Game overview and features of the online slot Jammin ’Jars 2

The Jammin ’Jars 2 Online Slot is a slot machine game that was developed by Push Gaming and was put online in 2018. Since this publication, the gaming industry has not been the same. Almost all players in the world love the innovative gameplay and this game developed into one of the most popular titles in online casinos. The slot machine convinces with cascading rollers, cluster gains, walking wilds, Free and more. With us you can play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free without registration and try your luck.

Building of Jammin ’Jars 2

Wait was longing for the Jammin ’Jars 2 online slot machines from Push Gaming. Since the first week of June it has finally been available in the online casinos, also in USA. The slot has an 8 × 8 field and also has a higher profit potential than its predecessor. Due to the new built -in features, the fun is not neglected and offers a lot of variety. But test yourself, with us you can try out the slot machine free of charge without registration, of course in the language of American.

Sound and design with this slot

At the slot machine game Jammin ’Jars 2 from Push Gaming is a modern glass dome in the background that looks similar to pineapple. The playball itself has disappeared and the dance floor on the edge is decorated with palm trees. On a matrix with an area of 8 × 8 fields, colorful fruits and other symbols fall down from above as from the predecessor. On the left side, a star DJ is completely behind the gymnastics table. As soon as a gold record appears on the field, it is filled on a progress display below it.

The slot is very simple and the displays and the controls are large enough to use the slot excellently on the cell phone display. It can therefore be said that the graphic and the animation have received renewal and does not differ too far from the original.

How to play the Jammin ’Jars 2 slot

Before the game begins, the Jammin ’Jars 2 Online Slot from Push Gaming must be set. The minimum insert is only 0.10 euros. The use can be raised in 12 stages and you can use a maximum of 100 $ per round. However, note in Online casinos with a license from USA the maximum assignment is 1 $ due to the new gaming regulation.

Die symbol of jammin ’jars 2 slots

The difference between the predecessor of this machine game is that a few fruits have been replaced. There are no so -called rollers. However, the colors remained the same. A total of 6 different fruits fall on the field, which make it comfortable in 64 seats. The immediate profit is triggered by coins and all fruits are replaced by the Joker-Jar symbol.

Summarized again briefly:

  • 6 different fruits
  • Coin
  • Marmeladenglas
  • vinyl record

The winning opportunities at the slot machine Jammin ’Jars 2

You will make a win when a cluster of at least 5 same symbols appears on the field. The connections between the individual main signs must be horizontal or vertical. Unfortunately, diagonal appearance of the symbols does not apply. The fact is, numerous profit combinations are therefore possible.

Bonus games and additional functions

The slot has a variety of bonus functions. All of these functions are also available if you play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free. Some are already known from the first version, while others have been added. While you play Jammin ’Jars 2, you will definitely not find out boredom, even if you play Jammin’ Jars 2 for free without registration.

The Avalanche feature

As soon as a cluster gain in which a payline was achieved, all the symbols involved in the Jammin ’Jars 2 online slot dissolve as in the air. Then the rest of the new free places will fall after and new symbols fill up the empty places. If a Joker-Jar symbol is also involved in the chain of 5, this moves to a neighboring area. The multiplier is increased by 1 at the same time. This process is repeated until no more new clusters can be formed.

The immediate profit

If at least 5 coins form a cluster, you will receive an immediate profit. The value of the coins is added up and paid out immediately. The value of these coins can be between 1 and 1000.

The fruits explosion

With this feature, a giant fruit or a huge coin ends up on the field. This bonus can be triggered after a cascade at any time. All positions that are covered are converted into identical fruits. A profit is therefore certain. However, the Joker-Jar symbols are not converted.

The free spins

If at least 3 Joker-Jar symbols appear on a spin on the field, 6 free spins are activated. The jam glasses, i.e. the scatter symbols, stay on the field during the individual rounds until the last free play is over. If these are involved in the profit, the value increases by 1, but maximum up to 43.

The golden records

The gold records appear random and are collected on the display to the left of the field. As soon as the scale is full, start with the next level and climb into the Giga-Jar feature. A total of 5 levels are available.


All existing symbols, including the wild symbols, fall from the screen for this feature. Then 3 to 4 jokers appear on the field, which can turn into immediate winning blocks and can thus bring 2 profits with Jammin ’Jars.

Tips and tricks in this slot machine game

Unfortunately, we cannot call the right strategy for winning or individual tips and tricks for the Slot Jammin ’Jars 2. In order not to have a financial risk, we recommend the demo version where you play for play money, namely you can play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free. As soon as the rules are known and you have tested the slot in detail, you can switch to real money mode and try your luck.

So you can play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free

In order to keep your financial risk as low as possible, you have the opportunity to play the Slot Jammin ’Jars 2 for free. In the demo version you will receive play money and after detailed testing you can gamble for real money. In our portal you can even Casino games for free without registration to play. In this case, you can try the slot in an online casino and then decide whether it is anything for you at all. Visit our portal and there you have the opportunity to play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free.

Play Jammin ’Jars 2 for real money

You can play the Jammin ’Jars 2 slot for free and get to know us in peace. After you have decided to switch to real money mode in an online casino, activate the Casino bonus without deposit. With this bonus, your financial risk is also zero because the online casino provides the starting credit. So you can play Jammin ’Jars 2 for free. Try this bonus and see what happens when you play Jammin ’Jars 2.