The alchemist play

With the new online game The Alchemist from Novoline you can immerse yourself in the world of medieval alchemists. At The Alchemist Online you can expect exciting chemical experiments, mysterious magic formulas and hidden secrets with which you may soon be able to make big winnings with a pinch of happiness. If alchemists used to turn to creative or even magical tasks and tried to produce gold, among other things, or to find the famous stone of the wise men, the Alchemist online is now about earning treasures with the help of the right paylines. Alchemists surrounded a mystical aura and even healing powers were attributed to them. This atmosphere skilfully takes up the machine game by Novoline The Alchemist and immediately captivates every player. With a total of five reels and 20 withdrawal lines, The Alchemist offers a stimulating gaming experience and, with its gripping game atmosphere, also ensures that you can comfortably enter the world of magic and the alchemy of the Middle Ages with just a few clicks from the living room. Other features of The Alchemist, which particularly affect the design, are the musical accompaniment of the game as well as the full screen or cinema mode.

The rules of The Alchemist

The online game is actually quite simple and should be understanded quickly for this reason. At The Alchemist Slot, 5, 10 or 20 paylines are activated, on which profit combinations have to be formed. These can be set under "Lines" at the bottom left. If you are on high profits, then note the following main signs:

  • Owl
  • Alchemist
  • Dragon
  • Potion

Smaller profits can be achieved with the card symbols. With free spins mode, income is obtained without use. The Alchemist is available as a free game variant. Perfect for those who want to familiarize themselves with The Alchemist and his rules. The paid variant offers further highlights and the opportunity to generate real profits.

The use can then be set under the point "Bet/Line". Then start The Alchemist with the "Start" button held in green. The five reels start to rotate and then it means to keep your fingers crossed.

It is also extremely worth mentioning at The Alchemist that it is also that there are also the various wild symbols and scatter symbols in addition to normal profit signs. These signs from The Alchemist Slot can be explored quite well with the free variant and get to know it very well. The golden symbol as a wild symbol and the magical book as a scatter symbol are great discoveries that you can do if you now play The Alchemist for free. If at least three magical books appear on the five reels, you first receive a bonus symbol and then free spins. The number of free spins results as follows:

  • 3 books bring 10 free spins
  • 4 books are equipped with 12 free spins
  • 5 books give you 15 free turns

If the bonus symbol on the rollers then appears in the subsequent free spins, the roller is completely filled with the symbol. In other words, in this game mode it is not relevant whether the symbols appear on the rollers in a row. In this section of the game, more points can therefore be achieved and the profit can be increased.

One would rather like a more passive role in that Game of Novoline Taking, the "Autoplay" button offers the possibility that the rollers turn until either the loan is used or a bonus round is reached. If you come to the bonus round in this function, the start will be replaced again via the same button. The "Playtable" button gives the player an exact overview. The points that can be achieved with the individual characters can be viewed here.

If it is too boring for you while playing The Alchemist for free without registration, there is also the possibility to play the Alchemist online with real money.

Conclusion on the slot machine

The Alchemist offers the player a great pleasure for the player with an appealing design and some game options. The paid version and the demo version do not differ significantly at the online slot machine The Alchemist. The game offers a few more features in the paid version, such as the use and thus also winning real money. But even if you play The Alchemist for free, you can have a lot of fun. Because the appealing design alone offers a welcome distraction from the sometimes somewhat gray everyday life. Both versions impress with a gripping game and the well -known Fortuna Grandiose profits, even if they are only virtual in the free version. The bonus rounds in the free spins also offer a lot of pleasure. In any case, there is a lot of fun and thrill in the demo or paid version.

Play the alchemist for free without registration

The Alchemist and his rules of the game are not particularly difficult and therefore usually quickly understand. There is no flood of special symbols or special bonus features. Therefore, you should actually find yourself quickly into the game. But if you are a little skeptical at the beginning and you would like to be on the safe side first and get to know the game and your characteristics, it is wise to want to play The Alchemist for free. So it is possible to test the slot machine for free if you play The Alchemist for free. In this way, you can immerse yourself in the magical world of alchemists and get to know the functions and various wild symbols and scatter symbols. However, if the design of The Alchemist does not say online, you can also explore other casino games for free without registration on our website

The alchemist playing for free is too boring for you?

If you are interested in playing a little more risky, then of course there is also the possibility to register and with real missions in the best Play online casinos from USA. The loan given in the free version is therefore obsolete. You can determine the amount of your commitment in the paid version and thus take full risk and decide for yourself how high the amount to be set can be. The assignment is between 0.40 $ and 100 euros.

Here, however, it should be borne in mind that there are no strategies, tips and tricks. The best way to win this Novoline slot machine is to use good money management. You could also try to play with all paylines. This is also very exciting here Casino bonus without depositthat you get in most American online casinos.