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At Gratorama there is currently a 7 $ bonus without a deposit
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There are 10 free spins in the Bizzo Casino
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Starting credit without deposit

This also as "No Deposit Bonus“Described form of starting goods is very popular with the players. New customers do not have to deposit a single cent, they receive free credit from the online casino free of charge, with which they can then try out various games and have the opportunity to make a profit. However, the starting credit without deposit is not an unconditional gift. It is associated with sales conditions that must first be fulfilled so that users can have their profits paid out. Such an offer ensures that the players play in the casino for a while and enjoy the choice of game. Even if you do not have to deposit money for the bonus, you should convince yourself of the seriousness of the arcade beforehand. Finally, some personal data must be specified when registering.

Start bonus with deposit

It is only possible with relatively few providers to receive free casino bonus credit. The bonuses are usually bound to a deposit. In the case of such an offer, which is also referred to as a "match bonus", you pay a certain amount and then receive a specified percentage of this amount on your bonus account. For example, a deposit of 50 $ ensures that you can get 100 $ additional starting credit and can therefore use a total of 150 $ to play.

Of course, it looks more tempting to not have to deposit money for a bonus. The bonuses for which a deposit is necessary usually bring you significantly more bonus money. Therefore, it often makes sense to choose such an offer from the outset.

Starting credit for very low deposit

A high deposit is not necessary for many bonuses. The minimum deposit for most providers is only 10 or 20 euros. There is even Online casinosIn which you can already receive an additional starting credit for a deposit of just one euro. This bonus is often significantly higher than the actual deposit. As a result, you then have a considerable amount for the game offer, although you have hardly invested anything yourself.

Starting credit with freespins

In many cases, the online casino free starting credit does not forgive in the form of bonus money, but new customers are credited. This means that games can then be completed free of charge at given slots. The profit moves to the player account in the form of bonus credit and is subject to the sales conditions of the casino.

In some cases, the free spins are linked to additional conditions. For example, it may be that you first have to carry out the verification in order to free turns to be credited by the casino. This is necessary at the latest before your first payment and luckily is done quickly.

Bonuses for cell phone players

You can not only win with your computer in the online casino. With your smartphone, you can now easily log into your account with almost all providers and have access to the range of games. When mobile games were not as natural as it was today, there was often separate Bonuses for cell phone players. Such bonuses are rarely found these days. Instead, you have access to the complete bonus offer of the casino, regardless of which device you play with. By the way, you are not allowed to open a second account for mobile games. After you have registered with a device, you can also use the same access data on all other devices and log in both by computer and your cell phone as required.

Conditions for starting credit in online casinos

The fact that you can play casino games online with starting credit should never be the only reason you choose for an online casino. Always take a close look at the conditions associated with the starting credit. Only if you can fulfill this will the profit achieved in the casino will actually be paid out. The following sections can be found in the following section


One of the most important aspects for the conditions in casinos with starting credit is the sales that you have to achieve with the bonus money. For example, some providers demand that you have to implement the free -preserved starting credit 40x. Only then is the bonus money converted into real money credit and can be paid out. The required sales can also be more or less than in the example mentioned. In the player account, you can usually show how much sales are still necessary so that the casino releases your starting credit for a payment.

Restrictions on the game offer

You can play online Casino Games with a starting credit, but mostly you do not have access to the complete range of games. In particular, the live area can only be used by most providers with money deposited themselves and table games and slots with jackpot can often not play with a starting credit. Most of the normal slot machines can get to know starting credit in the casino and hopefully also get one or two money gains while playing. As soon as you have fulfilled the sales conditions, your starting credit will be converted into full real money credit. You can then use this for the complete range of games of the casino without having to pay attention to restrictions.


It is common for players to play with starting credit only for a limited time in the online casino. After this time, the bonus conditions must be fulfilled, which converted the bonus into real money credit, which you can of course be easily paid out. If the sales requirements are not met after the deadline, the bonus is canceled, and all profits made with the starting credit are also removed from the player account. When choosing your casino, make sure that you have long enough time to meet the conditions. If the casino only gives you a few days or even hours to release the bonus, you should plan to play actively during this time. It is much more relaxed if you have several weeks to convert the starting credit into payable real money.

Conditions associated with the payment

With a bonus, funds without a limit are not always available for a payment. The profit is often limited to a certain maximum amount. This is significantly lower for a bonus for which you have made a deposit than if you play with free starting credit in the casino. Even if it is of course annoying, if you cannot win infinite money, most bonuses are still worth it with such restrictions, because at least you can complete many additional game rounds. Due to the restrictions on the profit, it makes sense to use Casino Games with a starting credit whose volatility is low. These games usually do not throw out huge maximum profits, but customers win relatively frequently.

In some online casinos you cannot pay the actual starting credit at all. The financial advantage of such a doctorate is that you can have the profits made with the bonus money. The bonus itself remains in the player account and is deleted either by the payment or after the bonus duration has expired.

Step by step for the starting credit in the online casino

Would you like to play exciting casino games with real money and get money from the arcade? In our step-by-step instructions, we show how you secure the entry fee:

  1. Take a look at the offers of the casinos in our list and decide which one you like best.
  1. Now call up the casino website and register there.
  2. If a code is required for the bonus, you must of course enter it to get the premium.
  3. Some bonuses must be requested from customer service.
  4. After you have received credited starting credit from the online casino, you can use the free money for different games.

Use the starting credit correctly: Particularly suitable games

Not all games are equally suitable for successfully using a starting credit, fulfilling the sales conditions and then being able to have the bonus and maybe also a profit achieved.

If you think about which games you should play with your starting credit, first take a look at the conditions of the casino for the bonus offer. Most providers are excluded from the outset. In the live area, a casino bonus may only be used for very few online casinos. The table games can also be excluded from playing with starting credit. But even if you are allowed to use roulette, blackjack, baccarat or other table games with your bonus, only part of the application you actually do is counted. On the other hand, the complete use is evaluated at the slot machines, which is why they can meet the sales conditions much faster here.

Another criterion is the variance. Casino games with high main wins are tempting. However, they will make small and medium -sized profits less often in such games. However, since the starting credit has to be implemented several times, you are dependent on the fact that the player account is regularly filled with profits. It is therefore more promising to choose a slot with a low variance. This does not make them a millionaire, but they have a good chance of being able to fulfill the wagering conditions.

Starting credit: the advantages and disadvantages

Before you register with real money starting credit in an online casino, you would of course like to know what advantages and disadvantages the bonus has for you. Our table offers a good overview in this regard.

Free extra credit
Try games without risks
More chances of winning
Bonus is credited immediately
Usually also available for mobile devices
Registration uncomplicated and quick
Starting credit usually only available once per user
Connected to sales conditions
Possibly restrictions on the game selection

Benefit now from online casinos with starting credit!

Online casinos with starting credit are popular with the players for a good reason. If new customers can receive free credit from the casino, it is completely possible without your own deposit to win real money. But even if a small deposit is required for the starting credit, the bonus campaigns are worthwhile. There are often many $ compared to the actual deposit, so that significantly more game rounds and of course more profits are possible.

Since the number of online casinos continues to increase, you have a large selection. Online casinos must therefore offer users good reasons not to choose the competition. Therefore, many casinos will continue to advertise with starting credit in the future, and you just have to find out the best bonuses. By testing the current offers for you and continuously updating our lists with bonus campaigns, we will help you to always benefit from the best actions.

FAQ around online casinos with starting credit

Do all serious online casinos offer a starting credit?

Nowadays you can secure a bonus as a new customer in most online casinos. Whether this is a starting credit, free spins or another kind of bonus says nothing about the seriousness of the game library. Not all online casinos with starting credit are serious and not all reputable providers offer their customers a starting credit. You should therefore always assess the seriousness of a gambling provider separately from the bonus offer. In any case, the online casino should have a valid license, and positive testimonials from players and seals of approval from independent test points such as Ecogra are also a good sign.

How much money can I win with a starting credit?

If you try your luck in an online casino with free starting credit, the sum you can win with the bonus is often limited to a certain maximum amount. Therefore, it is usually not worth using the bonus for Jackpot Games, which is excluded in the bonus conditions anyway. In general, of course, it is always great to get additional chances of winning through the casino starting credit. Nevertheless, when deciding on a certain bonus, it can be decisive whether you can only win a maximum of 50 $ or several thousand $ with the starting credit.

Do I have to use the offer offered?

You are not obliged to play with starting credit in the online game casino. If you do not want to take advantage of the bonus for any reason, you can select this option in your player account, or you can customer service directly and ask that the bonus will be removed from your account.

In general, however, most players benefit from using additional money to play in the online casino with start bonus. It can only be annoying for High Roller if the maximum use by the active bonus and the conditions associated with it are limited to an amount of a few euros.

Is a verification necessary to get starting credit?

Whether you have to verify yourself to be equipped with starting credit by the online game library depends on the individual provider. The verification in reputable casinos must be made at the latest before the first payment. It is now also necessary for many providers to obtain the starting credit offered for greeting. You can easily carry out the verification online. It does not take much time and is required anyway before the first payment.

Are there any starting credit for American players?

Playing online in the casino with starting credit is also possible for players from USA. To find out whether there are restrictions on the bonus offer of an online arcade due to your residence, read through the bonus conditions that you can find on the provider's website. In most cases, American customers are not excluded from the bonus offer and can therefore benefit from the start credit. If you can choose between different account drives, it usually makes sense to lead the player account into $ so that there are no fees for currency bills for deposits and withdrawals.

Is a starting credit associated with a risk for me?

Whether you take a risk if you play with starting credit in the casino depends on the type of starting goods. If it is a serious online casinos with starting credit without deposit, you do not have to invest a single cent yourself and therefore do not take any risk. If, on the other hand, a deposit is required to play with entry fee in the casino, of course, if you play, you also risk the money you have paid. Fortunately, a starting credit is also available in most online casinos with a relatively low deposit.