Where can I play Turn your Fortune slot machines?

The focus of this new machine game focuses on the rounds in which the players receive coin gains that can be increased by collecting symbols on the rollers. The players can increase the Fortune-Wins by filling the counter with collected symbols. When the key symbol ends up on the rollers during the Fortune Respers, the Fortune winnings rise. You are welcome to play the turn your Fortune for free or set real money in the online casino and experience the real thrill!

Also in this new game, the Net Entertainment fans can use a demo mode by playing slots for free, without registration. To enjoy free slot machines, just go to a serious online casino and click on the slot. Now the game in the demo mode is presented to you so that you can get to know the slot machine exactly before you play for real money. How does the slot work? How often does the turn your Fortune bonus appear during the game rounds? You can find out quickly when you Playing the slot machines with play coins for free!

How can you win at turn your Fortune?

The symbols that appear in the turn your Fortune Wins - the bar are:

  • A lion
  • a turtle
  • a fish
  • an owl and a snail

They all have different color schemes and are visually very appealing.
The game also has a scatter, game and key symbol (only for free spins). The maximum profit in the basic game is 400 times, which can be achieved with a full screen of the lion symbols.
The game also has four low -paying symbols from J to A.

Of course, the goal is to fill up the counter what you can do by landable symbols or key symbols. In any case, the collectable symbol is the symbol of the winning combination that triggered the repetitions and helps them to go through the steps. Only these collectible symbols and the key symbol can land on the rollers during the repeat processes, while other role positions are simply empty. The collectable symbols stop during the new turns. When the key symbol ends up, the players immediately climb the Fortune Winsmeter.

Most important rules of the game at a glance

If you get 3 or more Pfau-Scatter on the roller on the turn your Fortune slot, trigger the free play function. You first have to stop the free spins bike to see how many free spins you can achieve. This could be between 7 and 13. This bike also determines the collectable symbol for this round and whether you or not with level 2, 3 or 4 of the games of chance!

During the free spins, all symbols can land on the rollers, although only the can be collected can let the counter up. This time you also have to fill up the counter by 20 fields to push the Fortune Wins cylinder up, but a special +10-collector symbol that can end up on the 2nd roll will help you to achieve filling faster! If you land another scatter during the free spins, you will receive an additional rotation. In contrast to the Respins, the Fortune-Wins function can reward you up to 2,000 times during the free play round!