Raptor Hunter on treasure hunt in the dinosaur country

The primeval times have always been one of the most popular topics in children. But at the latest since the film series "Jurassic Park" hit cinemas in the 1990s, such as a meteorite, dinosaurs have been inspiring more and more adults. This phenomenon is also known to the developer Merkur, who throws his hat into the ring with the machine game Raptor Hunter.

The game manages to offer a prehistoric atmosphere very well, which is reminiscent of the old series "Turok" or the "Jurassic Park" films. This sets Mercury First with suitable game symbols. Most of the characters consists of stone slabs with incised images, which represent dinosaurs, eyes or footprints. But some human protagonists also mingle with the setting. So you meet a paleontologist who strongly reminds of the main role from the films. But a native shaman with a blue -painted face also shows itself and causes an exciting surprise. The stars of Raptor Hunter are undoubtedly the title -giving raptors. These are dangerous dinosaurs who love to hunt people. So it is up to you to turn the tables and discover large treasures in the country of Raptor Hunter online.

In this article we will inform you what is important when playing Raptor Hunter and show how the most important symbols work together. This helps you to get to know the rules and develop your own strategy. We do not save with tips and tricks that will make your game easier.

In particular, we will show you how to play Raptor Hunter for free without registration - and that is completely non -binding. The big advantage of trying out the game for free and without registration is that you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay free of charge. This in turn makes it easier in a game of real money to assess its chances of winning because the slot machine is already known.

Raptor Hunter combines appealing design with exciting gameplay

The basic structure of Raptor Hunter Online consists of three rows and five reels. This system corresponds to the proven structure of most slot machines. Several paylines run over this field, on which you have to earn the respective winning combinations. You can make a single assignment on each of these paylines. Depending on how risky you are, you more or less divide your overall assignment. In total, Raptor Hunter from Merkur offers five different paylines that you can include in playing Raptor Hunter.

The common winning combinations always consist of the same symbol, which has to appear side by side at least three times on a payline.

The main signs of the slot machine include:

  • Two different dinosaurs
  • A circle and a triangle in red
  • A circle in blue
  • A yellow circle with the dino silhouette in the middle
  • A green square
  • A violet diamond

But apart from that, the Raptor Hunter Slot still has some special features.

The scientist as a wild symbol

Almost every high -quality slot has a wild symbol. This special character is a kind of joker that fits into existing profit combinations without any problems. In this way, unexpected profits can be released. In the Raptor Hunter Slot, the main sign acts as a wild symbol: the scientist. This helps the player to find the right trace to the treasure and jump into incomplete combinations.

Shamanin as a mysterious scatter symbol

The scatter symbol at Raptor Hunter Online is the mysterious shaman who once appears here in the jungle. This is also due to this - so Scatter symbols do not have to be on a payline in order to develop their effect. At Raptor Hunter Online, this special mechanics that up to 25 free spins are activated. Free spins is a feature that enables Raptor Hunter to play for free. So this offers the chance of additional profits and other exciting players without having to make an extra use.

The gamble feature provides additional thrills

The experience of playing the Raptor Hunter is made even more exciting by the Gamble feature. So you can convert any round of the game won in Raptor Hunter into a Gamble game. In this way you can get more out of your profits. The risk of course lies in the fact that you can also lose your payment that has just been achieved. Merkur places great emphasis on variety, which is why the player can counter a risk manager and a risk of tickets.

With Raptor Hunter, a prehistoric adventure is waiting for you

The popular developer's dinosaurs is impressive. The setting is implemented atmospherically and is supported with many exciting game mechanics. The raptors represent the dangerous robbers of the game, but also offer the most extensive profits. In order to defuse the matter, however, the player and the shaman are at the side. And the best thing is that you can enjoy the nerve -wracking hunt online in complete security.

If you are now interested in playing Raptor Hunter for free, you don't have to look for long. With us you can Casino games for free without registration try out. In this way you can check in peace whether you like Raptor Hunter. The advantage of playing Raptor Hunter for free and being able to test without registration is that you can take the time to familiarize yourself with the gameplay. We also focus particularly on good service for the American players. For this reason, you can play Raptor Hunter for free in American. So if you are looking for the adventure without having to register in a casino, you are exactly right with us.

Raptor Hunter can play for free with an attractive bonus

If you have been playing for free for free for a few rounds of Raptor Hunter without registration and you like the title, it is recommended to switch to an online casino. But don't just choose any provider. There are many characteristics where you can recognize worthwhile casinos. The most important thing is the bonus package, which provide virtual arcades with new players. There are also numerous providers for players in USA who have attractive bonus systems.

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