Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe from Novoline

Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe is another slot from Novoline who takes up the topic of "Egypt". The virtual slot machine is also known and popular with American users and can be found in many internet casinos in many of USA. The rules are quickly learned, which also makes the Egypt slot suitable for beginners to play Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe for free without registration and enable the machine to test free of charge. We dealt intensively with the popular slot machine game and have put together some helpful tips with which Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe is very simple and a lot of fun.

Pharaoh’s Gold 2 Deluxe at a glance

Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe from Novoline is a typical slot machine, in which three winning symbols per roller can be seen. There are nine paylines, which the player does not necessarily have to activate everyone. On request, it is also possible to play with one, three, five or seven lines. However, we think that the game is the most fun when all lines are selected, since the most profit combinations can of course also arise. Many casino fans also find this when they play Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe for free and in this way familiarize themselves with the popular machine.

Phaharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe Play online with your smartphone

Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe is not only available for computers, but can also be played very well on your cell phone or tablet. This is not necessary to download the software because the developer Novoline Has adapted its games to the requirements of mobile devices so that they automatically open in the best display for the respective device. You can also play 2 Deluxe for free with a Pharao’s Gold SmartPhone, so that interested users can test the slot at any time.

Phaharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe online - instructions

Pharaoh’s Gold 2 Deluxe is not particularly difficult and can therefore be easily learned by less experienced players. As with most slot machines, users just have to choose their use and start the rollers at the beginning. If these come to a standstill, various main signs with Egypt theme can be seen. For example, Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe has, for example, the Skarabäus, which is also represented by many other Egypt slots, the Sphinx and a Pyramid symbol. There is also a scatter that is shown as an eye painted in the typical old Egyptian style. The playing card symbols 9 to ASA bring minor profits if they appear at least in triple execution on a payline.

The wild symbol

The golden mask of death is the wild symbol at Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe Slot. It can replace the other characters and thus ensure even more combinations and corresponding profits in the casino. The mask is therefore a symbol that players like to see again and again. Especially when it appears on the first roller on which all profit combinations have to begin, it often ensures high payments.

The free spins at Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe

If three scatter can be seen when the rollers are standing, 15 free spins start. There is no bonus sign or other features, as we know them from some other slots with free spins, but during the 15 games triggered by the scatter symbol are multiplied and all profits are multiplied and are therefore significantly higher.

Users who have tested Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe for free have tested that the free spins can be extended if three scatter appears again. With the necessary portion of luck, rounds full of free spins and correspondingly large profit amounts are possible.

One of the best tricks from Novoline - the risk function

The risk function typical of Novoline's slot machines is also not missing in Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe. With smaller and medium -sized profits, the game participants also have the opportunity to decide at this machine whether they would like to take the profit or risk again. The tip on the color of a randomly drawn game card can double the amount, and even several times in a row. But if you are wrong, you lose your commitment and therefore go away empty -handed. It is therefore always a question of the individual strategy whether the risk function should be used at all and how often your use makes sense.

Pharaoh’s Gold 2 Deluxe Play for free without registration

The game rules of the Pharaoh's slot are not difficult to learn, but many casino visucers Pharaoh’s Gold 2 Deluxe want to play for free before you may risk real money afterwards. With us, players can have numerous Casino games for free without registration try out. The Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe Slot is of course also included in our portfolio. Since the games are tested without registration, no preparation is necessary to play Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe for free. Just call our website, select the desired game, and the fun can begin.

Get to know Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe in a relaxed manner without having to worry about your commitment! They play as often and as long as you want and can completely dive into the world of ancient Egypt and just enjoy playing without any risk.

Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe Online To play real amounts

You like Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe and you don't want to use the slot just with play money? This is not a problem, because the slot machine is in many online Casino to find. With many of these online arcades, you can even get a bonus on your first deposit as a new customer. If you don't want to risk any money, the game with real money is possible with some providers. Thanks to one Casino bonus without deposit If you get a few free spins or a small credit for free and can have your own experiences with real money game without having to use your own money.

In order to have even more credit and thus significantly increase our own chances of winning, we advise you to deposit, because there are particularly generous welcome offers with a lot of extra credit from the casino. Enjoy Pharao’s Gold 2 Deluxe Online and become a winner now!