Sizzling Hot from Novoline draw these characteristics from Novoline

Attention fans of the classic slot machine games! The Früchteslot Sizzling Hot of the popular Software manufacturer Novoline impresses with retro graphics, nostalgic soundscapes and a simple gameplay. The developer has equipped the game with comparatively few features and extras, which, however, does not detract from the game pleasure. On the contrary: the Sizzling Hot Slot is entertaining, has a lot of excitement to offer and goes hand in hand with profits that can be seen.

Become curious? With us you can play Sizzling Hot for free without registration! So you get to know the slot machine game through and through and know what about Real money game in the online casino to come towards them. You don't even have to download - a click of the mouse is sufficient.

The graphic representation of the slot machine game

At first glance, it becomes clear that the Sizzling Hot Online Slot should remind its design of the classic "one -armed bandits" in local casinos. It is a fruit solder that has a fairly simple graphic and dispenses with elaborate animations. The simple violet background and the dark blue rollers are the main elements of the design. The colorful fruits and the two special symbols are distributed on the rollers.

Die Sounds bei Sizzling Hot

With the sound, the developer is based on the classic machines from the land -based play library as well as in the design. There is no background melody and tones only sound when you start a new round when a win is created or when it goes into the Gamble feature. The tones of the game are never disturbing and skillfully accompany the game.

All in all, design and the sounds are coherent and the online slot with the retro atmosphere will quickly captivate players. You get a first impression of this atmosphere when you play Sizzling Hot for free. It works without registration and you don't have to download anything - just get started and have fun!

This is how the Novoline slot machine is set up

The Sizzling Hot fruit machine has five reels, three rows and five paylines. The paylines are firm and cannot be chosen variable. The distribution of the paylines can be seen on the right and left of the reels, so you can find out directly where the symbols have to land to form profit combinations. Eight different characters are part of the slot machine game, while two of them are not fruits, but a 7 and a gold star. We go into more detail about their special features below.

On the bottom side of the screen, discover all important control elements. The autoplay mode can be found on the far left. The collect function can be seen on the right-as well as the Gamble option. In the middle you will discover the currently selected line use and the total round of use. You can also see your overall credit and the last profit at a glance. Clear, simple and self -explanatory - and this in both real money and with us, where you play Sizzling Hot for free.

Sizzling Hot: How to play this online machine

If you play free Sizzling Hot on our portal, you will quickly find that it is very easy to get into the game. Neither certain tips nor sophisticated tricks are necessary to get started and make profits. Simply select your desired use and start the rollers with a click of the mouse. If you do not want to start the individual rounds manually every time, the Autoplay Feature makes it even easier.

If you play for free on our Sizzling Hot portal, the game runs as well as in the real money variant. So you can get started with the world of Online casinos prepare.

What about the missions at Sizzling Hot?

One of the advantages of this exciting slot machine includes the great range of possible operations. Since you cannot change the number of paylines, your line inserts are always multiplied by five. The minimum deployment per payline is at a coin. This results in an amount of five coins, which you can at least place. The highest possible use per payline is 100 coins, so that a maximum of 500 coins are allowed per round.

If you play Sizzling Hot for free, the missions are play money and play money profits. However, the operating conditions are identical to the real money game, so that you also get a good impression of your possibilities in the free version.

The symbols and their winnings at Sizzling Hot

As is common with slot machines, the level of profit depends on which symbols appear on the paylines. The amount of the missions also plays a role. Below is an overview of the value of different game symbols:

  • The 7: This is the most valuable symbol of the game. If you played with the maximum use of 100 coins per payline and the symbols would appear five times on a payline, the profit would be 500,000 coins.
  • Watermelon and orange: These two fruits rank second in the value of all symbols. In the case of maximum insert and the maximum number of fruits on a payline, the profit is 50,000 coins.
  • The star: The scatter of the slot is the third most value -worthy symbol at Sizzling Hot. If five stars stop on the reels, you can look forward to a profit of 25,000 coins.
  • Grapes, cherries, lemons and watermelons: The maximum profit that these fruits have is at 20,000 coins. Of course, you have to play with the high stone sets to have a chance of this profit amount.

Scatter: The special symbol of Sizzling Hot

The golden star is the scatter symbol of the Sizzling Hot Online Slot and one of the main signs of the game. However, this is not a scatter that triggers free spins. Players must therefore do without free spins with this slot machine. Rather, as already described above, this symbol is responsible for high profits. The peculiarity of this sign is the fact that it generates profits regardless of the Paylines. So it doesn't matter where the stars appear on the five reels - there is a win with at least three stars in any case.

A wild symbol is in vain at the Sizzling Hot Slot - and there is no “joker” that helps complete profit combinations. If you play for free on our Sizzling Hot Portal, you will quickly find that the slot machine is a lot of fun even without free spins and wildly and creates handsome profits.

The gamble feature: and the profits grow

The manufacturer Novoline at the Sizzling Hot Online Slot does not completely do without extra features. After each profit, you can win even more with the risk game. The risk game is voluntary and you have to select it before you can start. The rules are very simple: they recommend which card color comes next and click either on "red" or "black". If you are right, the previous profit amount will be doubled. If not, then the profit is gone.

At a glance you can see which profit you currently have and how much you win if you really advise you. It also shows which cards were recently up so that they implement a kind of strategy to increase the chances of winning. You can get out at any time and secure the profits made so far.

The Gamble Feature is of course also available if you play Sizzling Hot for free without registration. You don't get real money, but you get a good impression of how the game processes are in real money casino and get to know all the features of the slot machine game.

Conclusion: uncomplicated online slot with attractive profits

Even if the Sizzling Hot Slot with its classic design is probably not the right thing for every gambling fan, friends of the retro slots will have their real pleasure to play. The slot machine is equipped with five reels and five fixed paylines and offers the opportunity to place small and large inserts. The developer has dispensed with free spins, wild symbols and bonus rounds at Sizzling Hot, but offers the risk game with which profits can, with a little luck, grow to increase even greater profit amounts. Worth seeing are the winnings in this slot machine game, which are another reason that the game to the best known online Slots heard.

Not only Sizzling Hot you play with us free of charge and without obligation. If you are happy to get to know new slot machines, we have really good news for you. On our portal you discover a wide variety of casino games for free without registration. Before you register in an online casino, you gain valuable experiences and avoid beginners' errors when you start the real money.

On the real money game! Sizzling Hot play in online casino

After you have got to know the Sizzling Hot Online Automats with us and are familiar with all functions and possibilities, you are ready for playing with real money. Always choose your casino provider carefully. Not every gaming provider in USA is as good as it seems to be at first glance.

It's good that she has many excellent, fair and Serious online casinos Discover where all kinds of advantages are waiting for gambling fans. Not only a large selection of the game is certain, but also great bonus offers and in some cases even one Casino bonus without deposit. This gives you free game credit or free spins at the start, with which you cannot pay a cent for playing and at the same time can make the first winnings.


Where can you find the slot Sizzling Hot?

After the developer Novomatic has returned to the American gaming market, one can Sizzling Hot Play against real money again in some selected casinos. Our list shows the best online arcades in which the title is available. With us you will also find the popular slot in a free demo version. So you can test all functions extensively without risk.