Elephant was - the main characteristics of the slot

Have you ever wondered what an intergalactic war would look like between elephants and robots? No? Then it is high time to test the free slot game Elephant from Merkur Gaming. At Elephant, a struggle for the intergalactic supremacy is fought by the most unlikely enemies. At the same time, they are in their own fight to crack the jackpot.

Merkur Gaming is known for the development of simple yet exciting slot games. Elephant recently lined up with Merkur Gaming's most popular slot. Scatter symbol, wild symbol, free spins and bonus games play Elephant was undoubtedly a new super popular machine game online, in which everyone can get an incredibly high chances of winning. The game is played on 5 reels with 20 fixed paylines and enables an infinite number of profit combinations in the fight for universe. Is it already itchy under your fingers? Then nothing like to play for a round of Elephant - you can do that without registration and time -consuming downloads.

Graphics and sound

From a purely graphic point of view, Elephant was one of the Best games from Merkur Gaming. Without any delays in the presentation, they are kidnapped directly into the competitive universe to win the Intergalactic War. On the lower bar you will be welcomed on the left with buttons for your use and the right to a car start and spin button for your free game. Now it just has to knock on the wood and get started. Even if she was elephant for free.

The sound immediately increases its tension to observe the rollers and to wait for the first spin. It starts with a mysterious touch. Anyone who is not a fan typical casino sounds is the right place at Elephant. With a look, tied to the field, you will hardly be able to wait to play one round after the other.

Symbols at Elephant was

Basically, every profit is a combination of the different symbols. On the reels you will find Kampfelefanten, rhinos and bulls as well as various spaceships and room stations. There are individual numbers and letters. The green elephant acts as a scatter symbol, which ensures a profit in every position with this slot machine and primarily triggers the popular free spins. There are 15 of them in the game. The scatter is also the highest quality symbol of the game and brings you a whopping 100 times as a profit! So if you already feel like a round of galactic wars, you can get started with us immediately and Elephant was free without registration.

There is also a bonus symbol - the red elephant, which can appear on the first, third or fifth roller. Three red elephants secure the “Select and Collect” bonus. This opens an additional playing field over the reel, which depicts 5 shields. You can choose three of them and an additional profit amount is hidden behind each one.

The wild symbol at Elephant was a futuristic sign. It not only achieves profit combinations for them by replacing all other characters except the green or red elephants. It also stretches over the entire roller on which it appears. Accordingly, you are secured with a very good chance of high and multiple profits.

So they play Elephant was online

Successful Elephant was free of charge without registration and noticing properly, does not require a specific strategy. For the elephant was playing just click on the play button at the bottom right and let yourself be surprised without much tips and tricks. The autoplay button is also located to the left of the spin button. He ensures that one round after another is played automatically. However, you can interrupt the autoplay at any time according to the rules.

Every enthusiastic slot player is happy about Free Spins, of whom she was able to win a total of 15 at Elephant. You only have to land at least three scatter symbols on the rollers. If you tried this feature in the Elephant for free, you will receive an additional spin for free at the end of the round. The free spin decides whether your profits from the round played are either doubled, tripled or even quadrupled.

World Bambling Gambling the elephants

To round off the whole thing, you have the choice between two different gamble features after each win from Elephant and can really get started with the gaming. Here you can try to transform your profits into even more money by either predicting the color of a playing card color or trying to climb the sprouts of a ladder. To guess the color of a card color, all you have to do is click on the button with the playing cards. A new window opens over the roller and at the bottom right, either tap the button with a red playing card or that of a black man. If you are right, you can continue typing. If it is too risky for you to lose everything, you just collect your elephant.

The risk managers are available in addition to the card Gamble button. To climb the ladder and to make even more profits from the Elephant, just click on the 1: 1 button. Randomly climb the ladder or land a rung below. If you don't dare, you don't win, even if she was elephant for free.

Conclusion: Play now Elephant was from Merkur Gaming

Elephant War Slot is an extremely entertaining and addictive online slot, which you too will be enthusiastic about. It offers you numerous bonus features and undoubtedly has one of the best graphics you have at Online slot machines can find. The free spins are of course the most coveted feature and American lucky knights want to collect as many free spins as possible. Just to increase your profit. The “Select and Collect” round can be quite lucrative and offers itself as an interesting additional profit.

If you are still unsure to take the leap into the cold water and want to play with real money, you can play Elephant for free as often as you want. With us you can also try out many other casino games free of charge without registration and decide what to do with more. However, playing Elephant is super easy and brings variety to the world of slots games. Maybe it will be your new favorite slot?

Elephant was online with real money

Do you have enough of the free Elephant War slot game rounds and really want to get started? With the fixed paylines at Elephant, it is much easier to type online. Instead of relying on a certain payline, simply choose how much you want to use per spin. You can choose your game use freely between 0.20 and a maximum of 40 credits.

Most Mercury Gaming Games offer a similar operating span. If you have already played another Merkur Gaming game, you know what to expect. Die -hard players would prefer a higher commitment, but even with a lower amount of money they are secured to fun.

As soon as you have enough of the free trial rounds, just register in one of us recommended Online casino in USA on. Only if you play with real money use does the excitement really increase. Also benefit from one Casino bonus without depositthat makes it much easier to get started with the slots world.