Where can I play Viking Runecraft slot machines?

Against the background of your screen you can see ice cream-covered mountains and a Viking warrior. You can play Viking Runecraft for free or look for a serious online casino and play for real money!

With a 7 × 7 grid, profits are generated if 5 or more symbols touch horizontally or vertically. These disappear and others fall from above. That's why this game of Play’n Go is different. It is not about rollers that rotate, but symbols the down.

It is a special game with other rules. Play’n Go gave users the chance that Playing the slot machine games for free, without registration - in a trustworthy online casino - so that you can find yourself in the game. You may be wondering why this should be done in a reputable online casino when it comes to free slot machines, but you would certainly like to set real money in the online casino when you see how much fun it is and how lucrative the slot with that Viking Runecraft can be bonus. So it is good to be in the corresponding casino so as not to have to change again.

How can you win Viking Runecraft?

You start as a journeyman and every step takes you closer to Valhalla. But as with every good Viking warrior, their happiness also depends on the gods. They rise in the levels by making profits via the meters displayed on the screen.

You will see a counter that is loaded with every winning. He is also responsible for activating the 4 Charge of Destruction.

  • The most lucrative of the games is the “Scorching of Surtr”, here 3 symbols are set, the symbols lying side by side burn.
  • The Ragnarök function gives you 1 free shoot with a multiplier gain of up to 15 x. There are 4 gods in this mode. If you extinguish the sign of every God, you get to the next level.

It is a slot with a cascading function. This simply means that profit combinations are given if you meet 5 or more profit combinations in a grid (horizontally or vertical). The nice thing about the function is, as long as you win new symbols, keep appearing.

Most important rules of the game at a glance

Let us return to the 'Charge Meter' again. It is burdened by every profit, but if it is full, one of the 4 bonus modes Charge of Destruction is unlocked:

Die Fury of Fenrir - Symbols with 4 diagonal lines are interrupted by removing two lines and converted into the same symbol.
Judgement of Jörmungand - In an uninterrupted episode, symbols are destroyed and converted into the same random symbol.
Scorching of Surtr - During this function, 3 symbols are set in flames, which also causes the neighboring symbols. The net result is a core of symbols that caught fire by forming new ones that offer them a decent cash prize.
Lure of Loki - 2 symbols are selected here. One symbol is removed from the grid while the other symbol is converted into another.

As soon as one of the 4 Charge of Destruction functions is completed, you have to fill up the “Charge Meter” again to unlock one of the bonus functions.

The minimum insert per spin begins with $ 10 to $ 100, which makes it an ideal slot for high scooters.