Sci-Donia five reels with a view of the distant future

Science fiction and time travel as a topic for a casino slot? Sounds exciting? And that's exactly what it is. The Sci-Donia Slot is a game that combines the well-known features of a casino games, an appealing gameplay and an entertaining visual representation. The slot machine settles somewhere between Retro Game and modern adventure. The heroes of the game are clearly recognizable and accompany them through the entire gameplay.

The five roller game convinces with some special features that surprise even experienced game professionals. Between five and a hundred paylines - this special feature offers Slot from Merkur. Winning bonus rounds and various winning combinations as well as the numerous paylines make Sci-Donia a special experience. And the topic of the future and time travel definitely offers a lot of entertainment. On our site you can play Sci-Donia and take a profitable journey through time. This applies equally to newcomers and game professionals. With a certain devotion to detail, Merkur has created Sci-Donia a virtual adventure that will also give the player a lot of fun in addition to winning. Overall, the player has numerous winning opportunities. Between five and a hundred paylines can be activated per round.

The most popular symbols from Merkur also find their justification at Sci-Donia online. The wild symbol and the scatter symbol are of course back on the game and delight the player's heart. If you play Sci-Donia for free without registration, you will find out that the perfect start of a virtual journey through time will look. And there are additional profits if Fortuna should be benevolent.

Facts and key data - a journey through time with almost infinite chances of winning:

  • Five rollers
  • Up to 100 paylines
  • Minimal use: 0.01
  • Maximum use: 2.00
  • RTP: 96,7%
  • Free spins / free spins: Yes
  • Risk games: yes

The symbols and their meaning-get to know sci-donia

With the following symbols you will you in more detail in the course of the game. And that can be a worthwhile matter. The most effective way is playing, playing and playing again. Use the possibilities and play sci-donia for free. You can play Sci-Donia on our site and you are always possible without registration. So you quickly get the right feeling and you will quickly get to know the main signs and rules. Play sci-donia for free and quickly find the right shoot, so think and act professional players.

  • The wild symbol - characterized with the lettering wild
  • The time traveler / hero
  • The time traveler / heroine

The futuristic fauna also brings:

  • The cat and the bird
  • The chameleon and the butterfly

Of course, there are also the lower known letter combinations at SCI-Donia Online. Another symbol at Sci-Donia is the bonus symbol, which consists of different segments and in connection with the lettering bonus. B, ON and US will make your player heart beat faster. Because if the lettering completely rolls out, it says in American that comes the free play. And that five times with the option to more.

While the free spins roll, the player still has chances for other extras. In test mode without risk, you can try this feature on our platform for free. You can play Sci-Donia for free without registration and gain the necessary experience points. It is an option that professionals like to use and shaped some success players. It is a slot machine that offers you everything and will inspire you.

Two risk games from Sci-Donia Online

The most famous features of Merkur, which always ensure joy after each round of profits, are two options to get into the Gamble Featature. Either the risk managers await you or you choose the risk of tickets. Both variants of the Gamble feature at Sci-Donia are of course voluntary in nature. Do you prefer to go the safe way and take on the profit? That is free to every player. But if you prefer a little thrill and challenge your luck, you choose the risk. A little tip: You can play sci-donia for free and test the risk games properly.

  • Black or red? If the simple question is actually answered correctly, the profit doubles. Tipped on the wrong color? The next round will probably be more successful. In the tips tips here is the recommendation: While playing Sci-Donia for free, you can test this risk game extensively. So every newcomer quickly gets the overview and can choose the colors.
  • Then the risk managers, the classic among the risk games, are waiting. The principle is so simple in handling and yet so effective in sales. Pressed at the right moment, the ladder rapids by step upwards. In this way, profits of lucky guys are generated and welding wet hands are of course also. The recommendation also applies here: you should play sci-donia for free and find out the right timing.

This is how professionals play: use advantages and get to know the slot for free

Be a clever player. Use all the advantages that our site provides you. In search of the tricks of the game world, there is a recommendation for dealing with real money mode. Exercise makes the game master. Casino games for free without registration Play, use this option and generate the first winnings in play money mode. On our side you can play sci-donia for free and thus gain the first experience.

The slot machine game is the perfect start for newcomers. A quickly manageable gameplay, appealing animations and an incredible number of paylines-Sci-Donia from Merkur has. So playing in the online casino is really fun and that also applies to the Sci-Donia Slot. The manufacturer's concept opens and the player gets what you want. When the rollers roll, there are no limits and the fun takes its course.

Welcome to the online casino - the modern form of entertainment

Sci-Donia Online is a real insider tip in the American game charts. The players naturally attract the increased chances of winning. And with luck, Sci-Donia is a real winning guarantee without needing strategies or tips.

What winning combinations will you use? Do you know that Casino bonus without deposit? This is a successful start and welcome from the online casino. He is also happy to be applicable to Sci-Donia or another exciting game. The real money mode is an incentive and if the winnings are only incorporated, then every joyful scream of happiness is worth money. Various game incentives can be called up at all times in the online casino and make it easier to get started. Ready for a journey through time with chances of winning? Simply gild the future in the online casino.