Overview and features free games from Novoline

Happiness lies symbolically at the foot of a rainbow, where it is preserved by small green goblins in a golden pot in the form of coins. This principle is also based on the top o 'The Money Slot, which Novoline developed. With a good game idea and fun features, the slot machine inspires the lovers of the casino in USA. Also chase the treasure with the funny goblins with a glass of Guinness by playing Top O 'The Money for free without registration. In the following you will learn how the free machine game works and what needs to be considered.


You will immediately notice what it is about if you play Top O 'The Money online for free. Everywhere, shamrocks emerge as symbols of happiness in the online game. Suitable, the background shows an Irish meadow landscape with trees and wide hills. Together with the wooden look of the rollers, there is a coherent picture that ensures the right atmosphere when you play top o 'The Money for free. Novoline So offers a presentation here that promises long -lasting fun. The rainbow that appears in the sky is a nice addition, which shows itself when a round has been won. In addition, the weather changes every now and then, so it begins to drizzle. Really Irish.


Due to the successful look, the fact that Novoline does not incorporate a complex soundscape in Top O 'The Money. You will only hear the cheerful little melody that runs when you turn the rollers when you play top o 'The Money for free. If you prefer to play completely without sound, you can also switch off the sound at any time by a simple click in the upper right corner.

How to play Top O 'The Money Online

Top O ’The Money is not only good as a pastime for veterans of the arcade. Even newcomers can take their first steps here Slot machine Make and get used to it without registration. The rules of the top o 'The Money Slot are easy to learn and largely correspond to those of other machines. In front of you you can see 5 rollers with 4 rows of symbols each. The rollers extend in winning lines on which it is important to achieve profit combinations and thus make profits.

Unfortunately, you don't have how many paylines you want to try your luck if you play top o 'The Money for free. The game is played with all 20 lines.


The individual symbols are also seamless, which of course is mainly about Top O 'The Money. These are lovingly drawn and ensure that you always know what you are when you play top o 'The Money. The main signs are perfectly subordinate to the topic and therefore almost all have a reference to the lucky charts from Ireland. You can meet the following main signs if you play top o 'The Money online. Behind it you can see how often the symbol in question must appear so that you can make a profit.

  • 10, J, Q, K, A (3x)
  • Guinness und Violine (3x)
  • Tobacco pipe and Kobold (3x)
  • "Top O 'The Money"- lettering (3x)

These main signs are supplemented by the wild symbol at Top O 'The Money. This is, how should it be otherwise, embodied by a four -leaf clover. We come to the functioning of this character in more detail.

Special functions

For Novoline atypically, Top O 'The Money is online without a scatter symbol. However, this is compensated for by the large number of other mechanics, so that they can play top o 'The Money without missing such a symbol.

So when the player reaches a profit combination, remove the fields involved and slide new symbols, quasi as a free spin, from above, to enable more profits if you play Top o 'The Money for free venture with the real missions.

In addition, a goblin randomly appears on the roller, which turns a wheel that can make enormous profits.

Wild Symbol

You don't have to do without a wild symbol while playing top o 'The Money for free. As usual, this can replace all other symbols to complete or expand profit combinations.

Free spins

You can also earn free spins. A arrow moves over stacked profits towards a free spy symbol. So you can continue to drive your profits up

Gamble Feature

In order to make the gaming experience a little more attractive, a gamble feature was installed at Top O 'The Money, as you can do with the other machines from Online casinos knows. This enables you to multiply your profit even after the rounds won. All you have to do is press the corresponding button before you have collected your profit. You then see a number of playing cards and you can bet on which color is uncovered as the next. If you are correct, your profit will be doubled at Top O 'The Money. But be careful: if you are wrong, your profit dissolves in air.

tips and tricks

First choose a more careful strategy and play with lower inserts to get used to the game and to familiarize yourself with the rules.

If the constant manual click is too annoying for you to start a round, you can activate the autoplay function, which automatically executes your spins and thus decreases the work.

Top O 'The Money Play for free without registration

It is worth trying this slot yourself. You should first test with play money whether the slot machine is something for you. For this you can experience casino games for free without registration and see if top o 'The Money is for you.

Play Top O 'The Money for real money

If you have then won, you can increase the operations and play for real profits. This is advisable to pay attention to which American providers you will receive a good bonus for registration. To simplify this, you will find a variety of providers with us Casino bonus without deposit waves. So you already have starting capital when you start playing.