King’s Tower of Merkur

Since players from USA can finally access Mercury's virtual slot machines again, they have been one of the most popular slots in American users. This is not particularly surprising to us, because after all, every slot machine from the manufacturer is a real unique and is characterized by great graphics, matching sounds and often also by innovative additional functions.

This is also the case with King’s Tower. This slot machine game is comparatively easy, but offers an exciting bonus feature in which special high profits can be released. King’s Tower is a lot of fun both experienced players and beginners.

King’s Tower of Merkur at a glance

King’s Tower is a fairly clear slot machine, because the Provider Mercury has limited itself to three reels and three rows, so that only nine symbols can be seen in total. The five paylines also make the game straightforward and can also be activated and deactivated individually.

Since there are not many fields on the screen, the number of main signs at the King’s Tower play is limited. The most valuable winning symbol is the king, who as a 3-Serer combination X150 brings use. There are also six different gemstones, of which three of which must always be present to make a profit.

Special symbols at King’s Tower

There is no wild symbol with this slot from Merkur. This is also not really necessary, as beginners will quickly find when they play King’s Tower for free. Since the events only take place on a 3 × 3 fields in large field anyway, there are enough combinations of profit even without a "joker".

There is a scatter symbol and with it a wild function at King’s Tower: The tower must be seen three times in any position after the turn so that the free spins are triggered. With these, a complete roller is wild, so that only the right symbols have to appear on the other two rollers so that the player can make a high profit online with King’s Tower.

This is how King’s Tower is played online

In order to be able to play King’s Tower for free, players must first select their efforts and the number of paylines. Most of the tips by experienced when all five lines are activated, profits are particularly common, which also increases the entertainment value of the virtual slot significantly if you play King’s Tower for free.

Now the three reels are either moved manually with every game, or you are using the automatic car function, which allows the user to simply lean back and wait until he receives a win at the King’s Tower Slot.

King’s Tower and the free spins - this is how the extra feature works

When interested Glücksritter King’s Tower play for free, you will usually get the opportunity to get to know the free play round of this slot machine game. As with most slots, the free spins are triggered by a so -called scatter at this machine from Merkur. This must be seen in triple execution. At which point it appears is completely irrelevant, because the individual scatter symbols at King’s Tower do not necessarily have to be on the same payline.

Before the free spins begin, the player selects a roller that should be "wild". On this roller there are only wild symbols during all free spins, so that only the result of the other rollers still has to fit so that the online casino pays a high profit at the end. Behind the scatter symbol on the selected roller is a number that, according to the rules of King’s Tower, defines the number of free spins. The user can receive up to 12 free spins.

What is the right strategy when choosing the wild roller?

There are no special tricks to achieve a particularly good result in the free spins. Since it is a machine with only three rollers, all rollers play a role in every winning combination anyway. So for the payout rate it doesn't matter which roller is selected. Here it is best to rely on your own feeling and, if possible, intuitively find the scatter symbol behind which the casino hid the most free spins.

Play King’s Tower for free without registration - our conclusion

It is worth getting to know Merkur's exciting slot. King’s tower is ideal for this, because after all, hardly anyone wants to risk money in an online game that he does not yet know. Therefore, the visitors to our site are happy that you can play King’s Tower for free without registration, because there are no obligations and no personal data or other details have to be given. Not only King’s Tower is available free of charge. In addition, many others can also Casino games for free without registration are tried out, because even if the slot presented here is a really exciting and recommended game, the internal arcades also have many other good machines to offer. Regardless of whether the slot with the king's tower will be the new favorite game, or whether you finally prefer another machine: playing is great fun for free and is definitely worth it.

Even better: the King’s Tower Slot with real money

Since the King’s Tower online slot machine can show an RTP value of 96.3%, it is logical that many users want to play the game with real money after they have got to know the functions at King’s Tower. This is not possible without registration, because the casinos are already obliged to check the identity of their customers for youth protection reasons, but the data is dealt with responsibly among the reputable providers recommended by us.

Then there is also one Casino bonus without deposit, the happiness of the player is perfect, because it is possible for a few rounds to play with real money without your own risk. In the event that money is then paid in, another bonus can wait through which the money paid out is often even doubled by the Internet Casino.