Unicorn Magic Free Games from Novoline

A pretty princess, dwarfs, a bird griffin and other figures from the world of fairy tales and fantasy stories frolic at Unicorn Magic from Novoline on the screen. The Unicorn Magic Slot is obviously older and cannot hide this everywhere. Nevertheless, the slot machine in USA has many fans, not least because the developer Novoline has produced some absolute classics. On our site you can play Unicorn Magic for free without registration and familiarize yourself with all the features of the slot. We present the slot machine game and its special features.

Structure and characteristics

Unicorn Magic is structured like most classic machines. On five reels, three rows are filled with different symbols one after the other. The goal is to meet as many of the same and high -quality symbols as possible on the paylines. With Unicorn Magic, it always counts from left to right. The paylines can be set before any spin. You can choose between one, three, five, seven and nine lines. We cannot give you a strategy here, but there are still some practical tips and tricks to consider. If you want to play with little use, we still recommend that you select the maximum number of paylines and reduce the use per line. Otherwise, profits are less often achieved and the fun can suffer. You can also play unicorn magic on our page and test the slot so extensively.

Design und Sound

Unicorn Magic Online was released in 2015. The game cannot keep up with the latest slots, but the somewhat dusty look has its own charm. Fruits, for example, hardly develop visually and still inspire players worldwide with great gameplay.

The symbols at Unicorn Magic online are consistently lovingly designed. You shouldn't expect elaborate animations or razor -sharp textures. The background noise is like most Novoline slot machine Keeped and reminded of classic machines and one -armed bandits quite simple. Unfortunately, no topic is integrated. Those who get along with it will have a lot of fun with Unicorn Magic. Everyone else can simply issue the sound at the top right. It is best to determine whether the design suits you by playing Unicorn Magic for free without registration.

So you can play unicorn magic

The rules of the slot machine Unicorn Magic are not difficult to internalize. As soon as three or even two equal symbols appear on a payline or in some pictures, the machine releases a profit. With four or five same characters, the proceeds are of course higher. You also have the opportunity to play a few laps on your cell phone or tablet for free and without registration. Incidentally, the rules can be viewed in the short version under “Paytable”.


If you play Unicorn Magic and put the use on 9 coins, the following profits with the individual symbols are possible:

  • The unicorn: The fabulous creature that gave the Unicorn Magic the name is the best main sign in the game. The maximum profit is 9,000 coins here! But not only that: it is also the wild symbol at Unicorn Magic Online and is able to replace other symbols, which can create great winning combinations. In its function as wild, it also doubles the respective profits.
  • The beautiful princess: The blonde lady with the crown can bring 1500 coins on a payline.
  • The gripping: The mythical animal with the head and claw of an eagle and the body of a lion is not only found on many coats of arms, but also made it into the Unicorn Magic Slot. There are up to 1500 coins for them here.
  • The toad mushrooms: The three red mushrooms have a profit potential of 500 coins.
  • The dwarfs: These small figures can also bring in a maximum of 500 coins.
  • The map symbols: Even with Unicorn Magic, the symbols that are known from commercially available playing cards take the role as a sign with the lowest payment. In the best case, there are 250 coins for you.
  • The living trees: Last but not least, we naturally also want to mention the scatter symbol! With five of these pictures, the profit is 4,500 coins! In addition, the free spins are triggered with three stray symbols.

Free spins and Gamble Feature

The scatter symbol is reminiscent of the resulting from the fantasy classic “Lord of the Rings”. The living trees are their best friend at Unicorn Magic: regardless of the position on the rollers, a profit is paid out and three of the symbols trigger 15 free spins. A triple multiplier is activated in these free shoots. With a little luck, the profits from the free spins can also rapidly rapidly. This multiplier is also combined with the X2 multiplier, which the unicorn uses as wild. It is best to understand what kind of profit potential is created if you play Unicorn Magic for free.

In addition to the bonus feature, there is also the Gamble option. As in many games, a profit achieved with Unicorn Magic can be bet on the color of a hidden card. With a real tip, the sum is doubled, otherwise they go away empty -handed. The chance is 50:50 in every round and for every player. Here again the big advantage from our site compared to conventional casinos comes into play: You can play Unicorn Magic for free and test the feature without your own risk before risking your own money.

Another practical function is the autoplay feature. It is simply relaxed not to have to press every spin yourself. However, the Gamble option is not available with Autoplay.

Conclusion: Play Unicorn Magic for free

On our platform you have the opportunity to test the game for free. This is not only a fun pastime, but also completely risk -free. With us you can play the original version of Unicorn Magic for free. Anyone who likes Novoline slots will quickly find their way around UNicorn Magic. With us you will find a large selection of slots for maximum variety and can Casino games for free without registration enjoy.

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