Roman Colosseum overview and features

Gladiator games were firmly anchored in the culture of the ancient Rome. They served to entertain the people and created distraction. The gladiators in the Colosseum offer entertainment thousands of years later. Also in USA. That is exactly the topic of Roman Colosseum from the developer Novoline. The online slot machine creates an exciting atmosphere so that the fun of the game is never neglected. Just everything about the appearance screams for the popular games of the Romans. However, they do not have to fear injuries here. Instead, you can make lush profits. No matter whether you regularly in Play online casino Or are a novice that wants to gain first experience, get your money's worth here. On our site you can play Roman Colosseum for free without registration. Here you can find out why it is worth trying Roman Colosseum for free and how it is played.


With the Roman Colosseum Slot, Novoline takes the old Rome onto her screen and takes her on a trip to the world of gladiators. Immediately you will notice how well the design of the slot is when you play Roman Colosseum for free. With a lot of love for detail and suitable motifs, there is a coherent design that knows how to inspire. This can already be seen in the carefully selected background image, which gives them the feeling that they are in the center of the Colosseum when they play Roman Colosseum for free. Further back you will see an impressively magnificent temple.

Like the pillars of a temple of white marble, Roman Colosseum also look the rollers on which everything takes place in this slot machine game. Five in number they house three symbols that can help you win.

On the one hand, these icons are the main signs that can distribute simple profits and, on the other hand, the special characters that are equipped with other functions in the form of a wild symbol and a scatter symbol that can continue to raise their profits if they Roman Play Colosseum online.

You can meet the following main signs and the number behind it indicates how often the symbol must appear to drop a profit:

  • P (covered)
  • 10, J, Q (x3)
  • K, A (x3)
  • Crossed swords and gladiator helmet (X3)
  • Fighter sign (X3)
  • Golden chalice and gold coins (X2)

The order here indicates the value of the symbols from top to bottom. If you play Roman Colosseum for free and try it out without registration, you benefit from the clear presentation of the symbols, so that you always keep an overview of what is happening and winning.

The special functions are triggered by the following symbols:

  • The gladiator as a wild symbol (x2)
  • The Roman Colosseum as a scatter symbol (X2)

Gamble Feature

As if the tension is not already high, Roman Colosseum also offers the opportunity to use the Gamble feature in order to continue to drive the thrill. This allows you to play to double your profit after each productive game round. You will then be shown a number of black and red playing cards. Your job is to guess whether the next card that is uncovered will be a black or red. If your tip is correct, your profit doubles and you are faced with the choice of risking it again in order to continue to double your profit. Caution is the order of the day, because if you are wrong, your profit is gone.

So you can play Roman Colosseum online

Even if they are still inexperienced in dealing with Slot machines in the casino are, you can play Roman Colosseum for free and will quickly understand how it works. The rules are very easy to learn and not many in number. If you already have experience with such a game, you will find that Roman Colosseum also holds the classic rules of a conventional slot machine.

In front of you you see five reels and three rows on which the symbols appear when you play Roman Colosseum. It is important to open as many same characters as possible by turning the rollers and thus form profit combinations that fill their bags with profits. There are various paylines that always run from left to right, on which the combinations have to be formed. How many lines you want to play Roman Colosseum is entirely like you. The number of paylines also has an impact on their respective round amount, since it is paid for each PAYLINE set. So the more lines you include, the higher your commitment, but your chance to form a profit combination and thus gain profits if you play Roman Colosseum for free. So they play with at least one and at most 10 paylines.

special character

As already mentioned, you can be hopeful to meet one of the special characters. For example, the wild symbol is able to substitute all main signs in order to obtain even larger profit combinations. In itself, the wild symbol is already removing considerable profits.

The scatter symbol is also not to be neglected. After all, it has the opportunity to bring you free spins when you play Roman Colosseum online for free. This happens as soon as three scatter appears somewhere on the rollers. In this case you get free spins in which all other scatter acts as a wild symbol for the free spins.


The minimum assignment per line is two credits at Roman Colosseum. If you are daring, you can throw a maximum of 200 credits into the balance. If you use all available paylines, the highest in the game is a total of 2,000 credits that you can multiply through successful spins.

Roman Colosseum play for free without registration

With us, the American players can test the Roman Colosseum Slot. For this you have the opportunity to play and try out many casino games for free without registration. In this way, you can put on a strategy and test what tips and tricks help you to win.

Roman Colosseum play for real money

If you are interested in real financial profits and want to challenge happiness, you can play Roman Colosseum online for many providers for real money. It is worth paying attention to who offers you a good bonus. With us you find what you are looking for and can thus with a Novoline slot with a Play casino bonus without a deposit.