Eye of Horus slot machine from Merkur

With the Eye of Horu's machine game, the developer represents Mercury All players before the big task of deciphering panel paintings in the tomb of a pharaoh from the ancient Egyptian empire to reveal a great treasure. The old Egypt is one of the most popular topics in the casino scene. It is therefore not questionable that the software giant Merkur did not miss this opportunity and contributed to this many years ago with the Eye of Horus Slot.

The slot machine is officially recognized as the successor to the Book of RA series. Similarities can be seen primarily in terms of design. However, this somewhat more modern slot machine surprises with strong special features when there are bonus games and chances of winning. In our detailed report, learn everything about the masterpiece of the WELTMATE WELT and also find out how you play Eye of Horus for free without registration!

Discover Eye of Horus Online

There is probably hardly a person in this world who is not captivated by the rich and fascinating history of Egypt. After all, this is one of the most important stories. The belief in animal deities brings with it a certain interest. For this reason, there are so many slot machines on the topic in the online casino and attract numerous players with this strategy.

Eye of Horus is no exception, but the game is clearly one of the big favorites in this genre. With this slot machine, for example, this slot machine is positive that the design has been deliberately designed, fits the topic, but does not distract from the essentials with a lot of frills and animations. This is an important feature of all Merkur games. The operator attaches great importance to making his games clear, but not overdoing it. Modern slot machines of today often overwhelm the senses with too much bling bling and exaggerated details.

Eye of Horus von Merkur

Let us take a closer look at the slot machine that celebrates lengthy success. At first glance, it seems to be a very classic, somewhat aging machine. The graphics may seem somewhat outdated to some players, but it is precisely this retro touch that also brings its special charm and immerses them in a cozy casino atmosphere.

The background of the game can be seen on the stone walls of the old temple of the Egyptian empire. There is not particularly much to be seen here, because the actual event takes place on the rollers. Here is broken with numerous ancient Egyptian symbols. It quickly becomes known in which epoch you are here. The following belong to the graphically sophisticated symbols:

  • Horus
  • Large gates as the entrance to the temple
  • The Horus eye
  • The Sphinx dog Anubis
  • A falcon
  • Two crosses
  • Two compartments
  • A skarabeus

These symbols are the main signs. In addition, the usual card corner symbols A, K, Q, J and 10 can also be found on the reels. These are considered less valuable.

All symbols are distributed on a roller network consisting of 5 rollers and 3 rows. So it is a very typical slot structure.

User interface of the slot machine

The user interface also looks just as uncomplicated as the playing field is structured. All areas and buttons are clearly marked and hardly leave any questions open to the player. Nevertheless, we want to take a look at what functions you find and what settings you can make before the start.

  • Credits: Your available credit is displayed in this window.
  • Change Lines: Set the desired number of active paylines using the button.
  • Change Bet: This button allows you to increase or reduce your use.
  • Total Bet: It shows how high your overall assignment for the spin is.
  • Bet/Line: This display represents the use per active payline.
  • Start: Press this button to start a spin.
  • Auto: With this button you activate the autoplay function and allow the computer to automatically carry out spins. You can define the number of car pins and have the choice between 5 and 99 spins, which you can stop at any time. Make sure you have previously set the desired use.
  • "I": The blue stored button can be found in the upper right corner of the game. This leads you to the payment table and continues to provide information about the automatic bonus functions.

How to start Eye of Horus Online

Before you can start with the great pleasure and the treasure hunt in the old pyramids and temple sites, you have to make some settings. First and foremost, determine how many paylines you want to play with. You can activate a maximum of 10 paylines. But one is enough to get started. The more lines are active, the higher the chances of winning, because a profit is only achieved if a combination of the same symbols ends up on an active line. On the other hand, you also have to provide a higher commitment for each other active line. The distribution of the paylines is displayed on the side of the slot machine and these appear when you change the number of lines via the "Change Lines" button.

In the next step, define the height of your commitment. You can already play with a use of just 0.01 coins per payline. You can set a maximum of 2.00 coins for each active line, which leads to a possible total assignment of 20.00 coins when playing with all paylines. Then only think about whether you want to play manually or in autoplay mode. If it is your first round at the Eye of Horus Automats, we naturally recommend that you do a few laps independently.

So they play Eye of Horus

All settings are made, it goes down. Basically, the game is of course about beating the machine and making profits. This is done as usual, in that at least three identical symbols come to a standstill on an active payline. You must appear in neighboring positions. You can already give all standard symbols with one or the other good profit. As you already know, your chances of winning increase if you play with the entire number of available paylines.

However, there are also one or the other peculiarity of wild symbols and scatter symbols, which can lead to a strand of luck triggered and the chances of winning are increased. As always, these symbols occur by chance and cannot be influenced by them. This means that a certain strategy or tips and tricks can actually only be applied to the game behavior itself with regard to the inserts, but not.

Pull the joker in the game!

Your eyes should be particularly focused on the Horus. This represents the wild symbol and, as such, has the function of a joker. He can replace all symbols in the game, except that of the temple gates. It will be useful for you to complete profit combinations. It can also ensure that profits are increased by expanding an existing combination.

However, the Horus is not just a simple wild symbol, as you may know it, but a so -called expanding wild. This means that the symbol spreads to the entire roller as soon as it comes to land and thus takes all positions of the roller. This increases the chances of winning enormously.

Eye of Horus Free play with free spins

The symbol of the temple gates occupies the role of the scatter symbol. As you may already know it, this is responsible for triggering free spins. To get this bonus, at least three scatter symbols have to land on the rollers. Then 12 free spins are triggered immediately. During the free spins there is another bonus that promises higher profits and the possibility of additional free spins.

The wild symbol of the Horus ensures further special features. Whenever there are one, two or three times, it triggers two or three more free spins according to the number one, two or three. So you have the chance to spend a lot of time with the free play round and always add more free spins. In addition, the wild symbol not only replaces other symbols, but also increases the value of all standard symbols and therefore enables even higher payouts for profit combinations.

Play with the Gamble function for your profits

There is another way to get your entertainment costs with the Eye of Horus slot machine. This lies in the Gamble function. If you are already a big fan of the manufacturer's machines, this function will not be strange to you because it is part of all games.

The Gamble function comes into play as soon as you have achieved a winning combination. You then have the option of either moving in and having your credit credited directly or you can again play the profit and take the chance to double it. If you would like to put your profit on the high edge again, select one of the flashing "Gamble Red" or "Gamble Black" buttons in the user interface. They are then led to the game surface for the gambling.

You are now seeing a hidden playing card. In order for you to win, you must guess the color of this card - red or black. If you are correct, your profit will be doubled and you can repeat the whole thing up to five times. However, once you are wrong, your entire profit flutes and it goes back to the main game.

Here you can play Eye of Horus for free!

If we draw a conclusion to the Eye of Horus slot machine, this can convince with really simple rules and exciting functions. The graphics take the player into a legendary time and offer the chance to experience them up close - and to revive them. The good chances of winning ensure the rest and for many players increase the appeal of the machine.

If you would rather play Eye of Horus for free, you also have the opportunity. You should actually use them to build up a strategy and enjoy pure entertainment. In this way you can familiarize yourself with the play and maybe find out some tricks yourself.

On our side you can Play slot machines for free without registration. This has advantages for you because you do not have to create an account and reveal information. Choose your desired game and start doing a few laps. Of course you can also play Eye of Horus for free.

Play for real money in the best online casinos!

As soon as the gameplay is no longer alien and you want to bring your experience to another level after the Eye of Horus for free, you can in one of the Best online casinos of course also play for real money. This slot machine is particularly suitable for the fact that newcomers to lay their first missions because it comes with an RTP of 96.31%. Behind it is the payout rate of a slot machine that specifies how many players are paid out on the slot machine measured on a long -term period of time. If this quota is over 96%, you can speak of a really good game with the best chances.

If you have found a serious online casino that operates the slot machine, you can almost get started. However, we recommend that you first find out whether the provider is not one Casino bonus without deposit published. This would be your chance to play real money without having to initiate a deposit first. As a new customer, you can use a welcome bonus in most casinos that can be different. You could receive a starting credit, a bonus for your first deposit or a few free spins that you can use at certain or any games. With a casino bonus you can get the best out of your games.

Before you start in a casino of your choice, you should also make sure that it is a reputable and safe provider. To avoid problems, you can choose one of the best online casinos. We put the provider through its paces and list only trustworthy sides. Playing in the casino means taking responsibility. Your security comes first. If all lights are on green, we wish you a lot of fun with a few entertaining hours on new or old slot machines!


Where are slot machines like Eye of Horus?

The Slot Eye of Horus comes from Merkur. The group had withdrawn from the online casinos at the end of 2017, so that Eye of Horus was no longer found in real money mode. Mercury is now back and the slot can be played in some casinos with Mercury games. With us you will find the title in a free variant. Ideal to practice before investing real money for the first time.