Marco Polo overview and features

The Marco Polo Slot is just the thing for all fans of Novoline's classic slot machines. It contains everything typical features that you know and love from the manufacturer. This gives you the opportunity to meet symbols and features that let your profits shoot up. After all, there are also wild and scatter symbols as well as a gamble feature at Marco Polo that increase the thrill and make your heart beat faster when you play Marco Polo for free. You can do that entirely with us without registration also.

Thematically, she takes this free machine game, as the name suggests, on an adventurous journey of discovery with the world -famous Marco Polo. This definitely ensures the necessary tension, because Novoline has implemented this idea really well. You can get your own picture of it and play Marco Polo for free without registration. You can find out how the slot works and everything you should know about it, so that as a newcomer you will not have any problems to find your way around when you play Marco Polo online.


As soon as you risk a look and play Marco Polo for free, you will find out how pleasant the slot comes. Because despite an exciting presentation, Marco Polo never seems overloaded or strenuous. The frame of the slot machine optically imitates the machines that you would also see in the casino. So pressing the buttons feels much more atmospheric.

The background is kept in a dark blue, which also ensures a more relaxed appearance for the eyes.

The good clarity is primarily guaranteed by the design of the rollers. These are kept in a simple white here, so that the symbols are leaving it as best as possible and always keep an overview of what is happening on the rollers when they play Marco Polo for free.


Novoline also demonstrated a good hand when designing the individual symbols, so that the function and aesthetics are in harmony and they can play Marco Polo for a long time without getting bored.

The motifs of the characters have been selected varied and go very well with Marco Polo and his adventures as a topic. For example, you can personally meet camels, treasure maps or Marco Polo. You will quickly learn to appreciate the detailed drawings of the symbols as soon as you start playing Marco Polo online. After all, they look very good and can always be distinguished quickly from each other, so that they always know when profits are in the house. You will meet these main signs if you play Marco Polo for free and the number shows how often this symbol must appear to pour out a profit:

  • 10, J (x3)
  • K, Q (x3)
  • A (x3)
  • Map (X2)
  • Treasure chest (X2)
  • WEI Things ASIA Special (Little 2)

There are also special characters that you can hope for while playing Marco Polo. The manufacturer Novoline did not do without a wild symbol and a scatter symbol even at Marco Polo. The scatter symbol is embodied by a friendly camel that brings free spins as soon as it appears at least three times on the rollers. So you can do ten rounds for free the rollers at Marco Polo. The multiplier is also doubled, so that enormous profits wave. Marco Polo's portrait with a red hat against a green background cannot be triggered, but it is still worth it, since it works as a wild symbol like a joker that can replace all other symbols in order to complete or even expand profit combinations , so that you get even bigger profits. However, the scatter cannot be replaced as an exception.

Gamble Feature

You can use the Gamble feature after each round won to double your profits again as often as you like. To do this, you have to uncover a playing card and advise you which color it will be. There are black and red cards. If you are right, your profit will be doubled again and you can decide whether you want to dare again. But caution is announced. Because if you are wrong, the profit is gone.

So you can play Marco Polo online

The Marco Polo Slot is played according to classic rules. There are five reels and three rows. These rollers are turned again every round, so that a new arrangement of the characters is always created. Various paylines run through the rollers, on which a symbol must be lined up as often as possible. If this succeeds, profit combinations are created and their player account is filled with premiums.

The decision with how many paylines you want to play Marco Polo online is entirely up to you. So you can play with a maximum of nine and at least one line.


Since the assignment for each contracted payline is provided, the decision on the amount also depends on the number of lines. If you play with more paylines, the chance of achieving a profit combination increases, but you must then spend more coins before the round. At least one coin per line must be provided. If you are particularly daring, you can play up to 200 coins.

Tips and Tricks

In particular, if you have no experience in dealing with such an online game, you should first familiarize yourself with Marco Polo by playing play money and keeping the operations low to understand the processes and consider a strategy .

If questions arise, it is worth taking a look at the profit table that you can call under the reels that will answer most of the questions.

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