If you are looking for a slot online, in which the atmosphere can turn into a nerve -wracking in a relaxed manner, Sevens High of Quickspin is recommended. At first glance, it is a slot machine game that simply picks up the old virtues of the one -armed bandits and combines the classic symbols with more modern graphics. In fact, Quickspin has installed some nice features with which the fun of the game is guaranteed not to pass.

Sound and design at Sevens High

The normal background music of Sevens High Online is very calming and ensures relaxed rounds. However, when the bar fills, the music becomes more lively and the tension increases. Quickspin are also well done. The symbols are fruits, Wilds and some symbols of happiness. Even if this drawing has all been used many times, they are appealing in Sevens high and convey a modern look overall. You can play Sevens High for free without registration and thus decide for yourself whether the graphic and music in Sevens High commit to you. Incidentally, you can always deactivate the latter by clicking on the loudspeaker symbol at the top right.

How to play Sevens High online

The game is played in Sevens High on three rows and five rollers. There are 25 paylines on which you have to line up at least three same pictures for a profit. The symbols must start on the left roller and cover the following rollers. After you have chosen your bet, all you have to do is press the button with the round arrow to get the rollers roll. If you use the demo version and play Sevens High for free, you can alternatively select the carpin mode using the button with the two arrows.

It depends on chance whether profits are released in Sevens high profits and how high they are. These are gambling and tips and tricks from the Internet or the strategy of a friend can be Slot machine forgotten.


  • Small profits: The fruit symbols (orange, cherries, lemon and plum) have all the same value in Sevens High. If a payline is filled with them, the assignment will be repaid.
  • Medium winnings: The silver star and the bell are paid 1.6 times each filled. Then there are the seven in three different colors. If you play Sevens High for free and, for example, catch five red seven in one line, the profit is 2x for this line.
  • Large profits: The three seven still exists as a wild symbol. You can clearly distinguish the wilds from the normal main signs through the inscription and the golden background. There is also a fourth wild symbol, this has not printed seven. All four wild symbols pay 20x per filled payline. You can also replace all symbols except for the bonus symbol and trigger great winning combinations.
  • Bonus symbols: The sign with the inscription “Bonus” is a scatter symbol, which is why the position on the rows does not matter for the profit. However, it is much more important in this symbol that 10 free spins are triggered in three bonus symbols. In the free spins you can trigger a retrigger of 10 other free spins with three bonus symbols. In addition, the free spins are extended by 2 spins when a new level of the winning bar is reached. More on that in the next section.

Sevens High Respin Feature

If you play Sevens High, you will probably be the bar in the left edge of the picture. There is another feature in Sevens High Online, in which the normal seven can be transformed into their wild variants. After two winnings in a row, the blue seven is on, after two more of the Greens and after two more profits the red seven. As soon as a spin is not a profit, the bar is reset. If you play for free in the demo version Sevens High, you will quickly understand this feature.

This function is also available in the free spins, but the bar is only reset when the free spins are over. So it is much more likely to reach the top of the bar and turn all seven into wild symbols. If you then hire three bonus symbols in the free spins and trigger the retrigger, the profit is usually impressive.

If you want to watch the exact rules for this unique feature again in American, you only have to click on the three lines in the lower left corner. You can play Sevens High for free without registration and get to know the feature exactly before you think about the use of real money. You should use this option, because on the one hand you can try a new game for free and completely without registration and on the other hand you can understand the mechanics of the game better.

Play Sevens High for free

The free demo version is not just a great tool for all beginners. Also experienced players can play Sevens High for free and get an idea of the game before using real money. Playing with play money is usually not quite as exciting as with real money, but the Sevens High Slot compensates for this by building up the tension through the music and the animations. Even players who couldn't do anything with the same slots with fruit issues should definitely give Sevens High a chance. Quickspin has managed to give this topic new momentum. It is not without reason that online can hardly afford a casino in USA not to have QuickSpin in the program. If you don't like Sevens High Online, you can also try out other casino games for free without registration.

Play Sevens High with real money

If you want to win real money, you must of course also use money. To make this step easier, you can use a bonus. Most providers get a welcome bonus as a new customer, which, for example, enlarges the credit or grants free spins. Due to the larger credit, it is not that bad if a slot machine like Sevens High does not release a big profit for a long time and the credit shrinks a bit. With one or the other online casino you can even have one Casino bonus without deposit unlock. In this case, a bonus will be credited to the player account without a deposit. You get such a bonus for free, but not without registration, as you first have to create a player account.