The slot crystal heart heats every player heart

The search for a new machine game can be very time -consuming. So the selection is large and grows steadily. We present the best slots to you with which we support you in the discovery of attractive titles.

This time the game Crystal Heart is in the foreground. The high -quality game of the Popular developer Merkur Already makes an inviting impression at first glance. The slot machine works with the Fantasy setting of the ice queen-a popular art figure from fairy tales and well-known film adaptations. There she mostly appears as a counter -player of the heroes, who has an icy grip over the fairytale kingdom. The lucky knight in Crystal Heart goes on a trip to the ice queen's fairytale and is given the chance to discover the ruler's rich treasures. The coherent atmosphere of the slot immediately stands out at Crystal Heart. The game offers a background that shows a snowy snow landscape that spreads a magical mood. But the topic of the ice queen is particularly realized in the Crystal Heart Slot with the help of the well -chosen game symbols. A very nice sign is the frosty castle of the ice queen. In addition, the ruler's slide, who glides elegantly through the snowy area. When playing Crystal Heart, you will notice that you are sometimes accompanied by a wise owl that also appears on the field. Of course, the star in the Crystal Heart Slot should not be missing - the ice queen is high.

But it is not only the look that plays an important role in gaming - acoustic accompanying is also important for experience. This is aware of this to the developer Merkur, so that he relies on appealing effects. In a successful round, the player is also rewarded by a suitable soundscape.

In this article we show you the most important features of Crystal Heart Online so that you can easily check whether you like the slot. We go into the game process from Crystal Heart. Finally, we even show you how you can play Crystal Heart for free and try it out in USA without registration. The advantage of playing Crystal Heart for free without registration is that you can check whether you like the title and whether it is worth gambling online.

Crystal Heart offers demanding playing with exciting features

In principle, this slot of Merkur also follows the recipe for success of the most Slot machine. Crystal Heart Online has three rows of games and five different rollers. If these roles are set in motion and brought back to stop, there are various combinations of image. Depending on which winning combinations can be seen, profits of different heights are released, even if they play Crystal Heart for free. However, it does not matter in which order the symbols appear. There are also paylines in Crystal Heart, which specify the position of combinations. These paylines are also the special feature of Crystal Heart Online - there are up to 20 different ways in which the symbols can come together. This enables playful depth with which you can develop your own strategy.

The many exciting symbols of Crystal Heart, which differ in their value, have already been mentioned:

  • The castle: With five consecutive locks, the maximum payout is 2000 coins.
  • The sled: The queen's vehicle is also a worthwhile symbol that can bring in up to 1000 coins.
  • The owl: Even the wise owl does not let the player down. It can also bring in 1000 coins if it appears five times.
  • Other symbols: Apart from the pictures, Crystal Heart Online is equipped with the usual letter signs. The K and the A bring in up to 400 coins.

In addition to these pictures, the main sign of Crystal Heart is of course also of great importance - there is talk of the ice queen herself. The frosty lady is able to confuse the rules and offers the player further chances of winning. This creates this with two different methods:

  • The first peculiarity of the queen is her function as a wild symbol. So it works like a joker and can be combined without hesitation with different other symbols. In this way, it ensures unexpected profits.
  • Of course, the queen is not a simple wild symbol, but an growing game. This means that it also transforms all the surrounding fields into Wilds, which can lead to a real avalanche of profit combinations.

As you can see, the queen has some tricks with which she can make it easier for you to visit the casino. Therefore, it is one of the best tips to include an appointment with her in her planning.

Crystal Heart offers a cool game pleasure

Overall, the slot offers an exciting topic that was optically implemented. As a player you almost feel moving into the world of the ice queen. There is also a pleasant depth of play. Unfortunately, the game has no scatter symbol. However, this is collected again by the queen's extensive game function.

If you have also got a taste and want to play Crystal Heart for free, you are exactly right here. We offer numerous casino games for free without registration. So you can play Crystal Heart for free and test whether you like the game. It also has another advantage to try slots for free before playing for real money: If you play a lot for free, you will familiarize yourself with the game mechanics. For example, you can better assess how high the missions per payline should be.

Use an extensive bonus

If you play Crystal Heart for free without registration, it may be that you really like the game. In this case, it is worth looking for an online casino that offers an attractive bonus. It is best for new players Casino bonus without deposit. This makes it possible to play for free using credit or free spins Crystal Heart. Thanks to this bonus, initial experiences can be made without obligation and with Fortuna at your side, profits can also be collected, which is a good start -up aid. Fortunately there are numerous Online casinosthat offer their games with bonus in American, so it is also worth using bonus offers for American players.