Ship of Dreams overview and features

Once with a huge cruiser, driving on the world's oceans and experiencing grandiose adventures is probably a dream that most Americans will have sooner or later. Merkur takes on this topic. As a player, you will find yourself again in the time of the Titanic, the perhaps most famous ship of all time. This creates a detailed and atmospheric casino slot machine game, which brings the farthest world oceans to their home screen. You can play Ship of Dreams online, free of charge and without registration. Here you can find out how the game works and what you need to know in order not to suffer any sea breast, but with a little luck to bring the treasures home intact.

On our site you can play Ship of Dreams for free without registration. With Ship of Dreams, the manufacturer makes it Mercury once again to captivate the player completely. You too will feel like you are on the deck of a ship that defies all storms as soon as you play Ship of Dreams for free.


Ship of Dreams comes in a very own look that you will not have seen before. The first thing you see is the huge hull of ship of dreams as a background image that will be amazed.

But all other elements of the game also exude an unusual and very own charm. The reels are kept in a red -brown color, which breathes into the whole of the style of a rusted metal part, as you would find on an old ship. However, you do not need to be afraid of rusty surfaces if you play Ship of Dreams for free. Nothing is out of date here. But this look contributes to the rough atmosphere of seafaring.


The soundscape looks very serious and ominously while the rollers are rotated. But if profits are then in the house, the mood is loosened up by a happy melody, so that the Ship of Dreams remains an easy gaming experience. If you prefer to calm when playing, you can also easily switch off the sound.

So you can play Ship of Dreams online

Even if you have no previous experience with Slots like Ship of Dreams, you will not have any problems to internalize the rules and functions quickly by playing Ship of Dreams. With a click on the green play button, your game pleasure can start. Because they get the reels in motion, which then turn. There are three symbols on the rollers, of which there are five.

10 paylines run over the roles in various ways. The aim of the game is to line up a symbol several times on the payline, so that with a pinch of happiness, profit combinations that can fill their bag with profits. However, the lines only run from left to right, not the other way around. Unlike many other Mercury slot machines, you do not have the option of adjusting the number of paylines.

The symbols are also seamless here. Finally, they depict motifs that fit the Titanic in good time and style. Among other things, there are the following main signs according to which you should keep out as long as you travel online with Ship of Dreams. You can also find out the list of the maximum profit multipliers you can hope for with the respective symbol:

  • 10, J, Q (10x)
  • K, A (15x)
  • Blue gem (75x)
  • Rotes Auto (75x)
  • The captain (200x)
  • The travelers with a hat (500x)

In addition, there is the scatter symbol, which is embodied by the ship itself. With this symbol, once again, the impressive graphic of the Ship of Dreams Slots shows. If this sign appears, you can see an animation that makes the ship's flag blow. Such a successful presentation can also quickly be forgotten that you are looking for a separate wild symbol at Ship of Dreams. The ship is considered wild for all symbols. After all, the scatter comes with helpful functions. If three copies on the rollers sail in sight, 10 free free spins are triggered. In the Free Spins, a symbol is initially selected, which will then be larger and enables even more profitable winning combinations.


But very much you can decide for yourself how much effort you want to risk per lap if you play Ship of Dreams for free. They have to pay at least 0.10 coins to get the rollers in motion and can play a maximum of 20 coins Ship of Dreams. Especially if you as a newcomer challenge your happiness, it is advisable to play with lower operations to get a feeling for how everything works and a suitable strategy.

Tips and Tricks

In order not to have to initiate the new spin manually after each round, you can also activate the autoplay function by clicking on the button to the left of the start button, so that the spins are automatically carried out and started. In this way you can lean back relaxed while playing Ship of Dreams for free.

If you have any questions, a look at the regular overview or the Paytable can help. There you will receive an explanation of the rules, as well as the profits and functions of the individual symbols. You can call them up in the top right corner of the screen.

Play the ship of dreams for free without registration

With us you can take a test drive with the Ship of Dreams to see if you are suitable for the rough lake. It's worth it, because Merkur has developed an all -round fun slot that will captivate her. Get your own picture by playing Ship of Dreams for free. You can do this and others on our platform Casino games for free without registration try out.

Play Ship of Dreams now for real money

If you then master the tides, you can increase the risk and play even hotter profits by playing Ship of Dreams online for real money. It is worthwhile to get an overview of what kind of bonus you can do with different Online casinos in USA Receive when you play the Ship of Dreams Slot there. With us you will find a variety of providers where you can already register one for registration Casino bonus without depositG received.