Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machines from Novoline

According to the slots of Merkur, the long -missing machines from Novoline are now coming back to the American Internet casinos, because thanks to the new legislation, playing is now completely legal in the arcades licensed in USA. In most cases, if you think of Novoline slots, you will quickly think of Lucky Lady’s Charm. After all, this was one of the first games from the manufacturer known for its quality, which was also available online. Lucky Lady’s Charm Online still has a high attraction for fans of good casino games. We would now like to explain more precisely why this is so and how interested users can play Lucky Lady’s Charm for free.

The Lucky Lady’s Charm slot at a glance

Lucky Lady’s Charm was released in 2003. This makes the game of one of the oldest Automats from Novoline. In the meantime there is also a modern version, but the classic variant is still popular with users. This is also related to the diverse strategic options. For example, the players can select the number of paylines themselves and some users let this flow into their very personal strategy and occasionally only play with an activated line instead of using all ten lines. Other tricks have also been circulating on the Internet for years. Ultimately, however, the tips of other players are always only a suggestion, because in the end every user has to find the tactic that he likes best. On our website you can play Lucky Lady’s Charm for free without registration and to your heart's content. This is not possible to this extent with many modern slots, since for example, a defined number of lines is always active.

The prize symbols at Lucky Lady’s Charm

Regardless of whether the users Lucky Lady’s Charm play for free or use real money, it is important to know the prize symbols and their value. The payment table can be called up online at any time by clicking on the corresponding button at Lucky Lady’s Charm. In this way, beginners can also look at which combination is particularly valuable.

The two most valuable main signs of the slot machine are the rabbit paw and the ladybug. This is followed by the four -leaf clover and the lucky coin, and high payments are also possible with the horseshoe. In addition, the Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot still has the classic playing card symbols from ASS to nine, which regularly ensure smaller and medium -high payments.

In addition, there are two special symbols that are particularly important:

  • Lucky Lady, of which the slot machine has its name. It is the wild symbol and therefore the joker of the game. If it is involved in a profit combination, the profit, which results from this combination, doubles.
  • The crystal ball is the scatter symbol. If she appears at least three times, start 15 free spins that bring in triple profit.

High payout rate

Players who strive for the most positive results on the Internet Casino pay attention to the so -called RTP when choosing their slot machines. This indicates how high the profit distributed to the players compared to the income is. With the slot with the Lucky Lady, the RTP is 97.1%. This is a value that very few other slot machines reach. Most good slots are more than 94 and 96%. Lucky Lady thus offers even better chances than most younger slots, which is another reason why this game is so popular with knights of happiness and is still one of the most sought -after slots in online casinos.

Available for both computers and mobile

In September 2003, when Lucky Lady’s Charm went online, most visitors to online casinos used their computers to play, but this machine is also available for mobile devices. The manufacturer has subsequently optimized the software for mobile devices, so that the representation and graphics automatically adapt to the requirements of the device used by the customer. After all, it is a modern provider that is absolutely aware that the more and more customers prefer to use their smartphone or tablet to visit the virtual casino instead of being tied to the desk through a bulky computer.

Play Lucky Lady’s Charm for free - these are the rules

First of all, Lucky Lady’s Charm is a very typical machine game. All winning combinations must start on the far left and then continue to the right. The free spins are also activated, as is common with most slots with free spins, by three scatteres that not all have to be on the same payline. However, there is no bonus symbol or other features during the free spins, because this was not yet common at the time of appearance of Lucky Lady’s Charm Online. Thus, the tripling of profits is the only special function that the bonus round has to offer. It is positive, however, that Lucky Lady’s Charm from Novoline grants other free spins if three or more scatter appear again during the free spins.

How many lines should you activate at Lucky Lady’s Charm?

Since the number of active paylines can be determined by the player, many lucky knights ask themselves whether it is better to play with all lines or to activate only a few. Every casino player has to answer this question for themselves.

However, users who play mainly because of the ringing health insurers during the Free Spins Lucky Lady’s Charm should consider that during the free spins only as many lines as with the game in which the three scatter symbols have appeared are activated. Therefore, it is definitely the most fun to play with all lines, regardless of whether you use the game for free or with real money.

Increase small profits - the Gamble Feature by Lucky Lady’s Charm

The machine manufacturer Novoline has integrated a risk function in the slot with the Glücks-Lady. It is a version of the map risk, as we also know from many other games in the online casino. This function can of course also be tested on our free website without registration.

A card is always pulled out of a stack of aces. The player must advise beforehand whether it is a black or a red ace. If it is correct, the slot doubles its profit. In the event of a wrong tip, however, the complete amount is lost. It is therefore advisable not to use the Gamble feature too excessively.

A risk manager, as is now available in many newer Novoline games, does not yet exist at Lucky Lady. But the risk of tickets brings a lot of tension and additional tactical options.

Lucky Lady’s Charm play for free without registration - our conclusion

We are enthusiastic about Lucky Lady’s Charm ourselves and would therefore like to give all interested visitors to our website the opportunity to test this popular game in detail free of charge. In order to be able to play Lucky Lady’s Charm for free, it is not necessary to fill out a registration form or to register elsewhere. It is sufficient to just call the slot on our website, and you can start playing free.

You can not only play Lucky Lady’s Charm for free, but also Many more casino games free without registration, so that every casino fan can start looking for his new favorite slot in peace. Of course, no registration is required for the other slots. We would like to make the offer to all users accessible without unnecessary effort. Therefore, we deliberately waived prior registration and automatically provided the play money required for the use of the machines directly when the slots are accessed.

Just try it yourself and test the charm of the Lucky Lady and many other exciting casino games. You will be enthusiastic!

Lucky Lady’s Charm from Novoline play for real money

Lucky Lady’s Charm already has a very large entertainment value, but with real money the game receives an additional kick again. After all, users who use real money when playing can also win real money, provided happiness plays along and, for example, gives the customer a successful round with many free spins where the rollers come to a standstill in the right place.

Get bonus for Lucky Lady’s Charm

Many online casinos give new customers a bonus if they first load the credit on their player accounts. For example, it is possible that the casino doubles the deposit of the players, so that they can of course also play twice as many rounds with the Lucky Lady or on other slots.

Separate Online arcades even have a casino bonus without a deposit on offer and make it possible for your new customers to have a few rounds without their own Risk to play real money. Of course, this is a particularly generous offer, because here the player cannot lose any money. In the best case, he transforms his Bonus without deposit Even in a win and in the end you can pay real money.

Try it yourself and experience how much additional tension the use of real credit brings with it. You don't have to risk any large sums at all, because in many casinos it is possible to play with very small amounts.