Overview of the slot machine from Merkur

Do you fancy a journey through time? With sun beetles online you will be catapulted back for a few thousand years - in the middle of ancient Egypt. You will encounter gods, immerse yourself in the world of symbols and hieroglyphs and hopefully not run over too many mummies. The developers of Mercury have spared no effort to transform the Egypt from antiquity into a slot machine game.

Instead of travel expenses, the right voltage and the fun of play come up to you - namely Free and without registration. We'll tell you the tips and tricks on how you can play sun beetles and get the best out of your journey through time.

Music and design

The graphic of sun beetles ensures an authentic gaming experience, which the old Egypt also brings you closer to you. If you play sunbugs for free, the design of the background gives the feeling that you would stand in the middle of a pyramid. The background music is rather simple - no melodies distract from playing and the sound effects fit well into the ambience.

The user interface remains very clear despite the authentic implementation. Large buttons guarantee that you will simply find your way around and not lose sight of your use even when using the autostart function.

How to play sun beetles

Regardless of whether you play sunbugs for free or choose real money: the game always works according to the same rules. The game is played on only one roller with a row, so that only one symbol per spin can be seen. You can set between 0.10 and 1.50 credits and do not have to be a high scooter to enjoy sun beetles. The RTP varies between 94.05% and 96.50%.

You cannot speak of classic paylines and profit combinations in this game, but solar beetles work online according to a similar principle: each of the three winning symbols is assigned a tower that is gradually gradually corresponding to different profits. If there is a sign of a spin, the associated tower is set up by one level and the respective profit is added to your cashpot - you can collect this at any time, but all the towers completely reset. Attention: The mummy is the loser symbol and reset the three towers by one level, whereby the winning of your cash pot is also reduced. So it is important to think about a strategy for the sunbeaous slot and to collect the proceeds at the right time: not too late to avoid losses, but also not too early, so that chances are wasted. There is no wild symbol or a scatter symbol here. The free spins were also not installed in the slot.

The symbols in the game sunbug

Let's go to Egypt: If you play sunbugs, you will be added directly into antiquity. Even the symbols of sun beetles copied Merkur straight from historical wall paintings and turned it into an online slot - at least that's how it feels. The main sign is the scarab or sun beetle, which stands for the rising sun in ancient Egypt. If you play sunbugs online, the main sign promises the biggest yield because it belongs to the highest tower with the maximum profits.

The symbols in descending value:

  1. Sunbug
  2. Anubis (ancient Egyptian god in human form with dog head)
  3. Anch-Kreuz (Egyptian hieroglyphe and symbol that stands for life)
  4. Mummy

The Sonnenkäfer Slot is a special game that works a little differently than the classic casino automat. Therefore, it is advisable to play a few rounds of sun beetles for free.

Additional functions and bonus games

If you play sun beetles online, you will not be showered with free spins, but with exciting bonus rounds and additional free extras. Of course, hope for a lively appearance of the main sign: Many sun beetles mean that the tower is steadily filling with the highest proceeds. If you arrive at the top level and meet the main symbol again in a spin, the Bonus Action Spin will be triggered: you will get the opportunity to turn a wheel of fortune and make handsome profits. After the bonus game, the tower is reset to the lowest level.

There is no wheel of fortune over the other two towers, but a sum. If you play sun beetles for free, make it up and hit the respective symbol again, this sum is added to your cashpot until the level of the tower sinks again - either by collecting the cashpot or meeting the mummy.

Even when redeeming the profits, the Sonnenkäfer Slot still has additional games to offer. First of all, you can decide whether you only want to collect part of the cashpot - in this case all towers are reset by one level - or whether you want to secure your entire profit and put up with a complete reset on the towers. In both cases, the two gamble options, card risk and risk conductors open up to you: With the risk of tickets, you can make the choice between a red and a black card and have the chance of doubling your prize if you really tap. The risk manager increases or reduces the amount achieved by one level.

Conclusion on the sunbug slot

Merkur sunbetar is one of the Casino games for free without registrationthat you send into the past - and without a time machine. The machine game offers an experience that gives you a break from the modern world and puts you into ancient Egypt, where you can marvel at gods and hieroglyphs.

The graphic of the game strengthens the impression: The simple and at the same time authentic design invites you to go on a trip around the world. If you play sun beetles for free, you not only enjoy it, but also breastfeed your desire to travel.

You can play sun beetles online on several platforms. However, registration or download is often required before the game fun. With us you can play sun beetles for free without registration and immediately have fun without any obstacles.

Play sunbugs with real money

In USA you have the opportunity to play sun beetles with the use of real money. However, you should choose a licensed online casino you trust in order to protect yourself from unwanted risks. With us you can play sun beetles for free without registration and also find a selection of trustworthy American casinos, so that you no longer have to worry. In addition, some virtual arcades offer one Casino bonus without deposit On the way so that you can start the game directly.