Where can I play Knights Life slot machines?

Merkur is currently pursuing a trend: retro, retro, retro. Many players and experts will probably criticize this. Because the world of online slots is currently in change. The slot machines move away from the classic format with five reels and 10 paylines. News such as 243 rows for profit combinations are now relatively popular.

But not everyone wants to play something like this in the online casino. The long -standing gamers in particular will always hang on their traditional slot machines. Merkur Gaming has understood this for a long time. You can play Knights Life for free without registration and find out whether Merkur has made the balancing act.

Payout rate of Knights Life

In our opinion, the manufacturer has succeeded. That's why you should play Knights Life for free and experience all the functions yourself. If you want to play Knights Life for free, we still describe what to expect. A first important criterion is the payout rate. At 95.84%, this is not at the absolute tip. However, this is definitely a very good value that speaks for a low risk of loss.

Compared to real casinos, this is an absolute dream value anyway. There, many machines reach just a value of 70% or 80%. This is because only one player can deposit his money there at the same time and thus ensure profits at the casino. In an online casino, thousands of players can access it at the same time and the individual slot is therefore much more lucrative.

Test Knights Life for free or collect profits?

You can play the slot machine for free without registration on many different websites, for example with us. But if you really want to get the profits, you have to deposit real money. In addition, an online casino bonus without a deposit is often a nice addition and supports the player in his first attempts through free spins or credit.

However, as soon as you play with real money, responsible use is important. It is best not to listen to the dubious tips and tricks that advise higher betting operations or the like. Instead, a strategy is often very helpful that limits us. This should include maximum deposits and betting inserts so that you can set yourself a limit.

How do you play Knights Life? Properties, features and bonus

The structure of this slot machine is of course classic. There are a total of five paylines. These can make profits on the five reels, which distribute the symbols on three rows. Between 10 cents and 10 $ can be set here. Thus, the machine is not particularly suitable for high scooters.

The symbols consist of knights, horses, castles and many other elements of the Middle Ages. The accuracy of the game is remarkable: not only the field is designed accordingly, but also all buttons and fields of the slot. So you immerse yourself completely into the world of knights and are not constantly torn out by a completely unsuitable spin button.

The rules are relatively simple: Since the slot particularly wants to focus on the player, there are no extraordinary features that require special explanation.

Special game stones

With this slot, many players will be happy to find a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. These also represent the main signs of the game. The former is embodied by the famous magician Merlin, the latter by a powerful pounding road.

  1. The wild symbol helps the players to achieve even more profit combinations. It replaces all other stones except for the scatter symbol and completes the rows of the army.
  2. The scatter symbol, on the other hand, is the helpful warrior everywhere, which always ensures a victory with several occurrences. It also unlocks the popular free spins of the slot. With a maximum of 30 spins, the machine reaches absolute peak values. In addition, multipliers are used and other symbols become additional wild symbols during the free play.

However, one has to say that payments here are not that rare anyway. The reason for this is that you only need two symbols in a row to make a win. This creates significantly more profit series than you think. These two symbols only have to lie on one of the paylines.

Everything or nothing - the gamble function of Knights Life

Not every player is completely surprised by the features mentioned so far. Perhaps he is, however, if he hears another extra. The gamble function is almost standard for Merkur, but in general it is rather a rarity in slots.

In Knights Life it is definitely installed and thus ensures that this slot can be described as unique. The player is offered two options to either double all profits or have to go home empty -handed.

  • The first variant is a card game. Here you can see a hidden card on the screen. Now you have to guess if it is red or black. Once you have made the decision, click the corresponding button. Now decides whether you win or not. If the choice was not the right one, you lose your profit. This function is particularly recommended for small profits: if you lose it, you don't have much to regret. But if you double the profit, the payment may be higher than the bet and pays off directly.
  • The second option is a ladder where you have to click on the fields at the right moment. Since this is a skill-based game, you should test it beforehand with the free variant of the game. Otherwise you will lose cash in the right game afterwards because you have not yet fully understood the function.

Play Knights Life slot machine game for free

You could do this Play slot machines for free without registration, then you really got to know your functions. This is possible, for example, on our website. He convinced us with his diverse and creative features. Not only the wild symbol and scatter symbols with free spins, but also the gamble function offer a great range of winning options with this slot machine.

Collect profits with Knights Life

If you are convinced of the game, you shouldn't stay with the free variant. An online casino bonus without a deposit often supports the right start in the game. A welcome bonus from a Casino website is often very extensive. Since such a well -known company also works with very popular online casinos, you can expect a very good range of bonuses here.