First impression of the Fantastic Fruit online slot machine: fat bassline and cheeky fruits

Have you always wanted to be a DJ and watch a few hot fruits dance to your sound? Fantastic Fruit may get closer than the developers thought. In any case, Fantastic Fruit von Merkur is not only about a fruit solder with a coolness factor, but also about really fat sound that you generate with every shoot. A really brilliant idea: With every spin, a bassline is played that always varies a bit, so that several rotations sound like an electro track. You have more motivation to press Spin. The fruits are just as cool as the sound. Actually, they are totally unspectacular, i.e. not particularly elaborately styled 3D fruits with a metallic gloss or the like. But very classic, no -frills fruits. But when you win, stars in the spotlight or like in a music video revolve. Simply cool.

So it is still possible to make something special out of a fruit slot - even though there are already so many variants. The developers of Merkur did clean work. If you play Fantastic Fruit for free without registration, you will probably not even be aware of how much ingenuity is necessary to develop a slot without a scatter symbol, without wild symbol, without free spins or otherwise a form of free spins. But in everyone American online casino Are there any dozens of fruit slots - how do you manage to start another interesting?

The Fantastic Fruit online gaming experience

Fantastic Fruit is a very large fruit solder with 5 × 4 rollers and 64 lines. Mercury It thought: "We build a really large slot with fat 5 × 4 rollers and 64 paylines." If you play Fantastic Fruit for free, the bonus lies in the sheer mass of paylines - and the possible mass of profit combinations. To want to play Fantastic Fruit for free, you should be a gambler from the old blow. Because if you play Fantastic Fruit, everything revolves around the base game and betting. The Fantastic Fruit Slot therefore puts you back into the good old days when a slot machine did not yet have a LCD screen, but real physical rollers. In addition, there are the risk conductors and the risk of tickets, which then worked with the simplest technology - flashing lamps behind a printed cover. If you play Fantastic Fruit for free, you have the choice between 10 or 64 paylines.

The Fantastic Fruit slot at a glance

Name: Fantastic Fruit RTP: 95.89% or 96%
Manufacturer: Mercury Recunciation lines: 10 or 64
Volatility: k.A. Theme: Fruitslot
Main signs: Lucky Seven Miscellaneous: Card risk; Risk manager

Fantastic Fruit is pure slot machine game of the old guard

One is inclined to think that with 64 paylines the profits patter in a second, but far from it. Merkur has programmed the Fantastic Fruit Slot in such a way that it is a special feature when you win in a round. If you play Fantastic Fruit for free, the profits always come very rarely. But that makes a profit significant at all - and that also means that the profits are usually quite high. After all, there is no money for oversized free spins that bind a lot of money. Everything is released in the base game and this is a whole lot with an RTP of 95.89%-compared to the base game wins from a slot with free spins or other bonus features. So if you play Fantastic Fruit for free, you have the best chances of collecting a lot of play credit.

One of the most effective tips and tricks to have the game credit exploded properly is of course the Gamble function. As soon as you have won something on the reels, Fantastic Fruit offers you the option to gamble. For this "everything or nothing" you should be a fearless knight of luck, which offers fate foreen online.

Brave enough to bet at Fantastic Fruit?

The brave then opens up the choice of climbing the (conductor) levels of fate in order to conquer the highest possible profit, or to turn the view towards the future in order to predict the color of the next game card. Depending on the situation, it sometimes makes more sense to only bet with half the assignment. The other half is then automatically transferred to your game balance.

Many players in USA think that the risk manager only depends on skill. But this strategy does not work, otherwise every casino would soon be bankrupt. Of course, you have to prove your skill here at Fantastic Fruit online - but it is one of the rules of gambling that you cannot learn it completely - no matter how long you train a slot machine game. With this type of gamble feature you have to click the moment the upper rung lights up, but the slot machine always varies this moment by a fraction. In American: What you have to train if you practice free of charge and without registration is your intuition. This is the key to cleaning out online correctly at Fantastic Fruit. Of course, this is easier said than done, but maybe they will develop a knack for the game. What do you have to lose, after all it's free.


The second, important decision you have to make when you play Fantastic Fruit for free without registration is the number of paylines. Here the slot machine only gives you two options: 10 or 64 paylines. The RTP is minimally different, 95.89% at 10 and 96% with 64 paylines. And here is the sticking point. If you like to play the Gamble feature, the 64 lines make more sense because they can have the opportunity to bet so much more often.

Therefore, these two options at Fantastic Fruit are sensibly chosen in order to optimally adjust the machine game for gamblers and for roller fans.

Conclusion: Play Fantastic Fruit for free

If you like fruit slots, you should definitely play Fantastic Fruit, because the combination of the classic, pure machine feeling and this ingenious bassline, which you can become a song with every spin, are a successful combination. Do not miss this experience. Just sniff the game quickly and easily. Of course on our side, where they all Casino games for free without registration can gamble.

Experience Fantastic Fruit with real money

If you not only want to see fruit, but also with a little luck, you will go to the hunt for real money. Be brave, demand your happiness. But also be clever and grab an extremely attractive one Casino bonus without deposit. So you can let the fruits dance in the best casino. Buon Appetito!