

Are there any questions left? We have the answers! Finally, we have summarized the most common questions about Boku.

FAQ: The most common questions

Are there any fees for use?

There are no fees for use, but the deposit volume is limited to $ 30 a day.

Are Boku Casinos trustworthy?

Yes they are. If in doubt, you can check the license from the Boku Casino or ask the respective customer service and have the license presented or sent accordingly.

Is there a minimum deposit?

There is no minimum deposit. The daily deposit limit of $ 30 is to be observed.

Is there a payment limit?

Payments are not possible with this method.

Can I also use Boku for mobile casinos?

Yes, the use of the payment service is of course also possible by mobile device.

Do I benefit when using bonuses?

That depends entirely on the casino provider. You may even get a No Deposit Bonus when you start one or the other Boku Casino.

Is the money transfer by SMS safe?

The method is safe and serious. The data transfer is encrypted and you must confirm your deposit using an SMS code.