The first dynasty slot - face to face with the emperor in the casino of face

The history of China has so far been largely hidden from the western world. It is all the more important that games are devoted to this topic, for example, so that a broader understanding of this topic is achieved. First Dynasty Online works perfectly by deliberately working with a detailed and very precise design.

Mercury With First Dynasty Online once again managed to develop a game that leaves nothing to be desired both with regard to the rules and at the atmosphere. At first glance, First Dynasty resembles many other similar slots. While playing first Dynasty for free or playing with real money inserts, you get to deal with five reels. These release the view of three symbols.

Merkur has the special features of this game, which can only be seen when you enter the rules, i.e. into the paylines and winning combinations, dynamically integrated. But you don't have to wait a long time for you to enjoy a profit yourself while playing first Dynasty for free or challenging your luck with real missions. The relatively high RTP of 96%ensures this. In order to be able to better understand the tips and tricks behind First Dynasty, it is also important that you get involved with the details of the well thought -out design. This is a real bonus and makes the difference to many other games.

The design of the online game - these elements make first dynasty from Merkur

The main players at a slot, including first Dynasty online, are the main signs. After all, everyone is waiting for the special moments, but it is a fact that most profits from combinations of the main signs that you can get to know can be learned by playing first dynasty for free. In order to be able to form these profit combinations, the so -called paylines are required. Merkur integrated five of them into the game. This means that everyone who dares to try this game in USA should in the best a good strategy. This can be based, for example, on the risk games mentioned below or on the exciting emperor feature.

The rules for First Dynasty Online - these wild symbols have it all

As with other slots, the player's task is to form profit combinations. These consist of at least three same symbols, which are in succession on one of the five permanently active paylines. The fact that there is a reading direction when paying for profits is important for the player. The rollers are counted from left to right. This means that a victorious combination has to start at the first roller and must not have any gaps. A maximum of profit -making combination covers all rollers.

The atmosphere of the slot machine - First Dynasty Online is a journey into history

If you want to play first Dynasty, you naturally want to be picked up from the design and the atmosphere. This plays excellently in this game, especially because of the main and special characters. When using the characters, the unique and surprisingly different arrangement becomes clear for the first time. This means that players who play first Dynasty for free without registration are surprising that a scatter symbol is completely dispensed with. But that this is not the detriment of the player becomes clear when the characters lists: With these characters you can familiarize yourself at any time by playing first dynasty for free.

  • Main signs with high payout: throne, quadriga, horse and vase. These symbols of First Dynasty take actually found artifacts for the model. One or the other who wants to play First Dynasty may be able to learn more about the story behind it through these symbols. The maximum profit that is possible with the highly paid symbols lies between the 150 and 300 times the own use.
  • Main signs with a low payout: At First Dynasty, the developers also made a lot of effort in the main signs with a lesser payment (A, K, Q, J, 10). A special font was developed to breathe a life into the symbols that enable a maximum payout from 20 or 30 times.
  • The wild symbols: Slots are usually equipped with a wild symbol that is able to replace all other symbols, so that a profit combination is completed even in the event of a lack of symbols. At First Dynasty there are two different kinds of wild symbols. These are also in two ways: warrior and emperor. These special wild symbols are also able to replace other symbols except themselves. The rules below reveal the other exciting functions that can be tested free of charge and without registration with us in the wild symbols of First Dynasty.

The special features of the First Dynasty Slots illuminated more precisely

The big peculiarity that is waiting for everyone who wants to play First Dynasty for free or will try real money are the wild symbols. If three or more of the wild symbols occur at the same time, the emperor feature is activated. The wilds grow with this and extend over an entire roller. However, the special functions are not yet over, because if one of these large symbols on the first, i.e. on the very left roller, or on the fifth and therefore very last roller, the player is rewarded with 10 free rounds. During these free rounds, the player no longer has to make their own.

Play first dynasty for free without registration - this slot machine game is worth a visit

If you want to play First Dynasty, it is best to do that with us. In addition to this classic, we offer many other exciting variants of well -known developers. The possibility, Casino games for free without registration Playing is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the design, the rules and free spins. Free spins, risk games and features can also be easily played on your smartphone or tablet. The boredom has no chance.

Triumph in American online casino - first dynasty play for real money

The game with real money is another level. Only here is the greatest possible tension. Anyone with a registration Casino bonus without deposit Use, which laid a good foundation for the further rounds. It is worth a try if you want to enjoy real profits.