Diamonds & Fruits Free games from Merkur

The lovers of fruit slots should pay special attention to the following slot machine game. As the name Diamonds & Fruits already reveals, this is a video slot, which all about fruit symbols and a diamond as the main sign. So it is an honor for us to introduce another online game from the game developer Merkur. Honor because Mercury stands for the best quality, the group even operates its own game stores in USA. So it is not surprising that our expectations of the Diamonds & Fruits Slot are relatively high.

We give you the best tip in advance. You can play Diamonds & Fruits for free without registration with us. We offer the demo version of the slot machine for free and without registration. If you read our tricks and are familiar with the rules, you can start looking for a good strategy in this way. In the meantime, we tell you a little about Diamonds & Fruits from Merkur.

The slot has three reels and three rows. This manageable grid is covered by five paylines. Whenever you find three identical symbols along such a payline, a winning combination has been made. The amount of the profit can be read in the profit table. The probability of payout is 95.31%. The volatility is specified with low to medium. Although the paylines are manageable, you can look forward to frequent profits at Diamonds & Fruits Online. Incidentally, the game was released in the American online casinos in January 2018. It is therefore one of the younger ones from the manufacturer Mercury In various portals. Take advantage of the chance to get to know the slot by playing Diamonds & Fruits for free. This experience is always worthwhile, after all, it is about getting to know each other for free.

Before we devote ourselves to the gameplay, we want to bring you closer to the symbols you can expect online at Diamonds & Fruits. They are here:

  • Diamonds (about the ordinary symbols)
  • 77
  • Melon
  • Bell
  • Grapes
  • Plum
  • Lemons
  • Orang
  • Cherries

How do you play Diamonds & Fruits online?

Before you get started, you should watch the game information from Diamonds & Fruits in peace. Here you will also find the payment table with all kinds of profits that naturally depend on the use. The amount can be set between 1000 and 200,000 coins. The scattering of the risk at the Diamonds & Fruits Slot is remarkable. So that you get a better feeling for which use the account balance changes, you should take the opportunity and play Diamonds & Fruits for free.

The reels turn with a click of the mouse. Either you start the rollers handle every time, or you press the carpin. Then the game runs on itself. If you value that you continue to play with a profit at the end of a round, you must keep your fingers off the carpin. Because this skipped the Gamble feature from Diamonds & Fruits.

We immediately noticed that the manufacturer has relied on very traditional values that are actually typical of fruit slots. Diamonds & Fruits Online does without a wild symbol and without a scatter symbol. So there is neither a joker symbol nor do you have the chance of free spins. Because while you find the possibility of triggering free spins with other slots, which usually appear with more rollers and more paylines, there is unfortunately no such thing at Diamonds & Fruits. The fans of fruit slots will not disturb. Everyone else will long for these features. They also? Find it out when you play Diamonds & Fruits. You don't have to risk real money. You can play Diamonds & Fruits for free and let the whole thing work on you. The most interesting is the diamond that can ensure the highest extra win.

Gamble Feature

It is almost typical for the manufacturer that at the end of a successful rotation you have the opportunity to double the profit. Multiple if you want. Two different gamble features can be found online at Diamonds & Fruits. The risk of tickets has a tradition. A new screen is loaded. You can see a hidden card. There are also two buttons. A black and a red. You should now guess which color the symbol has on the front. Those who advise you properly doublet the operation. Whoever lies was unlucky. With "Collect Half" you can reduce the risk of total failure. Simply secure half a win. Get to know the whole thing when you play Diamonds & Fruits for free.

The risk manager is the other option with which you can play with Diamonds & Fruits due to a doubling of profit. A ladder is displayed. At the top you can see the maximum amount that is to be won. Two amounts flash alternately. One is higher than their current profit, the other lower. You just have to click at the right moment to climb up on the lead. The likelihood of going in the wrong direction is 50%. In the worst case, the Diamonds & Fruits play a total failure. Then it continues in the main game.

Play Diamonds & Fruits for free - our conclusion

We expected Diamonds & Fruits a little more. In particular, we missed the main sign in the form of the diamond before we discovered that it is a tiny additional symbol that can appear on the other signs. Seen in this way, a little positive surprise. The rest of the gameplay lacks a little versatility. But maybe our testers are spoiled by the otherwise brilliant games from the manufacturer. If you like, you can get an idea yourself and play Diamonds & Fruits for free without registration. If you also get a feeling of monotony, you can still one of the many others Casino games for free without registration try out. We have many of them as a demo version on our website.

How to play Diamonds & Fruits online for real money

If you like fruit slots, you will have a lot of fun if you can play Diamonds & Fruits for free. Usually the players long for risking real money. Then it is worth looking for an online casino that has one or the other lucrative bonus. It is certainly particularly popular and interesting here Casino bonus without deposit. These can be free spins or a small game credit. This allows you to play Diamonds & Fruits for a long time and still win a little thing with a lot of luck. Have lots of fun with it.