Curtain for the glamorous slot of Merkur Gaming

Are you ready for the shine and glamor of the Velvet Lounge? Enter the exciting night club with a jazz feeling and do not miss the unique mood! There is not such an enchanting flair in every American nightclub. There is only a decent glass whiskey or a glass of champagne that is served you when you enter a silver tray. Gaming With the Velvet Lounge Slot, offers you a game of extra class, behind the curtain of which it is important to find diamonds and gemstones. The more valuable jewels you find that has probably lost an attractive lady, the more you win. You know, Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Play Velvet Lounge online for free on five reels with five fixed paylines and some interesting bonus features. At this slot machine, the paylines can be arranged from left to right and from right to left, which immediately drives their chances of winning at the Velvet Lounge.

Graphics and sound

As soon as you enter Velvet Lounge, you are greeted by a jazz sound that is reminiscent of a night club in the 80s. Since the 80s are currently celebrating a big comeback, it is only obvious for Merkur Gaming to develop a suitable slot machine game. With the glamorous party atmosphere, the game gets down to business. Actually, only a dancing lady is missing on the edge of the field.

Opulent kept in strong colors, the roller set is located in the middle of a red -drawn red curtain with golden tassels. The picture is more reminiscent of a traditional theater that frames the field with diamonds and pearls. Graphically, the game Velvet Lounge is very appealing thanks to its glamorous vibe and the many colorful gemstones and lets them forget a few game details in no time, which they often find online at other slots.

How to play Velvet Lounge online

Whether you play Velvet Lounge for free without registration or with real money, the rules of the game are very easy. To dive into the luxurious world of Velvet Lounge, you just have to set your use - free of charge and without registration. You can start the game by clicking the Play button at the bottom right. The game is kept so simple that no further tips and tricks are required. Right next to it is the autoplay button for up to 100 spins, which you can stop at any time.

Every time you play Velvet Lounge for free and fill out three same symbols of three rollers, win three free spins. Since there is neither a scatter symbol nor a wild symbol in this slot machine game, the free spins as a bonus of this shortcoming is at least a little balanced. Velvet Lounge also shines with two additional gamble features with which you can double your profit. Both Gamble functions are activated on the rollers with an additional playing field after a profit.

The Gamble features from the Velvet Lounge Slot include a 50/50 card game. You see a cards and must type which color is located under the hidden card. If you are correct, double your profit. However, if you have typed incorrectly, you will lose your complete profit. Fortunately, however, you have the opportunity to set only half of your profit and be on the safe side.

The second gamble feature is revealed as the risk conductors. Click one of the clearing numbers of the ladder and gamble until you reach the tip. Once you have reached this, you will be congratulated immediately with a solemn fireworks. With a lot of bad luck, however, you can also arrive at 0 and lose your profit achieved in the last round.

The symbols at Velvet Lounge of Merkur Gaming

Velvet Lounge's symbols are just as luxurious as the field itself. While there are no scatter or wild symbols in this game, Velvet Lounge offers you both high and low profits with the individual symbols. The main sign with the highest profit is represented by an attractive lady. She can give you a total of 1000 coins for five same symbols, even if you play Velvet Lounge for free.

In addition, there are different gemstones as symbols with different winning values:

  • Diamond
  • Rubin
  • Emerald
  • Topaz
  • Amethyst
  • Bernstein

Both the emerald and the diamond bring you up to 250 coins with five matching symbols on the rollers. The ruby, the Amethyst and the Topaz each give them up to 150 coins. The least they win with the goldenovers when they play Velvet Lounge.

Conclusion: Play Velvet Lounge of Merkur Gaming now

The Velvet Lounge Slot is an entertaining game with the lovely soundtrack that reminds you of a casino from the past. However, this is revived with Velvet Lounge Online and offers a number of lucrative profit combinations. Although you can make profits without a specific strategy at Velvet Lounge in both directions, some players will be disappointed with the few bonus features. It is not the most sophisticated of the Casino games for free without registration. On our site you can try all slots on a wide variety of topics and of course also play Velvet Lounge for free without registration.

Beginners in particular should play Velvet Lounge for free to prepare for entry into the world of slots. Design the game with the risky gamble features more exciting for extracke when gaming. Fortunately, you can't lose much if you play Velvet Lounge for free. If you prefer fewer thrills with gamble functions, this slot may be bored. Unfortunately, the free spins are also not activated often enough to make the game in the online casino really worthwhile and stay with it.

Velvet lounge online with real money

Do you want to try Velvet Lounge online with real money? Simply register in a casino recommended by us in USA. It is best to check the Casino bonus without deposit off and you can get started!

The five fixed paylines enable high chances of winning, but they are less flexible with this restriction. The lower flexibility is compensated for with a relatively low game use, so that you can already start with only 0.01 credit. The highest use is 10 credits per spin. To increase or reduce your use, just click on the operating button at the bottom left.

The low game use makes Velvet Lounge attractive for players who prefer to set little. With Fortuna on your shoulder, you have the chance to get a total of 140 credits at the risk manager. If you play Velvet Lounge for free, this remarkable profit will of course escape you. Velvet Lounge's flair benefits everyone to cost the luxury life.