Cannon Thunder: On the battle and get on the cannons

How about the battlefield as the basis for an extraordinary online casino game? The rather unusual backdrop is the perfect combination for players who like to risk something and demand high profits. Cannon Thunder is grandiose casino entertainment and will inspire newcomers and game professionals alike. Do you love strong effects in gaming? If the cannon balls thunder through the game and the battlefield spreads further and further, then they are in the middle of the game.

Cannon Thunder Online offers every player high profit options and also some special features that also convince professionals. A prospective classic from Merkur leaves no player wish. Are you ready for the large battlefield? Then you should play Cannon Thunder and be entertained.

Facts and game properties from the Cannon Thunder Online Slot:

  • Five rollers
  • Adjustable paylines: 5, 10 and 20
  • Payout rate: 95.91%
  • Minimal use: $ 0.05
  • Maximum use: $ 40.00
  • Up to 20 free spins / extension to another 20 free spins is possible
  • Two risk games: ticket risk and card ladder

This is how you can play Cannon Thunder: the most important thing about symbols and features

If you play Cannon Thunder online, you will meet the following symbols. And the so -called high -quality characters will fill up your winning barometer properly with a pinch of happiness. When it is finally ready and roll up all five symbols, then you will not only hear it visually, but also acoustically. The Cannon Thunder Slot is a real guarantee for entertainment. If Fortuna is benevolent to you, the slot machine is also there for you for decent winnings.

  • The cannon balls - the scatter symbol of Cannon Thunder
  • The cannon - the wild symbol at the Cannon Thunder slot
  • The flag
  • Two different officers
  • Card mark: nine, ten, bube, lady, king, ass

And then there are the soldier and the captain on the virtual battlefield. Two other main signs at Cannon Thunder, who delight the player with the same values as the flag or officer: in five -fold form, of course, a real winning rain and balm for the player's heart. Of course there are also a few less profitable symbols at Cannon Thunder Online. These are the known numbers and letter combinations that are native to almost all online casino games. The winning combinations can be called up during the game and can be read at any time.

It is best to get to know the symbols in the course of the game. Just turn the rollers completely risk -free and enjoy the sound of an increasing winning barometer. So you can play Cannon Thunder for free and explore all functions. In this way, potential winners are trained for a later real money mode.

Special characters: the wild symbol and the scatter symbol

The wild symbol is preferably referred to as the joker symbol. Every experienced Casino Gänger will be happy to confirm that it should be the player's best friend. With the Cannon Thunder Slot, it is the cannon that acts here as a fountain pen of paylines. The crashing projectile completes the winning combinations and can ensure decent income.

Do you like the bonus functions? These are the small building blocks that make many casino games unforgettable. Of course, the slot machine Cannon Thunder also has these special features. Free spins are unlocked by the scatter symbol, which is symbolized by a box full of cannon balls. During the free spins, profits are doubled.

Accept or risk? The risk games - how much tension can it be?

Whether professional or newcomer, every player should first feel a feeling for that Merkur machine game develop. Use the possibility and try it for free, without any risk: play Cannon Thunder for free and find the personal strategy. Many players collect their own experience points and then use them in the subsequent real money mode. The rules are quickly internalized and then the fun can start. On our site you can play Cannon Thunder for free without registration and experience the risk games. An evening in the online casino can be so exciting.

  • Are you ready for a few exciting minutes? First the well -known and popular risk of tickets. This is just about red or black. What color do you prefer in this game? This question arises after each round of profits. If you have named the color correctly in advance, the round win doubles. Wrong colour? Not bad. You can try it again at the next round win. Red or black stands for everything or nothing in specialist circles. Risk games at Merkur can be so exciting. Do you want to practice for free first? It is also not a problem here and you can play Cannon Thunder for free and develop the necessary skill without real money losses. Of course, this can be done without any problems even without registration.
  • The risk manager, the second option, is at least as exciting. This all about the classic conductor system. At the right moment it continues. Until you put an end to happiness as a player. Would you try it out? Then you should play Cannon Thunder free of charge without registration and your luck just get out of one or the other.

Exercise makes the master: Play Cannon Thunder for free without registration

The animations and the high winning opportunities stand for long -term fun that is preferred by the players. Even if some graphics look old -fashioned at first glance, the symbolism immediately convinces again and ultimately the profit counts at the end of the game. Use the different ones on our site Casino games for free without registration And round round round to gain enough experience while playing. Unfortunately, there are no 100 % tips and tricks that will help you get the maximum profit immediately. A recommendation can only be: Cannon Thunder play for free and find your own profit strategy.

Ready for the Cannon Thunder slot in real money mode?

If you have completed sufficient free rolling ranks, it is slowly getting time for the real challenge. Which bonus in the online casino is up to date? Various options are possible in USA, from the doctorate in registration to the deposit bonus. Would you like to do that Casino bonus without deposit Get and play Cannon Thunder for free? Experience the thunder of the cannons and fill up your winning barometer. If you play Cannon Thunder and then appear the right winning combinations, then the casino world is perfectly fine in American. In the American charts of the most popular online casino games, Cannon Thunder can make it to the foremost places.