On a long journey - the machine game Odyssey from Merkur

The well -known and popular game developer Merkur always brings games to the casino, which are characterized by their lovingly selected historical topics. The Odyssey Slot is one of the best examples of this. If you still remember your school days, you may know how the mythical and list -rich king of Attika, Odysseus, has been done after the war for Troy. Although those who want to play Odyssey for free, do not have to go on a long -term wandering, but it is important to survive some exciting adventures. If you want to play Odyssey for free, you will quickly find that the detailed main signs that, with a little luck, lead to a winning combination, take up many of the stories from the ancient legends. Mercury If it has once again succeeded in converting a world -famous story into an exciting slot. If you want to dive deeper, you should definitely try a try. The Odyssey slot can be played free of charge and without registration.

The most important elements of the online game Odyssey

If you want to play Odyssey for free without registration or your luck with real money, you first take a look at the elements that master the game. In addition to the main signs, the rollers and the theoretical repatriates to the player are particularly interesting. In his structure, Odyssey presents itself in a classic way. This means that five reels are used. These release the view of three symbols. In connection with the main signs, the paylines in particular play a crucial role. On these, the same symbols from Odyssey must be lined up online. Five of these paylines are available, regardless of whether you play Odyssey for free or choose the real money game. In conjunction with the risk that later described more precisely and the free spins, there is an RTP of around 96%. Of course, this also depends on the strategy of the person who wants to play Odyssey.

The rules in the American online casino for Odyssey

If you want to play Odyssey for free, you only have to deal with a few new rules. Due to the simple structure, this game is also ideal for beginners.

A look at the symbols at Odyssey online

The main signs also contribute to the atmosphere of Odyssey. These show above all the characters that are important for the hero during his trip, as well as an island and one card. The famous ship can also be found as a scatter symbol. The famous hero himself, Odysseus, and a smaller ship take up the role of the wild symbols, the first in the basic game, the second in the free spins. This hits the matter excellently, because the wild symbol often appears as a savior in need and ensures that incomplete profit combinations are completed.

In order to be able to guarantee the easy entry of Odyssey, it is worth taking out individual elements more precisely:

  • Combinations of profit - at least three equal symbols are needed on a payline so that there is a profit. As a result, the maximum win for five symbols has been achieved in one line.
  • The wild symbols - Odysseus appears in one place where a main sign for completion of a profit combination has so far lacked, it takes its place. The game can replace any symbol, only the scatter symbol cannot. During the free spins, you have a special wild symbol embodied by a sailboat that can quadruple profits.
  • The scatter symbol - this is shown by the ship of the Odysseus. If three or more of these symbols occur at the same time, there is a profit immediately, regardless of the position of the symbols. The scatter symbol not only enables an immediate profit, but automatically unlocks free spins in which no new use has to be made.

The multipliers - the figurehead during the free spins from Odyssey online

The big winnings at Odyssey happen especially during the free spins. If you get free spins for the first time, it can happen during these rounds to get more free rounds. You can get a maximum of 45 laps in this way.

Another and even greater advantage of the free rounds is that those who play Odyssey for free without registration can also get a multiplier on the profits, as well as those in the Online casino for real money gamble. In the worst case, this multiplier means a doubling of the profit, at best even a quadruple.

Everything at risk! - Gambling at the slot machine Odyssey

An element that is practically missing from this developer is the Gamble Feature, which is also known as a risk game in American space. There are two different options for this slot:

  • The risk conductor-the player has a 50:50 chance that the next rung will be reached and that the profit will be doubled.
  • The risk of tickets - here the player must guess the color of a hidden card - red or black. The chances are again 50% to double the profit.

At any time after a round, the player can have his profit paid out or decide to continue with only half of the mission.

A conclusion about the game of Merkur - a real classic in USA

With its classic design, Odyssey may no longer be the latest slot, but he has what it takes to convince many different types of players with his concept even now. If you are not yet sure whether you want to play Odyssey, you should simply dare a free and non -binding attempt. Casino games for free without registration Place an excellent way on our site to find a new pastime and to deeper into the world of exciting slot machines. If you fancy a specific genre, for example historical topics, you can play Odyssey for free or try in many other games.

The variant with real money - a real bonus is waiting

Anyone who has already found their way around the free variant of Odyssey and could get one or the other tips and tricks that have been able to cope with it, you will definitely want to make real profits. This is possible if Odyssey is played for real money online. The increased risk and your own commitment promise a special kind of thrill. Anyone who is wisely and makes a brief comparison of the provider before registering can sometimes be from one Casino bonus without deposit benefit. One is particularly worthwhile for players who dare to play with real money for the first time. The small start -up aid naturally feels particularly good when it is the reason for the first real profits. How to proceed, whether you have your profits pay out or whether you use them to continue to risk your luck, that is completely up to you.