Hit the sails with the Pirates Arrr Us Slot from Merkur Gaming

Who didn't always want to be a real pirate that sailing and discovering treasures over the seven oceans? Pirates seem to be a thing of the past and you only read exciting stories or see action -packed films as we imagine a pirate life. But stop - Merkur Gaming has added and calls Ahoi, her landrats! Auf and collect the gold coins legendary treasures with Pirates Arrr US Online. Get the casino directly at home without registration!

One would think that an online slot game with a pirate topic is not particularly original where there are already so many casino games. Mercury However, Gaming has stood up and developed a special slot machine game that also lets the Jolly Roger fly in no time. One or the other big bonus is guaranteed on five reels with up to 20 paylines! After each win, a gamble feature opens with which you can still multiply the amount achieved. What are you waiting for? Get on board and get started with a free round. With us you can play Pirates Arrr US for free without registration.

Graphics and sound

You want to think it's super easy to develop a pirate game. You don't believe how many developers have failed because of this task! The most important thing in the game is to create a real pirate feeling, and Merkur Gaming clearly succeeds. The Caribbean sounds of this slot machine immediately let them sail relaxed on the high seas - in contrast to other slots games with more adrenaline -enhancing music in the background.

The five reels of the game are located on the bow of a ship directly on the steering wheel with a view of the vastness of the ocean. This view alone really gives the tone for a fantastic adventure at the Pirates Arrr US. Well, have you already become curious? Try it out by playing Pirates Arrr US for free.

How to play Pirates Arrr US online

As already mentioned at the beginning, Pirates Arrr US works with five reels and up to 20 paylines. The possibility of personally adapting the number of paylines personally make this game particularly attractive with its rules. Whether you play Pirates Arrr US for free or for real money, you do not need a special strategy with tips and tricks. You can set your use at the bottom left. From 100 to 10,000 coins, every use is conceivable here. Right next to it is a button with a 20 shown. With this button you have the opportunity to set the paylines on which you want to play. It is entirely up to you whether you want to try only one or directly with 20.

Opposite the button for the start of the spins and the autoplay button are located. The game starts automatically by autostart until you end it. Just give it a try and play a round of pirates Arrr us for free. As soon as you play Pirates Arrr US, you will notice how much fun it is. With the 20 paylines, there are more than enough chances of winning to get properly and encounter gold.

After each win at Pirates Arrr US, a Gamble feature appears with which you can try to multiply the amount achieved. Similar to other slot machines from Merkur Gaming, the card and leadership are offered here. When playing the card you only need to type which color the captain hidden under the hidden stack. At the risk manager you can continue to climb the mast to raise the sails on Hochsee. Or you lose the hold and land in the water - including your profit.

The symbols at Pirates Arrr us from Merkur Gaming

Of course, the symbols at Pirates Arrr US do not lack pirate flair. The pirates, parrots, gold coins, seahorses and other sea creatures are a little striking as the main signs, but help to make profits ashore. As they say? Small cattle also makes crap.

Let's first look at the symbols with the lowest profits. These are the fish, the turtle and the seahorse. You just get up to 80 coins if this corresponds to your entire use. These three symbols only bring you the simple of your profit. For the whale and the squid, however, you get up to 100 coins - or gain the two -time your use with each individual symbols on the rollers. The typical pirate companions such as the monkey and parrot collect up to 150 and 200 coins together with the crew members.

As can be expected from Merkur Gaming with a decent machine game, there is both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol at Pirates Arrr. The captain is personally characterized by the game. If you land five of these characters on the reels, you will receive a total of 500 coins. It also replaces all other symbols except the scatter on the field.

As a scatter symbol, we have a gold coin with a skull at Pirates Arrr Us, the eyes of which are decorated with diamonds. Of course, the scatter must look like an absolutely typical pirate treasure. Land at least three of these gold coins on the rollers and enjoy various bonuses to increase your profit. During the free spins you get extra wild to blow them in the sails. So you are not guaranteed without having to cope with Pirates Arrr US, stranded on any lonely island.

Conclusion: Play Pirates Arrr us from Merkur Gaming now

The Pirates Arrr Us Slot undoubtedly gets into a strongly encircled fellow rider market, as there are already countless slot games with pirate topics. Pirates Arrr US can keep up without any problems, if not at the top of the tip, when it comes to the best Casino games for free without registration goes. In addition, the machine game runs absolutely smoothly on the desktop PC, cell phone or the tablet. Nothing is more annoying in games when they suddenly get stuck. You, too, will probably hardly be able to stop lying one round after the other and continued to play pirates arrrs for free.

In addition, there are also an infinite number of bonuses and super high chances of winning, even if you play Pirates Arrr US for free. It is simply more fun to win a lot and be kidnapped by Caribbean sounds from the American dung weather. Even if the makers of Pirates Arrr Us have not brought Johnny Depp into the game, they clearly managed to transfer the pirate mood to this game. Would you like to immerse yourself in the pirate kingdom? Then you should definitely play on our Pirates Arrr US platform free of charge without registration.

Pirates Arrr US play with real money

If you were able to play enough pirates Arrr US for free and you are fed up, you should have a suitable one online Casino Search and run the plank along with real money. Of course, you can only really win cash with real money use at the Pirates Arrr Us Slot. After all, they have nothing of a virtual treasure. We have selected some suitable online casino in USA for you, which occasionally one Casino bonus without deposit to offer. The free spins will make your first game round Pirates Arrr US online a real success.

The low game use at Pirates Arrr Us will make it easier for you to go on board. In order to find the hidden treasures in the world's oceans, you can start with a small use of only 0.01 credit. If you have packed the thirst for adventure properly, you can go up on 20 credits. At Pirates Arrr US online you will not be thrown overboard with the numerous winning combinations.