Have you always wanted to jump over pink clouds out of cotton candy and could no longer save yourself from sheer sweets? Then you are at the right place at Sweet Bonanza! This colorful colored Slot machine From software developer Pragmatic Play, you not only provide you with sweets, ice cream and cookies en masse, it is also full of exciting bonus features and game functions such as the Ante Bet, with which you can even purchase your free spins!

Let us take a look at what is behind this 6 × 5 roller machine, how to play Sweet Bonanza for free without registration and where you can also use real money online.

In the sugar -sweet world from the Sweet Bonanza Slot

Close your eyes and literally imagine a sugar -sweet sky. This is exactly what you should expect as soon as you start the Sweet Bonanza Slot on your screen. The field is against the background of a sugar paradise in which ice cream, chocolates, candies, tarts and many other sweets are in abundance. In addition to the colorful candies, there are also some vitamin -rich sugar suppliers such as apples, plums, watermelons, grapes and bananas - something healthy should also be there. On the whole, this is the perfect game for all sweet mouths!

The appealing pastel tones in design complete the happy atmosphere of the game. In addition, there are slight animations such as passing clouds and shimmering icing on the chocolates and Co. The background melody is also very pleasant and not intrusive and exhausting, as with some other games of chance. But if you want to do without sound effects and prefer to listen to your own music, you can of course exhibit any sounds.

So Sweet Bonanza is played by Pragmatic Play

Even if the water in your mouth is already running together, we recommend that you take a look at the rules of Sweet Bonanza before throwing yourself in pleasure. Pragmatic Play has come up with some special features for this slot machine game, in which the player heart beats faster, but which must first be understood. With extensive betting options and a not too typical game structure, there is a lot to learn here.

First of all, however, the basics. Sweet Bonanza is played on a field consisting of six reels and five symbol rows. The assignment can be between 0.20 $ and 125 euros. For this purpose, the number of coins (1 to 10) and on the other hand the coin value (0.01 $ up to 0.50 euros) is selected. You have the opportunity to set turbo spins, quick game or autoplay. Simply define 10 to 1,000 spins and your use and watch the hustle and bustle comfortably without repeatedly pressing the spint button yourself. This function can be interrupted or canceled at any time.

You can also use the manual spin key and choose whether you play Sweet Bonanza for free or for real money. The free demo version can be used entirely without restrictions, which means that all game functions are available and can be used and tried out as they please. We recommend this to get to know the game better!

Sweet Bonanza play and win

To understand how to make profits online at Sweet Bonanza, you have to take a closer look at the functions. It is important to know that there are no paylines. Instead, profit combinations arise if at least eight identical symbols land on the field. The positions of the characters on the roller field are not decisive. A symbol does not have to adhere to others in order to be able to contribute to a profit combination. As can be seen in the profit table, the payments are staggered as follows:

  • 8-9 identical symbols
  • 10-11 identical symbols
  • 12+ identical symbols

An exception is only the scatter symbol that we still come to speak. This only occurs in a smaller number. A particularly lucrative function is the so -called tumble feature. Behind it is a function that leads to all symbols that are involved in a profit combination disappear from the field after the payment. The remaining symbols fall on the bottom of the field and new characters fall from above to fill the gaps. This mechanism lasts until no further combinations come about. Obviously, this can lead to some high profits - and with just one spin!

Bonus and free spins at Sweet Bonanza

Players at Sweet Bonanza have to do without the coveted wild symbol online, the chances of free spins with profit multipliers are all the better! At least if you increase your commitment a bit and secure the free chance of the free play feature through the Ante Bet function. In principle, it is even possible to acquire the free playing round directly. However, this has a high price-to be precise, they pay 100 times the selected use. It remains to be seen whether we would book this function under good tricks. After all, you have to make up for such a high commitment again, and you can only leave that to chance.

If you play Sweet Bonanza without Ante Bet, there is of course still the chance to trigger free spins in a natural way. For this, at least four scatter symbols on the rollers are required, which are shown in the form of a classic round lollipop. Incidentally, the Lolli also pays as an independent profit combination as the most important main sign. It is even the most valuable symbol that can appear up to six times on a train. But also a lower number of lollipopes will already reward them!

Sweet Bonanza's free play feature

Whether acquired or of course triggered as soon as the free spins are activated, the screen changes in color and the field is frozen. At the start you will receive ten free free spins, which can be expanded by five more free spins each if at least three scatter appears in one round. While you play Sweet Bonanza for free, a previously unknown symbol will appear on the rollers: a colorful bomb. This is considered a multiplier symbol and only appears in the free play feature. Even if you would basically look for the width with a bomb, you will expect this explosion with high anticipation!

They will want as many of the colorful bombs as possible. These can take a random value between 2x and 100x and remain on the field until the end of a tumble sequence. Once a sequence has ended, no further profit combinations appear, the values of the multipliers are counted together and the total profit of the spin is multiplied by the final value. This should explain why the acquisition of the free play feature can also be seen as a strategy, since you can really clear up with a little luck at the Sweet Bonanza. But again: luck and chance decide on their potential profits!

Play Sweet Bonanza for free now without registration

Let us summarize: a large playing field, high winning combinations, several chances of winning with a spin, ante bet options, free spins with high multipliers and a sugar -rich design. With Sweet Bonanza, Pragmatic Play clearly landed a hit that appeals to numerous players and target groups. High rollers and risk -loving players will love the betting options, while all those who are looking for extraordinary entertainment in the online casino can take the chance and play Sweet Bonanza for free.

We have particularly good news for all players from USA. You can play Sweet Bonanza as well as many other casino games free of charge without registration directly on our site! Without registration, means without unnecessary loss of time. Save yourself the search for a reputable casino and the annoying filling out of registration forms. To be able to play Sweet Bonanza for free allows you to familiarize yourself with the play before you may decide to use real money. This is one of our most important tips, especially if you want to play such extensive games like Sweet Bonanza and the rules of the game are not known to you.

But just like to take the opportunity to enjoy great entertainment free of charge - the Slot from Pragmatic Play has a lot to offer! Since the bonus features and all game functions are also available in the free variant, it is guaranteed not to be boring.

Play Sweet Bonanza online for real money

If you want to challenge your luck and do not want to miss the chance of some real money profits, you have in Online casinos The opportunity to play Sweet Bonanza online with real money inserts. For one or the other, the game for real money only makes the charm of gambling. We understand that, although we still recommend, very carefully approach the whole suit. First of all, you should play Sweet Bonanza free of charge to internalize the structure and develop a strategy. Check the winning options by experimenting with different missions.

If you still want to continue, there are two things to consider:

  1. Choose a reputable American provider
  2. Use one Casino bonus without deposit

If you adhere to these two things, you are on the safe side. It is clever to choose a casino with a good welcome bonus or bonus without a deposit if you want to play for real money online. Since you either get starting credit or free spins, you can play the first rounds of Sweet Bonanza at the expense of the house, while the first profits can come about at the same time!