Overview and game features

In the online game River Queen from Novoline, the player is taken on a trip to the picturesque south of the United States. The Mississippi and its well -known shovel wheel boats create the dominant picture here and thus also provide the game -determining topic. Events were often held on the famous boats. There were probably some gambling events. If you play River Queen for free, you can now also become a passenger or passenger of such a virtual boat trip and take part in such fun and exciting events. With a total of 50 paylines on five reels and a possible rich profit of 50,000 coins, you will receive a stimulating and entertaining game pleasure.

The attractive thing about Novoline's game is that there is the opportunity to play River Queen for free. This enables you to first familiarize yourself with the game and the rules, to find out small tips and tricks and to prepare a suitable and profitable strategy. The rules of the game are not very complicated, but the Online slot machine Get to know the best way if you play River Queen for free without registration. The more rounds off the rollers from the River Queen Slot, the more confidently they become with the game and can thus develop their own strategies for River Queen online. The operation of the game is also quite simple. The semi -transparent rollers of the River Queen Slot immediately catch the eye. This includes the buttons so that the game can be operated. The following can be found in the main signs:

  • Casinochips
  • River Queen
  • Playing cards
  • Dice
  • A gentleman with a hat
  • Card symbols between the ASS and 9

In addition to these main signs, there is of course also the standard symbols. The use per line can be set before the game is started. By pressing the start button, the rollers start to rotate and the steamer lays down. Before you play River Queen now, you should rather take a look at the rules, so that there are no unforeseen problems or rapidly on the funny entertainment trip through which your winning combinations are disturbed.

The rules of River Queen Online

The game River Queen is suitable for a wide variety of player types and offers the opportunity to make many different missions. It fits both the inexperienced beginner and the experienced professional. A great advantage that Novoline offers is that you can play River Queen for free without registration. In this way, River Queen can be tested online with all its functions without hesitation. You will virtually receive a loan of 100 $ that can be used to play until the credit is exhausted. If you belong to the risk -looking player group and love it when the adrenaline shoots through the body when the rollers shoot, the online machine game River Queen can of course also be gambled with real money. Here the lowest use per payline is 0.01 $ and the maximum at 2 euros. If all 50 paylines are activated, start the game with a game. The maximum profit at River Queen is a fantastic 50,000 euros. However, this can only be fetched if you have chosen maximum use and take full risk if you play River Queen.

The online game also has a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. The former is portrayed by a lady with brown curls. It can replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol in the game. The scatter symbol is typical of the Mississippi topic in the form of a picturesque and sublime ship lying on the water. This sign is responsible for triggering the bonus feature by giving 10 free spins with the moving wild feature with triple appearance. You come to the Paytable via the menu field. Here you have an overview of all sorts of profits.

Conclusion on the slot machine

Finally, you can record the following about the online game: There are two variants to enjoy the game. Once the free option, in which the player can first familiarize himself with all the rules and functions. Here you get a virtual credit available. You can place this on the paylines and turn the rollers until the use is played out, or with luck you can even achieve the maximum profit. For all those who tried it in online Casino Are and for which it is too boring to be able to play River Queen for free, there is of course the paid variant at River Queen. Here you set your commitment with 2 $ for all 50 paylines and can also achieve the fantastic profit of 50,000 $ in this version with well -known Fortuna. The design does not change in both versions. The bonuses and free spins are also intended for the player in these options. River Queen therefore offers beginners and professionals action and exciting fun. So don't wait any longer. The River Queen boat is ready to take off and is actually only waiting for you.

Play River Queen for free

As already mentioned, there is the possibility that you can use to play River Queen for free. This gives many the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the game, but also enjoy fun without real money. Nevertheless, River Queen offers the gamers the chance to take full risk and try their luck with real money. Another positive aspect of the online casino game is that even without registration and without money use, players receive the prospects for the maximum profit, but only in the play money form. You can also get numerous free spins and bonuses in the free version. The game is particularly suitable for newbies in the gambler world, as it can already be played with only 0.01 $ and a payline. But the high rollers also get their money's worth in the game. If River Queen does not agree, you can also test other casino games for free without registration on our website.

Experience River Queen online with real money

Novoline also enables its customers an option to play with real money. With the paid game variant, however, you should keep in mind that real money is used here. Therefore, you should particularly be careful not to choose the best online casinos in USA. Here the player gets the opportunity to use one Casino bonus without deposit Or to climb an exciting welcome bonus in the gambling world. This is certainly always a very interesting incentive for the American player.