Tres amigos overview and features

Sombreros, Burritos and Tequila - Novoline invites you to Siesta. With this new slot machine, the player can virtually take a detour to Mexico with TRES Amigos, as the name suggests. You don't even have to leave the house for that. And best of all: You can play TRES Amigos for free without registration. We show you how the slot machine game is going and what needs to be considered.

A look is definitely worthwhile, because the developers of Novoline made every trouble in this game to present the user a real Mexican online experience.


In the loose cartoon look, the TRES Amigo's slot comes from, where you will not be fed up too quickly while playing. Loving details in the drawings and a well -selected color selection provide the right mood, regardless of whether you play Tres Amigos for free or challenge your luck in a arcade with real money ..

The background is bright orange, which impressively symbolizes the setting sun of the Mexico desert. The rollers are shown at TRES Amigos by sandy beige. As usual, the roles can then be seen, as usual, the controllers to set the use, the overview of the symbols of TRES Amigos and the start button.


Tres Amigos manages without any poem, as you know it from other slot machines. In addition to the successful design, this also ensures a pleasant atmosphere if you play Tres Amigos for free or enjoy the slot for real money. But boredom does not threaten because funny sound effects are played when the rollers are turned.


For Novoline, TRES Amigos is equipped with not so many setting options. So you can only switch the sound on or off and put the game on full screen.

So Tres Amigos is played online

This machine is suitable for die -hard arcade as well as for newcomers who simply once Free and without registration want to sniff the air in the online casino. The rules are easy to learn and correspond to those of others Slot machine.

There are 5 rollers with three rows of symbols each. There are various paylines on these rollers, on which it is important to achieve profit combinations by lined up the same symbol several times. Profit combinations are always formed from the left roller to the right. The number of paylines is variable and can be determined by the player. The more profit lines are set, the higher the use is of course the chance to make profits.


The symbols are drawn in detail, to be recognized at a glance and to distinguish them from each other. This never becomes confusing and you will always keep an eye on whether you are expecting a win or not, even if you play TRES Amigos for free. The following main signs can be found in the game. The number behind it indicates how often the respective symbol must appear to release a profit.

  • 10, J, Q (3x)
  • K, A (3x)
  • Burrito (3x)
  • Tequila (3x)
  • Cactus (ZKS)
  • Honey (X)

These main symbols are supplemented by the following special symbols:

  • Red chili pepper as a wild symbol
  • Sombrero as a scatter symbol

We will take a closer look at the functioning of these two symbols.

You can definitely hope for the appearance of the red chilli pepper if you play Tres Amigos. As a wild symbol, this is able to replace all other symbols and thus achieve larger profit combinations in order to enable even higher profits.

And you also do not need to do without a scatter symbol at the TRES Amigos Slot. If you are lucky enough to meet the Sombrero on rollers 1, 3 and 5, switch on 10 free spins and your original profit is doubled. If the scatter appears again in the free spins, you can earn more free spins. So Tres Amigos really won't be stingy with winning opportunities.


You can of course set and adjust the amount of the use to be provided at TRES Amigos before each round. In the course of this, you can also determine how many paylines you want to play Tres Amigos. The minimum is 1 and at most can be played with 20 paylines. This also has an impact on the use because they pay it for every line. The minimum insert per line is 1 credit and a maximum of you can risk 100 credits per line.

Gamble Feature

If you feel particularly daring, you can make use of the gamble feature after a round won. This enables you to double the profit. To do this, you have to bet from a number of playing cards on which color is uncovered as the next. If you are correct, your profit will be doubled and you have the opportunity to try to double the profit again by correct typing. But be careful: as soon as they are wrong, it was with their profit.

tips and tricks

Especially when you play online as a beginner TRENIGOS, you should first familiarize yourself with the functions and the playing style of the slot. It is advisable to start with smaller inserts and not to risk too much. In this way you can play TRES Amigos for free and get to know the game in order to prepare a suitable strategy.

It also simplifies playing when you activate the autoplay function. The spins are then carried out automatically, so that you do not always have to initiate the new rotation individually after each round.

Play the tres amigos for free without registration

It tingles you in your fingers and you can't wait to play even tres amigos online? Then we have good news for you. On our site you can play TRES Amigos for free to familiarize yourself with the game and test without risk whether the game is something for you. For this you can test casino games for free without registration.

Play Tres Amigos online for real money

You can then collect real profits by playing Tres Amigos for real money after taking a close look at the slot machine for free. It is worthwhile to pay attention to which American casinos offer you good Willkommenpämien. With us you will find numerous providers from USA that provide you with attractive bonuses. Some even offer them one Casino bonus without deposit. So you can start playing immediately after registration and already have a start -up capital.