Overview and features of Roaring Wilds

At the Roaring Wild Slot from the manufacturer Novoline, lovers of classic slot machines will remember in particular and get their money's worth. Here the common retro design was combined with a modern and elegant presentation, so that a slot machine came out that is quite impressive. You can easily get an idea yourself, because you can play Roaring Wilds for free at any time without registration. We have tested the online game for you and tell you how it works and what you should consider when playing Roaring Wilds for free.


Die -hard fans of slot machines will immediately feel back to the casino by the classic symbols. But also for beginners in the online Casino This well -thought -out slot is suitable for world Free and without registration to take the first steps. Anyone who will play Roaring Wilds can get their money's worth and quickly get used to playing.

Among other things, because Novoline uses the Roaring Wilds slot a clearly structured and tidy presentation, the lightness and the fun of the game do not fall by the wayside. A very good balance between functionality and game pleasure was created.

For example, it was not worked with effective sensory animations that you distract you more than inspire if you play Roaring Wilds for free or challenge your happiness with real money. Instead, Roaring Wilds, even if the name suggests, suggests a dark and thus pleasant and soothing purple with the background. You will quickly appreciate this when you play Roaring Wilds online. The operational regulators are also rather atypical for the manufacturer, which further contributes to the quiet look.


You will have to do without background music, even if you play Roaring Wilds for free. However, this is manageable, as it will captivate the rhythmic click of the rollers in a calming way when turning. If you don't want that, you can also switch off the sound completely at any time with just one click.

How to play Roaring Wilds Online

The rules are also easy to learn for novices. In front of you you can see 5 rollers with 4 symbols each. Various paylines extend through these rollers. If they add the same symbol several times, form profit combinations and thus drive profits. The various symbols bring them to profits at different heights.


The most important feature of every slot - even with Roaring Wilds - are of course the symbols because they determine the outcome of the game. It is therefore important that you can always see at a glance what is going on on the rollers and whether profits will fill your pockets.

At Roaring Wilds Online you will always keep an overview. No matter whether you are a professional or whether you are playing Roaring Wilds for the first time. The symbols follow the clear design more common Occurrence machines. They are shown in detail and to distinguish them immediately. With the following main signs, you can hope for profits at Roaring Wilds:

  • Cherries
  • lemon
  • Orange
  • plum
  • Grapes
  • Melon
  • Bell jar
  • Red seven

Immediately it is striking that as a player at Roaring Wilds you can meet a variety of signs, which ensures long fun and a lot of variety. These main signs are supplemented by two special symbols, which we will go into more precisely.

Scatter symbol and wild symbol

These two symbols are special symbols and come with their very own functions, which you will learn to appreciate when you play Roaring Wilds for free. For example, the wild symbol is able to replace all other images in order to enable larger profit combinations and to let your profit shoot up. An exception is the scatter symbol that cannot be replaced. For this, the scatter symbol can fill the bags with profits with a pinch of happiness, regardless of whether it is on a payline. So it is definitely worth meeting these symbols, which also makes the lack of free spins or free spins.

Special features

A special fun factor that has been installed here is the so -called Gamble Feature, which allows you to double your profits again as often as you can play Roaring Wilds online. To do this, you have to bet from a number of playing cards on which card color is uncovered as the next. If you are right, doubles your profit and you can dare again if you want. However, if you are wrong, your profit is gone.

Tips and Tricks

First of all, familiarize yourself with Roaring Wilds before risking high operations. In this way, you can learn the rules without high risk and understand all functions. So you can think about a strategy to make the really high profits.

Another tip: The autoplay function will make life immensely easier for you, as you do not have to start the next spin manually by clicking. Your rotations are then carried out automatically. However, the Gamble feature is skipped. So you can lean back and watch the rollers turn.

Play Roaring Wilds for free without registration

Now it's your turn! Because it is best to get your own picture by playing Roaring Wilds for free. You will find your way around quickly, because Novoline has released an attractive and beginner -friendly slot with good features. To get an idea of the game, you can find casino games free of charge without registration and try it out for free whether the slot is for you.

Play Roaring Wilds for real money

If you have got used to it and are ready to put more on one card, you can also play Roaring Wilds for real money and hope for real profits. Numerous casinos in USA have these slot machines in their offer. Before you choose one, you should see which casino you get a bonus you get. For this you will find a lot of American providers with us who have an attractive one Casino bonus without deposit promise. So you can get started with start -up capital and challenge your luck.