Wild Horses slot machine from Novoline

Those who like fairy tales, enchanted worlds, myths and myths will also love Wild Horses. Wild Horses is an online machine game from the manufacturer Novoline. We find a wonderful game here that was programmed by one of the best and best -known developers for casino games. The story is simply described: good against evil, angels against the devil or white unicorn against black stallion. We are already in the middle of the topic. In the following we will introduce you to Wild Horses from Novoline in detail and bring everything closer to the rules, tips and tricks. If you are looking for a strategy that leads to win at slots, we want to be the ones who pave the way there to find one. This offer also includes that you can practice the game for free and without registration. As? We have the demo version of Wild Horses online. This means that you can play Wild Horses for free without registration with us.

So that you get a better picture of this slot machine, we want to give a few numbers and facts that characterize the video slot and make it comparable with others. Novoline ensured that the Wild Horses Slots appeared in March 2014. The game is therefore no longer a very young one, but still hits the nerve of the Americans, like the access figures in the Online casinos in USA demonstrate. That is not by accident. After all, there are five reels and four visible rows at Wild Horses. Up to 50 paylines can be provided with its use. With a theoretical probability of 95% and high volatility, the mix of chance and risk is definitely right. If you like, you can convince yourself and play wild Horses for free.

The question is which symbols are rushing over the screen here. We are from Novoline The best quality gets used to and await us accordingly beautiful symbols. And that's them:

  • Logo of Wild Horses (wild symbol)
  • Scatter Symbol
  • White unicorn
  • Black Stallion
  • Blue pearl with angel wings
  • Red pearl with devil horns
  • Card symbols (A - K - Q - J - 10 - 9)

In addition to the main signs in the form of the horses, there is only a handful of symbols that give minor profits. We look forward to a broad spread of profits and great features.

How do you play wild Horses online?

As soon as the game is loaded, the Wild Horses play can start. First of all, however, a game of game is needed that can be set variably. The missions are between 1 and 200 credits per payline, the number of lines can also be set. There are a maximum of 50 of them. The scatter of your own risk is immense at Wild Horses. Choose the use as if you are with Play real money And get to know your own possibilities.

Also treat yourself to a look at the payment table. She reveals how big the winnings can be when playing and which profit combinations are particularly bearable. You have the choice between manual rotations and the autoplay function. If you like to give up the helm to the computer, you cannot use the Gamble Feature at Wild Horses Online. The rollers stop on themselves and any profits are displayed immediately. The following features also furnished the gameplay. Get to know them in peace when they play wild Horses for free. We try to put the whole thing into words.

Wild Symbol

The logo is the wild symbol and replaces all other characters, so it ensures increased and larger profits. You are happy about every appearance of the game.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol appears only on the rollers two, three and four. If you see three scatter on the roles at the end of the rotation, ten free spins are activated. With the Wild Horses slot, these are not just free spins, but they are free rotations with the Horse Power mode. At the beginning of the free spins one of the two horses is selected and hopes that the chosen one will appear more often in the course of the ten free spins than the other. If this is the case, it goes into the extension and you get ten more free spins. This is repeated in the Wild Horses playing until you are wrong. If you can't quite imagine the process, you should play Wild Horses for free and just try it out for free. You can see how the whole thing works.

Gamble Feature

If you play in manual mode, you can continue to play with every win at the end of a round if you want. You just click on "Gamble" and a new screen is loaded. It is important to guess the symbol color of the front of the hidden map. If you are correct, the profit is doubled, you are wrong, this feature is over again at Wild Horses online. Theoretically you can double up to five times. Then the maximum is achieved.

Conclusion: play wild horses for free

Wild Horses is a typical game from the manufacturer. Quality of the symbols and the gameplay are perfect. The story of the slot is simple and yet enchanting. You are happy about every shoot, especially when one of the features is triggered. The free spins are definitely the highlight of Wild Horses. They also burn on it when they play wild Horses for free, even though it is basically nothing. Amazingly large profits even throw off the main rounds. Namely, when there is a lot of stacked symbols, i.e. stacked characters such as wild symbols. If you have become curious, you should play Wild Horses for free without registration and let it work on you. In general you can do many others with us Casino games for free without registration try out. Certainly your next favorite game is there.

How to play Wild Horses online for real money

The thought that you can play wild Horses for free is nice. It is even nicer for most of us if you also play Wild Horses for real money. So that you can find the best online casino, you should make sure that this has the game in your portfolio and that there is a good bonus that makes getting started cheap. A Casino bonus without deposit Would be just right here. You could use it for Wild Horses right away and try to make real profits. If the luck is hold, you can even have a little thing paid out at the end of the story. Good luck with it.