Gladiator's slot machine from Merkur

To this day, the Roman gladiators are considered mystical heroes and, who, as a American tourist, has already been able to roam through the time -honored Colosseum in Rome, you have been able to get an idea of this time. The fights in the Colosseum were an honor for the gladiators, but a dangerous one and for some of them it was also the last struggle of their lives. Fortunately, Gladiators from Merkur are completely harmless, but this should by no means mean that as a player from USA you only sit in front of the screen with your resting heart. Just like the Colosseum, the slot machine has some secrets that can make the online visit to the gladiators an unforgettable experience. When the fanfares sound, then the action begins and you can easily imagine the clinking of the swords and roaring the lions while playing.

While you play gladiators, you will personally meet the non -original equipment, weapons, lions and Julius Caesar on the rollers. In addition, there is a feasible gladiator, which, however, does not give you any tips for your big fight, but still uses a very special trick for the game, which may even help a big win. In order to defend themselves against beasts such as lions, the gladiators often had to put on a strategy in a short time. If you want to prepare for your meeting with lions and gladiators, you should play gladiators for free without registration. Already here you will probably even encounter many a bonus function with the Mercury the slot machine game. These give the online spectacle an even more fascinating note in the Colosseum. Get ready, because with the Gladiator's slot it goes back to old Rome!

Gladiators online at a glance

As soon as the gates of the arena opened, the fanfares sounded and the gladiators entered the sandy soil of the Colosseum, they no longer got an opportunity to take a deep breath. In contrast to the gladiators, you don't have to be afraid of losing your life when playing the gladiators. However, some experience in dealing with an ax, a sword or a sign can never hurt, which is why our recommendation is: You should play gladiators for free. A first look at our arena reveals that it has five reels and three rows. However, the background of the roller set always reminds us that we are not just here in one Play any slot machine online casino . The sandy surface emphasizes the action on the rollers and was therefore probably not chosen by Merkur.

The Gladiators Slot generally has a very good graphic that appears particularly with the main signs. While we were able to play Gladiators for free, we also noticed that the slot machine was equipped with some animations. These come to light during the bonus features and give Gladiators that certain something that is used as a player of a Merkur slot machine game. The sound effects of the slot machine game, on the other hand, ensure a perfect balance for the action of the gladiator fights in the Colosseum. When looking at the bonus functions of Gladiators, an extremely interesting rarity also revealed. The American software developer has completely dispensed with a bonus round with free spins, but upgraded the wild symbol. However, this is anything but a negative aspect, because the wild symbol can perfectly replace the missing free spins with its peculiarity. Before you play Gladiators for free without registration, you should memorize the following details about the rules and the bonus features of the slot machine game.

How to play Gladiators online

The gladiator fights in ancient Rome had their own rules, a kind of code of honor and also at Gladiators, played according to certain rules. There are fixed instructions such as interrupting the fights through Caesar at Gladiators when determining the profit. There are five fixed paylines on the reels, which means that the number cannot be changed by the player. Another fixed rule is that profit combinations have to land on the left roller. Last but not least, the rule is added that a winning combination must have at least three same symbols. However, you do not have to remember more than these three simple rules when it comes to profit determination.

You can already memorize these twelve symbols if you play the slot machine in the casino without registration:

  • Letters and numbers from 9 to a
  • An axe
  • A helmet
  • A charging car
  • A lion
  • Julius Cäsar
  • The gladiator as a wild symbol

The wild symbol

Since there is no free spins in ancient Rome, the game symbol at Gladiators is not just a wild symbol that is known from other machines. Of course, this should not mean that the gladiator, which embodies the wild symbol, does not also have the basic ability to replace all other motifs. Everyone else is because no scatter symbol is required without free turns. One of the first discoveries they make while playing gladiators for free is that the gladiator can only appear on the rollers two, three and four. However, the special function of the gladiator at Gladiators online is even more important. If he ends up and thereby come about a combination of profits, he expands and takes up the entire roller. As a result, all three rows of a roller are also equipped with wild symbols and the chances of winning are even better!

The risk games

The ancient Romans do not stay with complicated games. When Caesar lifts or reduces his thumb, then it often means everything or nothing. In relation to gladiators, this also means a 50/50 chance. Only this is not a 50/50 chance to leave the arena alive, but to win or lose a 50/50 chance. Because with the two risk games of the slot machine, you have exactly the 50/50 chance to increase your profit with the winning manager or even to double with the card game. If you are unlucky, the winning ladder goes down a level, which can lead to either getting another chance or the profit is lost. However, the risk of tickets is always about doubling or losing. If you want to find out which of the two games you are more like or just enjoy more, you can play Gladiators for free and try both options completely for free. When playing the card, the challenge is to correctly predict the colors of the next playing cards. The risk manager of Gladiators, on the other hand, is simply upwards or downwards at the profit level. Both risk games have a maximum profit limit of 1.4 million coins.

Play the conclusion and gladiators for free

This historical slot machine was able to convince us straight away. Gladiators offers many advantages that give beginners and also experienced players fun, excitement and lots of exciting moments. The bonus functions are extremely different, especially that the American developers have been avoided in favor of an expanding game symbol, we liked it very much. The two risk games also not only bring variety to the Colosseum, but also offer the opportunity to increase its profit in a particularly exciting way. A pretty good RTP of 95.94%comes to all of this.

You have to have experienced these slot machines yourself and that is exactly what you can do here by us by Play casino games for free without registration.

Play gladiators online with real money

How about if the adventure in the old Rome with one Casino bonus without deposit begins? Register in an online casino and let your journey through time start with a bonus like this.