Mystical Pride of Merkur - The pride of the old tribes in a slot machine

Mystical Pride, one of the most popular games of the well -known Developer Merkur, is devoted to the tribes of the American indigenous people. The slot follows a typical structure with five reels, one of them releases the view of three main or special characters.

With a theoretical repatriation rate of almost 96%, Mystical Pride online is definitely one of the slot machines in which the player can quickly count on a profit with the well -known Fortuna. At the beginning, maybe one or the other who wants to play mystical Pride for free or also wants to bury his luck with real money, after all, the slot is only equipped with five permanently active paylines. However, this does not detract from the regular winning in the casino, since the game is also equipped with many other special features and bonus features. So boredom is guaranteed to arise at Mystical Pride.

The MYSTICAL Pride online plays these topics online

Anyone who wants to play mystical Pride for free and is looking for a suitable provider in USA is not only impressed by the possible profit combinations, but above all by the design of the slot through which a special atmosphere is created. Certainly remembered many people who want to play mystical Pride for free or want to challenge their luck with real money, back to their own childhood when the neighboring children played with the neighboring children Cowboy and Indians. With its coloring, the sound effects and the design of the symbols, Merkur approaches the topic in a different way. At Mystical Pride Online, the tribes of North America are not portrayed as barbarians, but as a noble wild, whose culture must be preserved. This game from the American developer fits perfectly into time and may stimulate one or the other who first wants to play Mystical Pride for free.

The rules for the online game Mystical Pride: Develop your own strategy in the casino

In addition to the probably already known rules that state that profit combinations have to be formed on the five active paylines by means of the main signs (map symbols A to 9, bangled, ax, drum, indian tent, dream catcher) are for anyone who wants to play mystical pride, The special characters of importance:

  1. The wild symbol: it is shown by the dead recommendation. It replaces missing main signs on the paylines and also ensures that profits that resulted thanks to this symbol result in doubling.
  2. The scatter symbol: Anyone who wants to play Mystical Pride and has already dealt with slot machines knows that the scatter symbol in the slot takes up a strong role. This is also the case with this game. The main character, the tribal elder, has the honor of giving this sign of his face. Profits by Scatter are paid out immediately and do not depend on the position of the sign on the rollers. In addition, the player gets free spins from three of the scatter symbols that appear. With these, no new use has to be made and all profits are automatically tripled.

The risk - a figurehead of the Mystical Pride slot

The developer behind the Mystical Pride Slot is known to incorporate exciting risk variants into his game. Everyone can play mystical pride for free without registration and find out for themselves how much the risk of thrills contributes to this slot machine. The Gamble Feature at Mystical Pride is exciting because of the many individual elements that play an important role:

  • The risk of tickets: In this first variant of the risk, the player must guess which color has a hidden card - black or red. The chances of doubling the profit just made are 50%. How often the player, who wants to play mystical Pride for free or gambles the slot with real money, risk his luck here, is up to him.
  • The risk manager: The same principle follows the risk with the ladder. Here the player has to try to climb the next rung of a ladder at the right time.
  • Split of the payment: Anyone who knows Mystical Pride a little better and have put on tips and tricks takes a particularly careful manner at the risk. One possibility is to immediately collect part of the profit and only to gamblen with the other half. This step is also possible during the game.
  • Pay out the profit: This decision is made by the user who wants to play mystical Pride, either immediately after a profit, or if he is satisfied with the yield earned in the Gamble Feature.

A short conclusion: play mystical pride for free without registration

In order to be able to better understand the fascination and the many fine details of Mystical Pride, it is best to simply try to try this game. If you don't want to test countless variants yourself, you may convince the conclusion that this game is one of the best of the developer and you should definitely play mystical pride for free.

If you want to get in the pleasure and play mystical Pride for free, you will find this, along with many other similar games. Getting started is easy and, if you want to learn more about slots or just want to escape boredom, you can numerous on our platform Casino games for free without registration try out. This is easy from the home computer, but also from mobile devices, so that the fun is not neglected on the go.

Here the game of Merkur shows its strengths - mystical pride online for real money

Mystical Pride is a game that leaves nothing to be desired. This will also be obvious even if you play free of charge and without registration. Any gaps that occur in the free variant during the tension and fun fun can usually be quickly closed when playing for real money. Nothing changes in the rules, but even players who have stayed in the game with fictional credits say that the thrill increases significantly again in the real money variant in the online casino. Suddenly, free spins or scatter symbols get a completely different meaning.

At the latest, this becomes clear when you enjoy the first real profits. If you want to make the start a little easier, use one Casino bonus without deposit out. This can help you at the beginning of the decision and ensure that Mystical Pride can be continued with the same fun and a similar carelessness as you know from the free variant.