Online casinos with American license

In the meantime there are so many online casinos that you can hardly see through that is really good and above all safe. However, there is a crucial feature that you should focus on - the lucky license. It is decisive for the fact that an online casino may be legally operated in USA and is regulated by a state authority. While most Online casinos real money A European license, for example from Malta, has also been awarded American licenses, including the recognized license from Schleswig-Holstein.

In the following article, you will find out why licensed online casinos USA should be your first choice and on the basis of which factors you can recognize reputable casinos.

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Why are licenses actually important?

American casino players should deal with the regulations on the subject of online gambling before registering in one of the online casinos. This is where some rules and requirements come together. A easier way to find out whether an online casino in USA is legal leads to the test, an existing, valid license from USA.

Such a lucky license not only assures that all activities in the casino are completely legal, it also ensures maximum security and fairness. The state gambling authority, which awards licenses, puts casino operators through their paces and ensures that all processes correspond to the laws. It is also excluded that there is a fraud on the platform.

Further advantages of online casino with American license

The new state of gambling from USA provides for strict guidelines. However, it is only possible to legally operate an online casino in USA with compliance with the specified conditions. Apart from the fact that as a customer in an online casino with a American license, you cannot do anything wrong and on the safe side, this also has a few more advantages for players:

The bottom line is that American laws provide great protection against possible gambling addiction and reduce the risk of high loss of money.

Is it possible to play with foreign licenses with providers?

The majority of all online casinos have a European gambling license that rarely comes from USA. While the new contract for online gambling in USA considers a American license as mandatory, EU law still stands out American law and makes it possible for players to legally play in an online casino that does not yet have a American license.

The best known and highest license comes from the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). Due to the favorable legal situation, many casino operators settle with their headquarters in Malta and can thus secure the Maltese license. At the same time, the Maltese gambling authority provides strict guidelines and checks seriousness, transparency and security of a gaming platform exactly before a license is awarded. Further foreign gambling licenses that are often represented are awarded, for example, from Cyprus or Curacao.

What should be considered when choosing a reliable online casino?

Die Best online casinos are not exclusively characterized by a valid license. On the contrary, there is much more to be able to prove yourself as a reliable and entertaining arcade on the market. On the basis of which criteria can be found good venues, we explain in detail:

Advantages and disadvantages of online casino with a American license

Since we do not want to withhold anything from anyone, we also want to point out that the American lucky license does not only have advantages. So that you can get a better overview, we have created a table with all the advantages and disadvantages for you:

Good protective measures before gambling addiction
Monthly deposit limits across platforms
High security
Guaranteed to play legally
Free bonus is lower or completely eliminated
Many games are prohibited (live games, table games, jackpot games)
High operations are not possible


Online gambling in USA and the new American licenses are not without reason a very controversial topic. While the American license brings some advantages with regard to the security and protection of players, it also comes with numerous restrictions, which, above all, have a negative impact on the selection of the game. Anyone who has preferred to use their bonus at table games so far will probably want to use casinos with a foreign license in the future. However, slot lovers and casual players are in good hands in American casinos and can benefit from the high collateral.


Are online casinos in USA legal?

Yes, as long as online casinos have a American license, they are completely legal. According to EU law, online casinos with foreign license can also be used.

Is an online casino with a American license?

That depends entirely on the point of view. Of course, the American state prefers to see casinos with a American license, since it can save himself and be sure that all legal regulations are followed. However, platforms with a foreign license can be as high quality and serious as American casinos.

Can you legally play in an online casino with a European license?

This topic is generally controversial. According to the European law and the court, the operation of online casinos with European license in USA has not yet been fully prohibited. The American state has been fighting for this for years, but has not yet been able to completely beat up with it.