The unique slot machine Sea Hunter from Play’n Go revolves around the mystical world under the water surface. When hunting for large and small fish, weapons are used that may be a little exaggerated, but lead to extraordinary features.

Sound und Design

In terms of graphic design, not many providers can keep up with Play’n GO. It is not for nothing that the developer is represented online in almost every casino and is so popular with players in USA. And Play’n Go also plays his muscles in Sea Hunter. The symbols are designed and both the features and the winning combinations are accompanied by elaborate animations. Electronic sounds are played in the background, which give Sea Hunter an interesting rhythm. If you play Sea Hunter and have enough of the music, you can deactivate them at any time by clicking on the speaker.

The rules of Sea Hunter Slot

As so often, Sea Hunter is played online on a 3 × 3 roller field, i.e. with three rows and three rollers. Two cannons are attached to the left and right on the sides, which can be charged with each profit and can trigger unique features. However, if a shoot does not bring in a profit, the charged energy is lost again.

All combinations are evaluated from left to right and only the highest profit on each payline counts. There are five paylines in Sea Hunter. With three same symbols on one line, a profit is distributed. If you want to look at the payment table, you only have to click on the “I” at the bottom left. The most important rules in American are also explained here again.

If you want it comfortably, you can simply activate the autoplay function. This makes a number of rotations specified by you automatically run. If you don't know the function yet, you should simply play Sea Hunter for free and try it out.

The symbols

  • Orca: The killer whale is the strongest main signal and can pay the use 15 times.
  • The octopus: With this you can win 10 times per payline.
  • The ray: The red ray pays six times the use per payline.
  • The turtle: The turtle in Sea Hunter is good for a profit of four times.
  • QUALLE: Double use is paid when three jellyfish land on a payline in Sea Hunter Online.
  • Kugelfisch: This sweet sea creature brings back 1.4 times.
  • The striped fish: the fish with purple and white stripes only pays 0.8 times.
  • Clownfisch: The relative of Nemo is the weakest symbol with a win of x0.4 per line.
  • The lakeemine: the sea manner is the wild symbol and extremely important for large profits. It not only pays 25 times, but can also replace all other symbols and thus quickly help profit combinations.

As you can see, Sea Hunter Online's line profits are not exactly exceptionally high. The majority of the proceeds come about features such as the wild symbol and especially the two cannons. After all, Play’n Go did not use the card symbols, which otherwise in almost everyone Slot machine Pop up. There is also no classic scatter symbol and free spins.

The cannon feature

The Sea Hunter Slot is about catching as many spins as possible in a row where a profit is achieved. The amount of these profits is not decisive because it is primarily about charging the cannon. You can play Sea Hunter for free without registration and get an idea of how interesting the cannon reinforcements can be.

In order to unlock one of the four stages, in which the cannon brings an advantage, the fields of the cannon display must be filled. As soon as enough spins have brought a profit in a row and illuminated a certain number of fields, the cannon appears in a new phase. So that you are not frustrated by the little line gains, you can first play Sea Hunter for free and convince yourself of the power of the cannons. Because here is the entire profit potential of Sea Hunter.

In phase 1, the cannon improves a symbol type to the next better symbol. For example, if you have four jellyfish in the picture and they are selected by chance, you will be transformed into four turtles. Unfortunately, there are no tips or tricks on how to influence the cannon and if no profit is made after this improvement, the cannon's charge is reset.

In phase 2, the cannon shoots a symbol type. For example, all orcas are attached to their place. The wild symbols also stay in their position. In the next spin there is a chance that a decent profit will be achieved. If there is no profit during the next spin, the cannon's charge will not be reset.

In phase 3, one to three wild symbols are shot on the rollers. At Sea Hunter, the wild symbols have a big influence due to the rather small playing area.

Phase 4 can then bring the very big profits. A multiplier of up to X15 is applied to the spin and there is a guaranteed profit. If you get a few wilds on this round, it pays one spin more than most free spins in other games.

You should play with the Demoversion Sea Hunter for free. You can convince yourself of the potential of this machine.

Sea Hunter Play for free without registration

Sea Hunter, like many more, can be found Casino games for free without registration to play. In the free demo version you can vary the inserts at will, because you only lose play credit and no real money. So you can familiarize yourself with the features and decide whether you want to play Sea Hunter online for real money. If you play for free in the Demoversion Sea Hunter, you can't make any real profits.

Play Sea Hunter and win real money

If you no longer want to play Sea Hunter for free, you can switch online at any time to play with real money. With a bonus you can unlock some additional starting credit, with which you can also hold out longer dry spells in the online casino. There is even one with some providers Casino bonus without deposit, with which you can play for free and still experience the full thrill. However, you cannot receive such a bonus without registration, but must first register. You do not need to set up a strategy for implementation and can start risk -free, because you do not risk your own money with this bonus.