Tesoro del Amazonas free games from Merkur

Tesoro del Amazonas from Merkur is an adventurous video slot that gives the player a fresh wind. It goes into an unforgettable journey of discovery in the Amazon. Supported by appealing graphics and a varied game system with a lot of bonus, the fun of the game is guaranteed to every slot fan. Together with an experienced Robinson, you fly to a previously undeveloped island and look for natives who have so far lived completely cut off from the outside world. If you want to be part of this adventure, you can play Tesoro del Amazon for free and explore the island.


Tesoro del Amazonas Online is an interesting theme slot that has a lot to research. The game takes place on 5 reels. There are three horizontal symbol series that result in a game set with 15 icons. The game operations are placed on 20 fixed paylines. All lines are predefined and cannot be changed in the number or in the course. The slot has an extensive game symbol that can create up to 4 additional wilds. The scatter symbol can appear on three out of five reels and trigger the free spins. In the Freipiel feature, a special roller set appears on the screen at the Tesoro del Amazonas Slot and offers two levels that can be earned in the course. Also has Mercury This machine game equipped with two different gamble features. You can voluntarily get into the risk game if you are not afraid to risk your profit. There is a risk of staying completely without profits in the end. Of course, this slot machine does not do without an autoplay mode. As soon as this is switched on, several rounds of play are played in a row. In good American said, the player can get into an exciting game and have a lot of fun. To get to know all the details, you should play Tesoro del Amazonas for free and find out all the rules.

Graphic & Sounds

Tesoro del Amazonas has been encouraged very funny. Next to the game set is the Robinson with a rifle. In between, he even gives a shot. All elements are constantly on the move and the game looks totally alive. In the background you can see a lot of water from which some land protrudes. A happy melody runs all the time that can put the player into a spirit of optimism. The various main signs that can appear on the roller set differ in the basic game and free play feature. You could split the game so that you just arrive on the island in the basic game, while in the free play feature you have already struggled to the heart of the jungle. The player is offered an interesting storyline and you should definitely play Tesoro del Amazona to get an exact picture of this slot machine.

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Tesoro del Amazonas - an unexplored island

There is a lot of features to discover at Tesoro del Amazonas. As soon as you start the game of Merkur, you have to determine the amount of the desired game inserts in the first step. Then either the play button is operated or you activate the autoplay mode. In autoplay mode, the Gamble Feature is not available and the next rolling of the roll is started immediately after a win. If you want to deal with the game closer, you can play Tesoro del Amazon for free and develop your own strategy.


At Tesoro del Amazonas Online there are different symbols in the basic game and in the free play feature. Profit combinations consist of at least three same icons. As a special character, you will find a wild symbol and also a scatter symbol on the rollers.

Base game Free spins
  • The Robinson in a plane
  • A mountain on an island
  • A map with binoculars
  • Tent equipment with luggage
  • A compass
  • Card symbols J - A
  • An old temple
  • A black panther
  • A natives hut
  • A golden medal
  • A chain pendant in the shape of a bird
  • Card symbols J - A


The wild symbol at Tesoro del Amazonas Online is a sparkling diamond that is decorated with gold. The diamond acts as a joker and can therefore replace all standard symbols. At the same time, only one wild symbol can appear in a game round. Whenever the diamond ends up on the roller, it creates additional wild symbols. All diagonally adjacent icons are also transformed into Wilds.


The scatter symbol at Tesoro del Amazonas is a mysterious shining treasure chest. This only appears on rollers 1, 3 and 5. If you are lucky enough to maintain three treasure chests in a game round, then the free play feature is triggered.

Free spins

As soon as the free play feature has been triggered by three scatter symbols, 10 free spins can be won in level 1 at the Tesoro del Amazona. Level 2 can be triggered by other scatter symbols. The game symbols during the free rounds differ from the icons in the basic game.

  • Level 1 – Treasure Quest

The free play feature starts with level 1 and 10 freewains. Three scatter symbols in a game round trigger 10 additional free spins. Every scatter symbol that appears on the roller set is collected. As soon as you have accumulated 10 scatter, you win 2 more free rounds and Level 2 is activated.

  • Level 2 – The Treasure

In level 2 of the free play feature, all card symbols disappear from the game set. There are only the high -quality image symbols and the wild symbol. There is also no scatter in level 2. Additional free rounds cannot be triggered. As soon as all the freightening has been played, the total profit is credited to the credit and you return to the base game. The total profit can be upgraded in one of the two risk games.

Gamble Feature

Two different gamble features are offered online at Tesoro del Amazonas. If you make a win, the path opens in one of the two risk games. Which option you choose is up to you. The following gamble options are offered:

  • Risk manager
  • Map


At Tesoro del Amazonas, 20 fixed paylines are always played. In the demo version on this platform, the play money of between 0.20 and 40.00 per game round can be used.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

The Tesoro del Amazonas slot has an RTP of 95.92%.

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Tesoro del Amazonas - deep in the jungle

Tesoro del Amazonas is a slot that has been designed exciting and has an interesting structure. A free play feature with two different levels has been integrated into Merkur's game. The game looks fresh and lively. In any case, you should know this slot and have tried it.

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