The slot machine Super Duper Cherry: Overview and features

Fans of fruit slots know: The cherry is usually the symbol, which is least pays. All other types of fruit are worth more, the cherry serves as a consolation price. But the Super Duper Cherry from Gamomat looks a little different. Because it is the small, red fruit that may give the highest profits. The classic 5-roll slot, each with 3 rows, is primarily a slot machine that works according to the known scheme. Slots from Novomatic or Merkur are used as a model, which copies gamomat in the best manner and expanded with their own game elements. In the following we give an overview of the machine game, explain the rules and special features and show how you can play Super Duper Cherry for free.

This is how Super Duper Cherry is played online

As already indicated, the Super Duper Cherry Slot works according to the classic principle: 5 reels turn and come to a standstill one after the other. Then there is a profit calculation. Up to 20 paylines are available, but the player can adjust the number. Before shooting, you determine whether you want to play with 5, 10 or 20 paylines.

A profit combination comes about as soon as at least 2 or 3 equal symbols come to a standstill on the rollers lying next to each other. It is crucial that the combination on the first roller begins and the symbols are along a payline. The multiplier is then multiplied by the bet. How high the multiplier is depends on the number and type of symbols. Here is the payment table based on an operation of $ 0.05 per payline, with 20 paylines:

7 Bell jar Melon, grape Orange, lemon cherry
3: 5$

4: 25$

5: 250$

3: 2,50$

4: 12,50$

5: 50$

3: 2$

4: 10$

5: 25$

3: 1$

4: 4$

5: 10$

2: 0,25$

3: 1$

4: 2,50$

5: Bonus Feature

Bonus und Gambling Features

The bonus feature affects the cherry already mentioned. If the player manages to get a total of 5 cherries along a payline, all 5 cherries transform into another, higher -paying symbol. So it can happen that all 5 cherries are exchanged for 5 melons or bells. This results in a much higher profit. In addition, the cherry pays from 2 symbols along a payline. This feature is that makes Super Duper Cherry such a special slot machine game.

In addition to this bonus feature, there is another feature: the Gambling feature. This function is already known to most Gamomat machines players. Every profit can be set in a risk game. There are two types of risk games:

  • Risk manager
  • Card game

The risk manager has a 50:50 chance to multiply the profit amount, whereby there are several stages that the player falls back, should it not work. During the card game, the player can decide whether the next card to be covered is red or black. If it is correct, the profit is doubled. If it is wrong, the entire profit may be gone. But: The player can pack half of the prize to the side before pulling cards. Overall, this process can Dito Bet 5 times.

Operations and profits

The overall assignment in the Super Duper Cherry Slot results from the line of line and the number of paylines. At least $ 0.01 per line must be used. Multiplied by the number of paylines, this results in the overall assignment. This means that the minimum insert is $ 0.05 ($ 0.01 with 5 paylines) and the maximum insert $ 12 ($ 0.60 for 20 paylines). The use can therefore be gradually adjusted. This results in a possible maximum profit of $ 3,000 per payline. Since it is theoretically possible to get all 5 reels with the same profit symbol, the theoretical maximum profit in total amounts to a sum in the five -digit range. The players should consider that there can be several winnings after a shoot: a separate profit is theoretically possible on each payline.

Functions and options

There are some options that can be set by the player:

  • Spin function using spacebar
  • Turbo Spin
  • Automatic function
  • Sound and / out
  • Full screen mode

Super Duper Cherry does not have free spins.

Play Super Duper Cherry for free

The game Super Duper Cherry is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Beginners are particularly easy because the rules of the game are quick and easy to understand. There are no wild or scatter symbols to consider. Special and free spins are also not intended. The only special feature is the cherry that pays extensive profits during a five -time appearance within a profit combination. It is also unusual that there is no auxiliary symbols and that only one of the available profit combinations pays less than the overall assignment.

Despite the simple rules, it can be very helpful to play Super Duper Cherry for free. Because in this way the player can learn a lot about game mechanics and ultimately better assess how much effort per round makes sense. On our site you can play Super Duper Cherry for free, because we have a demo version of the game online. This works without registration, so you can play Super Duper Cherry for free without registration. Test the machine without a time limit and develop your own strategy. In this way, they get to know the main signs in a playful way before they plunge into a real money adventure. Play slot machines for free without registration you can with us at any time.

Super Duper Cherry play for real money

Super Duper Cherry Online is available in many online casinos. On our side you will find a big one Selection of tested and reputable casinoswhich gamomat games have in the program. There are always offers for one Casino bonus without deposit, so that the player does not have to make a deposit right away. Around in one Online casino real money Using the player should ensure that it is a serious and trustworthy offer.

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