The Real King: Gold Records from Novoline: With this slot machine game, Elvis comes to life again

Elvis lives! Everyone has probably heard of this saying before. In fact, it is rather doubtful whether the King of Rock ’n’ roll is still alive. Even if Elvis is now history, he experiences in American casino With the Real King: Gold Records slot a resurrection. This wonderfully funny and slightly kitschy slot is not only something for big friends of music and rock, but also for players who value good entertainment and exciting rules.

If you want to play the Real King: Gold Records for free, you will find a game in this slot that presents itself with a classic structure. There are ten paylines, the number of which can be set between 1 and 10, and the beautifully designed main signs are spread over five reels. If you want to play the Real King: Gold Records for free and is already sure of your commitment to the game of Novoline, you have the opportunity to lean back comfortably during the autoplay. The Real King: Gold Records also becomes particularly exciting when the first profits have already been made. Then it is due to the player to decide what is done with the profit. Anyone who proves a good hand at the Gamble Feature, even increasingly the results of successful winning combinations.

A unique atmosphere is waiting for this slot machine from Novoline

The atmosphere at The Real King: Gold Records is a real bonus for every player. Especially in the last few years of his eventful life, the King spent a lot of time in his property in Graceland. This results in a special design that is characterized by bright colors and a special shape. Novoline was excellent at The Real King: Gold Records Online to revive this unique mood.

Interested parties who play The Real King: Gold Records for free, of course, have a particularly high expectation in terms of music. This was chosen very carefully and entered into a melodious symbiosis with the remaining sound effects. Of course, The Real King: Gold Records does not sound like a concert of the King, but whoever is deepened into the game sometimes dreams of Graceland quickly.

So it is about the rules at The Real King: Gold Records Online

The Real King does not need any rules: Gold Records. In this respect, this is reassuring that even inexperienced players quickly understand the system and concentrate fully on their own tactics.

  • Profit combinations: A successful winning combination that leads to a price, there are three (in some characters even two) or more equal symbols on one of the ten paylines.
  • Auction: For users who are new and The Real King: Play Gold Records for free without registration, it is important that this slot has ten paylines. The winning combinations must be on these.
  • Wild symbol: a good slot like The Real King: Gold Records, of course, the wild symbol should not be missing. This is shown by the golden record. It is there if there are at least two main signs on a payline, but a third is missing to complete the profit combination.
  • Scatter symbol: When the wild symbol is mentioned, the scatter symbol is mostly not far away. This is also shown by the golden record and rewarded those who want to play The Real King: Gold Records with ten free spins as soon as three or more appear at the same time.

The main signs and the special symbols at the online game The Real King: Gold Records

In addition to free spins, features and the winning opportunities, a classic slot is primarily about the main signs. These are an important aspect of the entire game. Not only the space on the reels, but also their appearance ensures the moments of the greatest tension. Two elements that are already on behalf of the slot also reappear as symbols. It is the golden record and of course the King, Elvis, itself. The other symbols with a high payment include the iconic golden sunglasses, the leather lip and of course the pink limousine. The other, more frequently occurring symbols with a lower payout are oriented towards the symbols of playing cards, as is so often the case. At a glance you know what is waiting for you as a player. This supports everyone who wants to play the Real King: Gold Records for free and attaches importance to a rapid and varied game flow.

Das Gamble Feature beim The Real King: Gold Records Slot

If the Real King: Gold Records is a profit, there is the possibility to multiply the profit with the Gamble Feature. This option is only possible with manual game. The player opts for a card color, so there is a chance of 50 percent per game round to double the profit.

Tips and tricks for the free spins from The Real King: Gold Records Online

If you want to play The Real King: Gold Records for free, you should be aware that big winnings are waiting during the free spins. Even during the free spins, new rounds can be gained free of charge and beforehand any sign is selected as a bonus symbol that extends over several fields during all rounds and thus significantly increases the chances of winning.

The Real King: Play Gold Records for free without registration - the fun from the online casino is available free of charge

If you want to play the Real King: Gold Records because he likes this topic, you can Casino games for free without registration Try it out and also develop your own strategy. Playing without registration has the advantage that risk -free can be tested. With us everyone can practice permanently and try various slots and modern slot machines.

A try with real money at The Real King: Gold Records Dare

If you are sure that this slot brings real chances of winning, you play for real money and use it Casino bonus without depositthat is currently available for players in USA. This guarantees the start of pleasure and you can continue to complete where you have stopped practicing with risk -free practice.