The Evil Emperor online slot machine - a first impression

Evil Emperor is reminiscent of a Marvel comic. Evil Emperor's special characters with his bionic eye look like a super villain par excellence. Next to him you can still see all your favorite toys on the other reels: a monstrous ray of radiation, an oversized motorbike, a combat robot that is reminiscent of a spider, and his high-tech fortress. Men's toys. And of course a hot lover should not be missing who looks like she was dominated by all combat techniques from the film "Matrix" in her sleep. Otherwise, the design of the slot is futuristic-tidy. Blue background, clean letters in a science fiction font a la Terminator, five paylines and large square buttons, for game inserts and spin/auto spin. The remaining functions are elegantly distributed over a few inconspicuous, small buttons.

What can you expect if you play Evil Emperor?

On the whole, there are two types of online slots:

  • Slots with lots of free spins, bonus games and countless paylines. With such a slot machine game you should have studied the rules or at least a few tips and tricks to understand the meaning the scatter symbol, the wild symbol, the multiplier, etc. and how you can get more free spins in the feature. In American a slot machine that is packed with a wide variety of bonus features.
  • The exact opposite, namely slots that actually only concentrate on the base game and possibly have a small bonus feature - if at all. These are usually classic old school slots. In USA it is mostly fruit slots. In addition to the focus on the basic game, you usually have less rollers and not too many paylines.

If you are on the latter variant, you may also think of yourself more often: "It's a shame that the slots without many bonus features always all look the same and boring." Because just because you prefer slot machines that focus on the base game, you don't just have to always want to see fruit. Sometimes you just feel like a little visual action. And what would be more suitable than Super fat Sci-Fi-Wömen, Superbikes, Kamprobeoter and Cool Super Rounds?

If you play Evil Emperor for free without registration, then play a typical fruit solder - but in the new, exciting robe.

Evil Emperor at a glance

Name: Evil Emperor RTP: 95,94%
Manufacturer: Mercury Recunciation lines: 5
Volatility: k.A. Theme: Basic game-focused future slot
Main signs: Lady to Roto Miscellaneous: Expanding game

Evil Emperor's gameplay

If you play Evil Emperor for free without registration, you have a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the slot game. Less is more: and this is an announcement with Evil Emperor von Merkur. As soon as you play Evil Emperor, you will find that a profit is not a matter of course here. With many slots, every second spin is a win. Not so if you play Evil Emperor for free. Because the developers decided on only five fixed paylines. So a win is finally something special. So that the winnings then at least turn into, like a fist flake with the emperor's energy glove, has Mercury A small feature is donated to the game: Evil Emperor is an expanding game that turns the whole reel into a wild symbol as soon as it is on a payline. At least a few profit combinations can be created.

The profits rarely come with Evil Emperor, but then shoot in as a direct hit from the monstrous assault rifle, which probably shoots energy grenades instead of cartridges. In any case, the Evil Emperor Slot distributes 95.94% of the mission to the profits in the basic game. And that means that you can clear up three or four real symbols, even if it is not the main sign. One more reason to check Evil Emperor online in a casino. It is best to first and without registration. There is our platform for this, where you can play every game for free.

The Gamble function: You can bet at Evil Emperor online

Evil Emperor would not be an old school slot machine in a new guise, if not the classic gambling options were also on board. Here you have the opportunity to clear up with a little luck by putting your profit out of the base game. The principle is called "double or nothing", whereby you have the choice of setting the entire yield or only half. If you only set half the revenue, the other half will be transferred to your game credit immediately.

Evil Emperor offers you two variants of "double or nothing" to select:

  • The risk of tickets: If you are a friend of playing cards and bring you luck, you will probably choose the card bet while playing Evil Emperor for free. Here a deck cards are waiting for you. One card after the other is removed from the stack and turned over. You have to guess whether the next one comes a red or a black card. So that you have a feeling for which card could come, the recent cards can be seen. Now you can double your use as often as you like. Until you type the wrong color. Then, however, the entire assignment is gone. So it can make sense to only bet on half the insert if you play Evil Emperor. The other half automatically writes the Evil Emperor Slot to your player account.
  • The risk managers: If you want to get out very high, the risk manager should itch more in your fingers. Because here the "high" can be taken literally. Here you can play the ladder up to the maximum possible profit, 1000 times the game. The higher the proceeds from the base game with which you bet, the closer you are at the maximum. However, it is also possible to transform a very small profit into the maximum profit with the well -known Fortuna. Of course, a very happy hand.

It is a bit of a shame that after the maximum profit on the ladder, no chic, animated profit sequence is waiting. That would underline the triumph even more. After all, there is a lot of courage to fight the whole ladder up.

Our conclusion: play Evil Emperor for free

If you now want to play Evil Emperor for free, you are certainly a fan of classic slots that are clear and easy in the gameplay and where every spin is important. Because if you play Evil Emperor for free, there are no bonus features that are “worth more” than a basic game win. In terms of presentation, Evil Emperor is nice to look at online - cool and futuristic. Merkur also designed the sound appropriately. Overall, it is an all-round successful gambler slot.

If you are itching in your fingers now, you can here on our page Casino games for free without registration try out.

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