Captain Stack slot machine from Merkur

The manufacturer's slot machines Merkur are very popular in USA and can be found in both the casino and online. Captain Stack is one of the numerous virtual slots of this brand and can be serious Online casinos with real money be played. With us you can play Captain Stack for free without registration, because we want interested casino fans to be able to familiarize themselves with this great slot machine game. We would now like to show how this great game with a pirate topic works and also present a few tips and tricks with which Captain Stack is even more fun.

Captain Stack of Merkur: The slot at a glance

Captain Stack from Merkur is an exciting pirate slot. The name is the program here, because the most important main sign of the game, the creepy pirate captain, appears as a so-called stacked symbol. This means that several of these characters can always be seen on the roller, which can ensure multiple winning combinations if the roller is stopped in the right place.

The pirate symbol at Captain Stack has another special feature: While all other combinations on the ten paylines are only valid if they start on the left roller and then continue to the right without a gap, pirate combinations will also be reversed Direction evaluated.

Plunge into the pirate adventure online with Captain Stack online

In addition to the pirate symbol with its special properties, players can win with other characters on the five reels on the Captain Stack Slot:

  • Treasure chest
  • Parrot
  • saber
  • Card symbols (from 10 to Ass)

Added to this is the wild symbol, which is embodied by the treasure island at Captain Stack. A scatter symbol in the form of a skull is also available. This is discussed in more detail in the following section. How much money the individual symbol combinations can do, users can check at any time in the payment table, which can be accessed directly on the slot by clicking on the mouse. There is no description of the rules in American, but since the table consists mostly of pictures, it is no problem even without foreign language skills to understand the game principle of the slot machine game lovingly designed by Merkur.

A slot machine for every wallet

If you want to play Captain Stack online, you don't have to dig deep into your pocket. A game is already possible from a minimum insert of only $ 0.10 and should be affordable for every user. These $ 0.10 are then distributed to one cent per payline, so that despite the low overall mission, a profit is possible on each line.

If you want to risk more, you can set up to 20 $ real money per round. As a result, 2 $ is then placed on each line. But that is also completely free Playing on Merkur's machine possible. Without registration, we provide the play money with which you can play Captain Stack for free so that you can have fun in the fantastic pirate world at any time without even spending a single cent.

Play Captain Stack online - that's how it works

In general, the pirate slot works like most slot machines: When the five reels come to a standstill that a combination of at least three same symbols can be seen on one of the paylines from left to right, the Captain Stack Slot releases a win. Only the pirate symbol also counts as a profit when the combination begins on the fifth roller and runs from left to right. The treasure island can replace the other characters as a wild symbol and thus supplements incomplete combinations for a profit. The skull is the scatter and must be visible three times at any point to trigger free spins.

The free spins at Captain Stack

If you play Captain Stack for free. You quickly notice that there are no additional rules in the free spins. However, the symbol of Captain Stack seems to appear somewhat more frequently, which enables more profits in both directions. The number of free spins that can be obtained online at Captain Stack is impressive. This is higher than with most other virtual slot machines:

  • 3 scatter = 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter = 25 free spins
  • 5 scatter = 100 free spins

With a little luck, users can win a lot of free spins and also play many round captain stack for free and win money in the real money game.

Play Captain Stack for free without registration - our conclusion

We enable you to many different modern ones Casino games for free without registration To play, because we believe that the best slots should be accessible without financial risk. Therefore, you can also play Captain Stack free of charge with us without having to register in an online casino beforehand and deposit money there. So you can get to know the game without obligation, develop your very own strategy for the pirate slot and have a lot of hours fun without having to spend a cent for it.

In order to be able to play Captain Stack for free, you have to do nothing other than access the slot machine on our website. You can then start playing immediately, because the necessary play money is automatically available. Even if you should consume this, you can continue to play Captain Stack without having to pay for it. Just download our site again and there is play money again.

Win real money - Captain Stack offers good chances

Like most of Merkur slots, Captain Stack also has a rather high RTP: the theoretical payout rate in this game is 96%, so that only 4% of the inserts become revenue of the casinos. The rest of the money will be released to the players in the form of different high profit amounts.

With a little luck, you can even get part of this price pool without your own financial risk, because some providers have one Casino bonus without deposit For players who open an account. Then you can secure another bonus for your first deposit so that you can use even more extra credit to play Captain Stack and many other slots. We keep our fingers crossed and hope that you will soon be one of the next users who can earn a high profit on the pirate slot.