World of Circus Free Games from Merkur

It is circus time! Maybe not in your home town. But on the Internet. In one of the many American online casinos perhaps. At least when the machine game World of Circus from Merkur can be found in the portfolio. If you love the circus and like gambling, you will probably also find the World of Circus Slot interesting. That is reason enough for us to take a closer look for the game for you. We will collect all the relevant numbers and facts about the slot machine from Merkur and prepare for you. Then you can compare with others online and get well an idea of what you will expect here. So that you can easily try out what we describe here, you can play the Demo version of World of Circus for free without registration. Take your time and try World of Circus online without any risk, guaranteed free of charge. You will not regret it.

Before we respond to the rules and give tips and tricks here and there, we want to tell more about the facts. Mercury Published World of Circus Online in January 2015. That was a few years ago. But it seems that the game in casinos that are available in USA is still very popular. No wonder if you look at it in detail. As I said, you are welcome to play World of Circus for free. Five reels are filled with all kinds of animal symbols. The visible grid includes three rows. Ten paylines await you if you play World of Circus. The volatility is classified as a means. Coupled with an average probability of payouts of 96.12%, this also offers the view of many sometimes high profits. How do you reach them? Is there a strategy? You can find out below. First we take a look at the main signs:

  • Circus director
  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Magic cylinder
  • Juggling
  • Card symbols (A - K - Q - J)

Here is everything you can see in an exciting circus. If you like, you can take a look at it at any time if you play World of Circus for free.

How do you play World of Circus online?

We already come to the gameplay. First get an overview of what is required and above all the winning table from the World of Circus Slot. At a glance you can see which winning combinations are the most profitable and which symbols you prefer to see. Now it is important to determine the use per game as well as possible. You should play reasonably realistically to find out what is best for you and at the same time have the chance if you play World of Circus for free, try out everything you wouldn't do in the game for real money. The operations can be all sorts of values ​​between 1,000 and 200,000 coins. This corresponds to a counterpart of 10 cents and 20 euros. Then the rollers are shot at World of Circus. If you prefer to be viewers than the active part, use the autoplay mode, otherwise you will always turn manually. The reels stop on themselves and give the picture that decides on the winnings. Any profit combinations are displayed. Now we come to the special features that you can look forward to at World of Circus Online.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol, which is also called and is unmistakable, replaces all other characters. This is no different with World of Circus than with other slots. This helps to win more and higher.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in the form of the circus tent is particularly welcome at World of Circus. It triggers two things: firstly, an immediate win and secondly free spins if at least 3 scatters are visible at the same time. Exactly said there are 5 free spins with 3 scatterns, 10 free spins at 4 scatterns and 20 free rotations at 5 scatter symbols. The end of the flagpole has not yet been reached. Convince yourself by playing World of Circus for free. During the free spins there are always 2 rollers that are full of wild symbols. What that means, we probably don't have to explain to you, right?

Gamble Feature

At the manufacturer Merkur, it seems to be a tradition that you can continue to play with a win from a main game round. This is called Gamble Feature. In the game you can double or nothing to double or lose the profit. There are two different features. The risk of tickets is simple. You see a hidden card and must guess the color of the front. If you are correct, you will win. The winning ladder works differently. The top profit is at the top. You can play until you reach it. Only they are not allowed to lose. Because then the feature is over. Two amounts flash alternately. If you click at the right moment, get on, otherwise. A total failure is possible at World of Circus online. If you play World of Circus, you can quickly see how it works. It is basically really easy.

Play World of Circus for free - our conclusion

Our conclusion about World of Circus is pretty clear. The manufacturer has set everything that has proven itself over the years with video slots. Beautiful characters, pleasant sounds, very good winning options, wild and scatter symbol ... World of Circus is therefore one of the games where you don't get bored. To get to know you can play World of Circus for free without registration. You should definitely take this opportunity. And in general you can do many others with us Casino games for free without registration to get to know. Your future favorite game is pretty sure.

How to play World of Circus online for real money

Now we have told you how to play World of Circus for free. And that without registration. But do you also know how you can play for real money? Very easily. Look for a arcade on our lists that have one Casino bonus without deposit or offers an appealing welcome bonus. And of course it should have World of Circus in their portfolio. The bonus helps that you can continue to play World of Circus without risk. But at the same time, it theoretically enables you to make real profits. You can read exactly what is necessary to get to the profit zone directly in the terms and conditions or bonus conditions of the respective online casinos, where you play World of Circus for real money. We already wish you good luck and good entertainment.